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  1. peterborofox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    I'd like to see 3 at the back with wing backs but either it doesn't accommodate players like Gray, and if we played 3-4-3 like Chelsea used to then we can't fit Maddsion in. Feel like we have to play four at the back with wingers unfortunately
  2. peterborofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I'm not saying we should be beating too four teams. It's on the whole. The home games have been poor. We beat a very poor Huddersfield side on the day, were fortunate to beat Wolves and Watford, both missed a lot of good chances. Burnley game was poor but obviously had other circumstances so let's leave that one. West Ham game was absolutely dire against ten men for an hour. Woeful at times. I want all managers at our club to succeed. I want to be proved wrong. But I don't see it changing. I don't see us improving. I'll be at every game until the Everton one, supporting the side. But if I feel an opinion needs venting out against Puel I'll continue to air it. Doesn't mean I don't support the club.
  3. peterborofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Totally agree. See where we are in new year. Although I would happily prioritise the cup games this season I think. About time we made a semi
  4. peterborofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    So why raise the point that I might be sat at home like that devalues the opinion? Stats can support anything. More shots on target being a prime one. Can you remember them being good saves? I can't. Weak shots at best. At fulham it was the same. Don't create chances . Wanting the manager to go doesn't mean I don't support the team like anyone else. We all want the manager to succeed but he's far from doing that. I'm talking about performances alone here. They haven't been good enough. Especially at home we are so poor. That's my opinion and I really hope I can change it but I will say what i think and couldn't care if you disagree
  5. peterborofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    First of all I'm not sat at home. I've missed two league games all season, so my opinion stands and is warranted. I was there tonight So you base us on where Man Utd are? What have they got to do with it? I expect us to play football with some idea and tactics which look like we know what we're doing. Did you think we knew what we were doing second half? Can you tell me the formation at the end of the game and who played where? We had a three wingers on the pitch at one point, and no striker. You think that's acceptable? You like that style and tactics? We create nothing at all. Did Lloris even get stains on his kit? Had nothing to do all game. I'm not alone in my opinion. Have you read the forum recently? Many people share my view. If you watched the game you'd realise the ground was half empty by the end. Think all those fans share your opinion? But we're four points behind Utd so we everything is rosy. Guess it's acceptable that a team like Bournemouth are better than us in your book too
  6. peterborofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Grow up? So because you disagree with an opinion you tell someone to grow up? Because that's mature. I'll have my opinion and you have yours. If you didn't agree with my point then fine, but I'm entitled to a view. Are you happy with the style of play? The performance? Lack of creativity? Players out of position?
  7. peterborofox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Absolutely pathetic. Puel needs to go now. How many games has he been in charge now where half the crowd has ****ed off by 85 mins. Formation at the end was a joke. Square pegs, round holes.
  8. No creativity at all. Never seen a team just put high crosses into the box when we know we don't have any chance of winning it. Said so many times that keepers have nothing to do against us
  9. peterborofox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Boring boring boring
  10. You have to make service for yourself by running and pressing the back like and not giving up. Nacho doesn't do it because he's lazy. Without Vardy we're a poor side
  11. peterborofox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Stole a point. Played shit. Nacho is wank. Soyuncu had a good game apart from diving in for the goal needlessly Puel gets lucky again. We don't score goals and we don't threaten enough. Sets up for a draw away from home and that's it
  12. Apart from the one on one inside three mins???
  13. Don't like Liverpool at all
  14. peterborofox

    Online order problems

    Done this to me before and cancelled items. The club retail wise is still so shit
  15. peterborofox

    Puel says Leicester have plan to beat Man City

    Bore them to death.