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  1. peterborofox


    Hope he keeps it up. Definitely motm
  2. peterborofox

    Most overrated City player

    Adrien Silva is overrated imo and based on nothing. Not a bad player but just average on what I've seen. Paul Gallagher was definitely overrated. Bloke was good at long range shooting every so often and that was it. Ben Marshall definitely overrated too. Similar player to Gallagher actually.
  3. peterborofox

    EFL Cup draw, second round, 16 Aug

    Forest away please
  4. peterborofox

    Bournemouth Away 15th Sept Ticket Details

    171 left as of now
  5. peterborofox

    Bournemouth Away 15th Sept Ticket Details

    Can someone please tell me the amount of seats left in each block and which has the most in it? Need two together My sale date is tomorrow and I'd like to not waste time and miss out by clicking the wrong block. Thanks
  6. peterborofox

    Mirror madness?

    Wasn't happy with Puel last season. But needs at least 8-10 games this season now Absolutely shocking from the Mirror really
  7. peterborofox

    Adrien Silva

    Thought he was bang average. Personally on what I've seen I don't rate him at all. Passing is wayward and seems to think he can have longer than anyone else on the ball
  8. peterborofox

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Enjoyed the game and disappointed not to get a point. Play like that away from home against lesser teams and we'll pick good points up for sure. Can see why we're playing Ricardo further up the pitch and I'm happy about that just not that it means Amartey is first choice Rb. He looked poor at times tonight and I'm not including the penalty incident. Good sub of him before he went and got a red. Maddison looked good. Iheanacho had odd half chance but feel we didn't give him desired service. Optimistic for next week but need three points under the belt sooner rather than later.
  9. peterborofox

    Man United v Leicester - Score predictions

    Best chance to pick up something there we'll ever have. Fancy a good game like arsenal 4-3 last season
  10. peterborofox

    Söyüncü Signs

    Would love to play 352 this season but can't see it
  11. peterborofox

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    If Simpson gets a move to Wolves it's a great deal for him
  12. peterborofox

    Danny Drinkwater

    Wouldn't mind him back providing he was on top form and not injury prone which is a gamble. I've seen nothing from Silva to make me think yet that he is as good as DD
  13. peterborofox

    Scottish Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  14. peterborofox

    Danny Drinkwater

    When will people learn that wingless formations don't work in today's game