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  1. I'm in Poland now which is usually hotter than home...but it's only 20C here maximum hahaha But on Tuesday here it's 26C and much higher than UK then But admittedly I'm not too keen on sweaty sticky hot weather I'm off to Berlin at end of June and can see it being roasting
  2. Four keepers.... Wtf. Glad Rooney is out...Hopefully permanently.
  3. Away to Swansea first probably. Want Watford home first
  4. Sevilla home Sevilla home or Liverpool home Vardy vs Man City home Shakey vs Atletico home. Bossed them with 343 and unfortunate not to at least win on the night Sevilla home again Simpson.
  5. Correct. Very harsh though. Look what he did at Bolton. Two Uefa cup finishes. And some quality players Never really been anywhere for long after that, West Ham probably following
  6. Is it just me that likes Big Sam as a manager? Not saying 'get him in right now' or anything but I wouldn't be unhappy with him in charge at all. Very underrated I think and unfairly labelled.
  7. Think Moyes will be finished as a manager now and struggle to get decent jobs. Did well at Everton but since has been poor although he possibly was treated harsh at Utd. If he'd done well at Sunderland he would have put his name back on the map. Now gone and done the opposite
  8. Shame they went down. Also Graham Fenton also a Wembley winner today with South Shields in fa vase or similar
  9. If had to say right now I'd get rid of Slimani. Let's be clear... He cost us 30m...he hasn't been anywhere near value for money However I think he does need a continuous run of games and also a pre season so I'm just about willing to give him that. Do thjnk his work rate has improved but his touch at times is awful. Needs to win more in the air in terms of flick ons from goal kicks etc. Musa.... Has to go Amartey I'd keep for another season Kapustka I think has something but needs game time so a loan. Ulloa needs games and should be allowed to move on now
  10. Apologies if wrong... Someone who doesn't work in retail then??
  11. I went on a romping run all the way to the top but last month or so I've slipped away. Would need to get all right today really to win it. Still not bad though
  12. People being so precious and never in the wrong. Just check before arriving. It's your own fault for not doing your research
  13. Love Wasilewski despite his flaws Real hard working player who gave everything. Wish we could have had him ten years ago
  14. Absolute cvnts. Something needs to be done about them now
  15. Wonder if Shakey has the character and respect to give out some bollockings. Disgraceful tonight. Holiday started early