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  1. Nice one Derby. People gonna be shocked by this but I don't mind Derby or Forest. Maybe it's because we haven't played at league level for ages but I want them both to do well. I also want an East Midlands rivalry in the Premier. And there is a few lcfc links to both teams, Waghorn, Nugent, Lawrence, MON, Benalouane. Top performance from Derby tonight and I really like Lampard. And I'll support almost anyone Vs Leeds!!
  2. Dean just being a centre of attention grabbing cvnt as per
  3. 6/10 I'll give our away form 8/10 tho and our home 4/10 I've enjoyed away games more this season than last couple. Imo only really shite ones were Bournemouth and also Palace where we played awful and got **** all. Didn't play great at Fulham or Brighton at times but still got a point. We won at Chelsea, played well at Utd, Arsenal, Spurs and City. Home form has been wank. Losing to Cardiff, Palace, Newcastle, Soton, to name a few. Think we wasted the season with keeping Puel for so long. Really feel like we should be the seventh best team in the league, and we've wasted it a bit. Do feel if he had Rodgers all season this could have been achieved.
  4. Don't like Liverpool. Really don't like Spurs. Want Liverpool to win. Seems lesser of two evils.
  5. Hahaha as if we got a point at Anfield
  6. I like Man City but that Ranieri chant is just embarrassing
  7. If we fail to win it will be points dropped. We've bossed the game but not taken a chance. Surely we'll win against ten men
  8. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but obviously today West Ham were the first team to take points at Spurs new stadium. We were the last ever team to take points at the old White Hart Lane in October 2016.
  9. Got my mates season ticket available for tomorrow, will take £20 for it SOLD
  10. I don't really watch pundits bit during the programme as I'm normally watching on record so skip through. Listen to a lot of the BBC football podcasts and do get sick of Jermaine Jenas. As others have said he is incredibly biased towards Spurs. But to be honest there are not a lot of pundits I do rate tbh.
  11. Have people received their tickets for this? Bought mine Fri night, would have thought they would have arrived by now?
  12. They are for our team with no height up top Not so much recently but not long ago the amount of pointless balls into the box we did was ridiculous. With our squad and strikers we should be drilling the ball in low or pulling it back. Not expecting Vardy to beat 6'3 guys in the air
  13. When Gray came in 2016, compare his performances to now... Have a think has he improved anything at all in that time. I genuinely don't think he has. He could argue previously he didn't get a run in the team but that's no longer the case. He's had the opportunity and been shite. He's not reliable at all. His last ball is poor, and doesn't really look all that bothered at times. Should be getting 5+ goals a season and similar or more assists. Hope Albrighton will be fully fit soon but in the summer we need to invest heavily out wide
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