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  1. All our home games are now must win, no excuses. Problem is I can see Liverpool and Chelsea picking up 16+ points from last eight games they have. Can't see us picking up much more than 10 right now. Don't think we'll do it. Don't want to play in the Europa League or that conference bollocks
  2. Just as Mourinho said about Spurs. 'Team of nice guys' Does anyone here really think any of the traditional big six players wouldn't go down when they had the chances like we did?? People will say it's cheating, possibly, but it's about doing what you need to do to win or get a result. Goes back to weak mentality again for me. Fuming after that. Gifted them three goals and then had a go when all West Ham were going to do is defend. Nothing to shout home about. Given them a lead too comfortably, can't expect to turn that around.
  3. We've got a load of thick, unintelligent, unsavvy players. Had times at the end to get pens where they've dived in. Didn't take it. Fernandes and the players at the top end of the league will do what it takes. Poor
  4. Rodgers will come out and praise the second half performance here.
  5. Reminds me of the Bournemouth game this. West Ham haven't even had to be any good
  6. Praet is a bit of an enigma isn't he Struggle to see what he brings personally
  7. Bunch of bottlers. I've asked this before....when was the last time Rodgers turned a game at half time after a shite first half? Only seems to get worse
  8. ****ing rubbish this is. Kasper been shite today. Defence equally awful. Not learnt any lessons from the home defeat Vs them. Rodgers Rocket needed at half time. Cant see him having any effect though
  9. Poor subs from Rodgers. Too late. Not sure why Perez hasn't come off and Kel has.... Ndidi needs taking off before sending off
  10. I'd actually enforced the goalkeeper six second rule. I'm not sure when six seconds becomes supposedly active, from when they catch it or when they're got the ball in a standing position maybe after they've dived on the ball. But the amount of times a keeper will hold the ball for I'd say around 15 seconds when time wasting, is a joke. Never ever do refs do anything about it. Second one is similar. Seems to be an unwritten rule that if a defending team gets a free kick, they are allowed to take it within a 5-10 yard radius of actually where it should be. All the time th
  11. Leicester before England. However during tournaments and big games I'm a massive England fan and will virtually forget about Leicester for the duration of a tournament. Might be fairweather but I'm not interested in England during qualifiers (unless it's a big game like Vs Scotland few years back) and certainly not during friendlies. I hate the international break with a passion
  12. If we lose this we might as well sack the Fa cup off for good. Just can't get past this round
  13. Schmeichel didn't contribute much imo Kelechi was top class today. Shame Vardy did everything but score, top performance
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