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  1. That’s the vibe I was getting, no doubt he’s giving 100% but he’s just running around aimlessly and backing out of 50/50’s. Here’s hoping he turns it on this half
  2. Don’t particularly like singling our players but Barnes has been utterly dreadful, honestly still looks pissed
  3. They’ll be waiting a bloody long time
  4. To his credit, managers must point him out as the obvious Hull threat before a game, and for a winger to keep finding the net like he is, that’s some record he’s got.
  5. Got to agree with this. Gray is just hopeless but at least with Barnes you can see with guidance and time he can improve. Wonder if Bournemouth are still interested in Gray?
  6. Could have handled it a lot better in his time with us but he was always destined to play for a top side, must have been frustrating. On the other hand, he shouldn’t forget that we were the ones that gave him this platform, to say he ‘wasted 2 years’ is disappointing considering he was still playing regular Premier League football with us for a massive amount of money.
  7. Nah from Loughborough, just came down Anstey Park a lot for Heads and Volleys
  8. 0-5 Bolton for me too. Nolan ran the game. Wolves 4-3 was heartbreaking, everything clicked in that first half and then absolute freefall as soon as they got a goal back.
  9. We’re lucky to have him. One of the best left backs in the league plays for Leicester City and came through our academy, what’s not to like? he’s still only 22 years old ffs and people are writing him off because he’s not perfect.
  10. I honestly think he’s a Championship player now. Can’t believe he’s still at Liverpool, must be out of contract soon surely
  11. Think he’ll do well there, he did well before in his time at Nice. He just clearly isn’t keen on speaking fluent English so for him to be back in France in comfortable surroundings I’m sure he’ll do fine.
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