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  1. Absolute joke from our ticket office. I hope when it's all sorted they restart selling from same priority. I was due to buy mine today
  2. Anyone know how many left for this?
  3. Inevitable. Am gonna lose money on Ryanair flights to Dublin now
  4. 1996, used to love watching that final back and season review as a kid. Because O'Neill came in during that season it was like the start of the story building up to 97 and 00
  5. Much better tonight. Villa are shite. How we didn't beat them over two legs.... Barnes motm. Ndidi class. Not always a fan of Albrighton but he offers more than Perez and he played well Justin solid too
  6. Now sold Arranged to meet a buyer now, sorry.
  7. Still have two season tickets available for tonight. In sk4 both adult tickets Thought they were sold but buyer hasn't got back to me. Will take £50 for the pair
  8. Looks like I'll have two season tickets in sk4 available for this. Both adults. Will take £50 for them both
  9. Knew we'd get Chelsea. Always do in the quarters. And they always go on to win it....
  10. Did our best to let them equalise Gray is absolutely finished with us now. Deserved to win but so lacking up front.
  11. Agree with what Birtles has said about us here
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