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  1. Every season I need to request how many points my family members have. They all don't have accounts, just me. So I need to know what their priority is and then I just mentally track it
  2. Burnley are dog shit. Get another goal to kill it
  3. I agree I think this will make tomorrow just about. Probably be about 100/150 tickets left I reckon
  4. Exactly my point. Few years ago they sent them out by post to people. That would be a much better option.
  5. Yeah thanks I did see that... but it's no good to non Leicester residents is it. Or if you're on holiday like I am 🤔
  6. I'm not going to the West Ham game and have a ticket for the Villa game. So I can't get the scarves on offer.... Do I look suspicious for not getting a free scarf???? ffs
  7. Just like when he tries and fails to claim a soft foul and takes ten seconds to get up even when we still have the ball. Ridiculous
  8. Southampton deserved it. Has Claude come back?? If that was under him he would be hammered and rightly so. Our home performances and form has taken a massive dip. Norwich, Liverpool, Villa and today, have been shocking We seem to move the ball slower and slower each game. Our midfield is being shown up so badly at the moment. Hamza looks good in spells but no where near the level of Ndidi. Chilwells price must be plummeting by the week. He's being shown up game by game. Embarrassing from him today again. I have no hope for Burnley next week the way we're playing. They'll bully us and if we don't play our way and move the ball fast I think we'll struggle. Brendan has to sort out this slide asap. Unfortunately two wins against dross West Ham and Newcastle have papered over cracks
  9. Problem is my brother who I want one with is at 398! Lol Although I'll have to get just the one and then try again for him Cheers
  10. Imo he's been our best player this season. A massive miss. After Vardy maybe this is the biggest player we could have out. Hope he's back for February and fresh
  11. Agree Hes done brilliantly since coming in but he also should be criticised for times when he has made errors with tactics and selection. Man Utd away he did this and we lost. We beat Villa away with the diamond but first half we were fortunate not to concede more. They got down the wings a lot. Norwich at home back fired and that was a big two points dropped. Worked at Newcastle but they were shocking and ten men second half and a Hamza long shot aside we didn't threaten. Today Chilwell was shocking and yet he brings Albrighton on and played him seemingly in a central position. Don't know why we didn't bring Barnes on to add some pace which we didn't have at all. Perez going off was harsh too as he was ok I thought. A lot of selection worries coming up with the fa cup game too, hopefully performances don't drop again like today
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