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  1. Champions - Man City Relegated - Brighton, Burnley, Watford LCFC finishing 8th-12th Shakespeare staying Top goalscorer Vardy FA Cup Winner - Man Utd League Cup Winner - Liverpool Winners of Championship / League One / League Two - Villa/Wigan/Lincoln Champions League Winner / Europa League Winner - Bayern/Milan First Managerial Casualty - Hughes Top goal scorer (Premier League) - Harry Kane Golden Boot (Europe) - Messi World Cup Winner (Russia 2018) - France One bonus prediction of your own choice - Spurs to not make top 4
  2. So tin pot the club at times.... Probably still sorting out these points they have buggered up for people
  3. Just out of interest did you buy from Kiddicare Peterborough? It's actually closed down now so that might be reason for all the cock ups
  4. Heavy touch Slimani again
  5. Brother lost all his. Then they added them but fifty short of what he should have... Absolute BS
  6. Joke club Really is. Will just create longer queues and possibly less trade now too.
  7. I do think ST holders should get better prices to be honest but think a couple if quid is enough not five
  8. Absolute joke draw. Why the **** are we playing all those northern teams?!?! Pathetic waste of time tournament
  9. Can see points for my dad and brother. Dad's are fine. Brother missing all history
  10. Typical club balls up. Lost family members as friends on system if they don't live at my address... My brother has not got any points at all yet he always had same as me!!! Hopefully the club have records of previous ticket sales otherwise how will my Bro get the points back?! Would assume he'd get the points back but can't trust the club at all..
  11. Hope the Hull keeper move goes through now
  12. My brother is missing all his previous gained ones...only has this season St now
  13. Chile are a good side. Bet for me is to bet on each possible result but with BTTS. Think will be goals in the game. Usually call these bets well but cba to do the actual bet haha!
  14. Shite penalties. Why do players put it at such a good height for keeper?? Just smash it if you're not sure. Germans on pens again...
  15. Gray one all!