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  1. Good result for us. Need to win tomorrow then beat Sheffield at home
  2. Good Old Nige. Legend He couldn't even watch that second pen ahhaha
  3. Ridiculous we picked up just one point Vs Norwich. They're not the worse footballing team but absolutely nothing up front and can't keep clean sheets
  4. No chance Chelsea will win the CL. They're 3-0 down from their home leg
  5. Aside from the obvious motm Kasper....I thought Perez has had one of his better games. More on the ball and better touches and link up play when he's through the middle. Tielemans also had a good game.
  6. Has the capability of creating the odd goal with balls in. Let's himself down tho because he could offer so much more. Doesn't get the ball and run at people, runs down blind alleys half the time
  7. I thought this too and I generally think he's shit. Only thing annoyed me was that more than 8 mins should have been played at the end because the ball was not on the pitch for at least two mins of the injury time I thought
  8. Our defence has been all over the shop Looked alright going forward, but we need to take a chance
  9. Nothing goes right for us. So lucky Chelsea were there. Always the same with us
  10. Preston and Bristol every season flirt with the top six then fall short. Very odd
  11. We never ever get any luck when it matters do we. That penalty they get was clearly offside....🙄
  12. Finally a win. Let's hope two goals for Vardy and two assists for Barnes gives both of them much more confidence. But it's only one game against a team on the beach. Sakho was one of our best players. Pleased for Vardy to get in the 100 club. And at last a better performance from Tielemans too.
  13. Unbelievable that Vardy is preferred over Kel
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