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  1. peterborofox

    Poland v Senegal match thread

    Poland have been dog shit
  2. peterborofox

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Harry Maguire flick on
  3. peterborofox

    Jamie Vardy

    Disgrace Vardy isn't on here
  4. peterborofox

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Should be three or four up Walker was just thinking. One of most needless things I've ever seen Tunisa bastards will be holding on for this and delaying at every possible opportunity
  5. peterborofox

    UK Cities quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  6. peterborofox

    World Cup TV Coverage. ITV or BBC or R5/TalkSport

    Do like radio five but absolute wankers like Danny Mills let it down
  7. Crap pricing for a friendly. Get a big crowd in and do it for a tenner
  8. Apart from all the already said obvious ones..I want to put Chelsea this year in Fa cup. I was pissed off way we blew that. One step away from a far cup semi. Chelsea weren't playing well around that time either and we didn't test them enough. Real opportunity missed and even more so after going out the league cup to Man City U23s. Knew Chelsea would get Soton in semi finals as well....
  9. peterborofox

    England at the World Cup Finals Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 106 seconds  
  10. peterborofox

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Decent and fair price a tenner if it is that
  11. peterborofox

    Master Puel

    Haven't been a fan of Puel. But am happy with transfer dealings and links so far which is giving me a good feel about new season. Just hope we don't have this boring football again or he'll soon be out
  12. Always hated Mills. Real cock I've always thought he doesn't like Leicester
  13. peterborofox

    Cheap Football Shirts

    Just received my England training shirt today. Took 15 days to arrive. Have had it sooner before tho
  14. peterborofox

    90's Leicester Quiz

    Picked Joachim instead of Thompson otherwise I'd have got 100%