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  1. peterborofox

    Sky Package - Special Offers

    I pay 35 a month for basic entertainment and sports, sports being in HD. So more or less a little over a quid a month and that's good value. In a 18 moth deal too. I'd like to get a few extras but not paying any more. But I'm happy with what I've got. Wouldn't pay any more tho. Just wish sky had champions league, I do miss not watching that and bt sport is a rip off
  2. peterborofox

    Kasper article

    Just wish he'd sort his kicking out at times. Don't know if it is because of style of play, but don't remember it being as bad a few years ago.
  3. peterborofox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    United haven't had to be that good here
  4. Definitely do need a big clear out and rebuild process Bit like when Pearson came the second time and it took a while to get it right
  5. peterborofox

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Both lots of fans singing sacked in the morning
  6. peterborofox

    Football in 2018 Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 140 seconds  
  7. peterborofox

    The OH Leuven Thread

  8. peterborofox

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Surely he'll be gone now Absolute shire that was
  9. peterborofox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Anyone want to justify Puel and his tactics now? Clueless. Home games are a joke now
  10. peterborofox

    Who is our worst value for money signing ever?

    It's gotta be any of the expensive signings which frankly we've spunked money on in recent times. Slimani, Silva, Iheanacho, Musa all very poor signings.
  11. peterborofox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I've thought that also for a while. We've stopped buying team players and decent characters. That's part of the reason we've had our pants down with transfers too, because we're paying money for players with poor attitudes. Slimani, Iheanacho, Musa, Ghezzal, Etc. Pearson brought in great characters, even those who were just squad players like Wasilewski, GTF and Hammond He got rid of any bad apples like DJ Campbell, Beckford, Mills etc. I feel like most that work has been undone, and I'd love to have someone like that come and build a side again with the same team spirit. I've come to dislike a lot of our players. I don't rate Puel but think some of the attitudes of players also stink, arrogance in some ways. Think most of players yesterday expected to arrive and win easily yesterday, just doesn't work like that. I wish I had faith in Puel to sort it out or ship them out which I don't really.
  12. peterborofox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I might be wrong here...but is the assumption that most people who want Puel gone also wanted Pearson out too? Or have I understood that wrong? I was one of the biggest NP supporters, but have been Puel out for a while now.
  13. Is that one of the lowest percentage for leave Puel has had?
  14. peterborofox


    Whole back four were shite. Defo at end of season Fuchs, Simmo and Morgan shouldn't be playing again. Ghezzal, Ian Nacho, Silva, King, James all need to go too.
  15. peterborofox

    Newport away match thread

    Albrighton has had a shocking half and should get the stick he deserves for it