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  1. Loss, draw, draw, loss Can't see much coming from those games
  2. Genuinely could see us losing three or four in a row from now with our fixture list. Where realistically do we see the next point coming from playing the way we are????
  3. Perez is dog shit. Never seen such an anonymous player. Barnes is ridiculously weird as a player. Dangerous af one minute and then totally non existent for long periods. One of his worse games for us. Losing two home games back to back Vs West Ham and Villa is not good enough
  4. Says all 20 voted against....so they voted against their own plan?!
  5. Absolute disgraceful from the premier league. Should be a fiver, no more imo. Acceptable price and fans would pay it imo
  6. Hopefully Villa play the same as we did after a big win
  7. Needs a long term solution definitely, but for now I'd rather play Fuchs there than Justin
  8. I don't like Spurs and really hate Man Utd. However I'd like to see Spurs destroy them even more here. As long as they don't take our 9 goal record win!
  9. Similar performances today to the Palace one. Although I'd say today was arguably worse
  10. If we don't beat Villa the wheels could come right off again. Arsenal, Leeds, Wolves Liverpool follow. Could struggle in all of those. I'd argue Villa should be considered a important game to win to go onto those harder ones following
  11. Rodgers cost us the game. Tactics all wrong. Set us up to be the counter attacking team against a weaker team at home. Unbelievable that Perez stayed on the pitch so long. Until we had a goal ruled out we didn't move the ball quickly at all. No tempo or intensity. That's the worst performance I'd say since Puels final game Vs Palace at home
  12. Taken until 93 mins to move the ball quickly. Ridiculous
  13. Lesson for Rodgers this. Get your tactics right. Setting up this way today was stupid. Hopefully it makes us realise that we need a replacement for Justin. He's not up to it at all
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