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  1. Rodgers cost us that I think with the setup. Yes we beat Villa but defensively we weren't great. This diamond means no width whilst defending at all. Norwich could have scored two before they did score. Gray and Barnes were shocking. Gray is so unintelligent it's unbelievable. He is clueless at time when he gets the ball. Has no idea what to do with it and I've never seen a player go down so many blind alleys with the ball. Barnes has the potential we know that. But his striking ability is pitiful. He should be out on the training ground having non stop shooting practice. He's should be on half a dozen goals already this season. The lack of quality wide players will mean we ultimately can't challenge for the league
  2. Hope he does well. Still probably my favourite Leicester manager. Hope he gets his band of Shakey and Walsh back together
  3. Content with that. Should get through
  4. Not playing well. Ref shite. Should have already booked two or three of them Need an early goal second half or it will be a long affair playing 11 men behind the ball
  5. Would have been more happy if they kept Poch just because it would mean less chance them getting near us. Mourinho could do really well and get them up the table. He'll demand money to spend which is what Poch neve got though
  6. Norwich are wank. Unbelievable how they beat Man City tbh. They don't offer anything going forward with so many wayward or over hit crosses. They look doomed way their playing. And they're not even scoring goals any more which I thought they'd be ok at And how many times do sky have to play the Sunday game??? We know its Liverpool Vs City.... should focus on the game that's on or just finished. Such big club bias it's unbelievable
  7. On the Liverpool two games.... I've heard before that in 93/94 we played both on 27 Dec and 28 Dec. 4-4 at home to Watford and then 3-2 defeat to Derby. Wikipedia supports this, just wondered if anyone remembers that or went to the games or if it is definitely accurate?
  8. Will actually come out of this annoyed if we don't win. They're shite away from home and Emery under all sorts of pressure. Plus they're playing midweek
  9. Worst ones have always been the late winners for me. Watford being obvious....also Arsenal 2-1 in the prem winning season was gutting as was Liverpool this season. Palace 5-0 defeat was absolutely woeful 18 months back
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