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  1. I thought it was ok, but nothing special. I know it was always going to be about Jesse but the show really is all about Walter White for me, and Bryan Cranston. As others have said I also would have liked to have seen more of the fallout with Skyler and Marie, and I was disappointed that Saul wasn't in it either. I really miss Breaking Bad tho. I think it is probably the best TV show ever made
  2. Embarrassing that was. Seemingly can't fix the defensive issue. The attack wasn't great tonight either. Never seen Barkley have a good game for England. Southgate not looking a decent manager any more
  3. Bought mine this morning. At 0845. Only two seated tickets left. That's ridiculous. No way yesterday everyone decided to buy them all before terracing. Was only less than 400 total this morning too. Where have the rest of the tickets gone in a day?!
  4. Kavanagh is a cvnt of a ref anyway. He always was going to give that pen. He wanted to. Every little decision went to them including the so called high foot.
  5. When they gonna release this final block for this ffs
  6. I'm awaiting the next block, and want to be nearer the front. Was at the back at palace few years back and frankly disgusting view or lack of it. I was originally going to buy all my three on second day of sales. But nearly all front rows of block s were greyed out. Cannot believe they had all sold that quick that early. Very dodgy
  7. Waiting for the next block to open. Prefer to be lower at Palace to avoid pillars
  8. As I've said before I don't begrudge people leaving ever so slightly before the end, we do from time to time especially midweek games. What really ****s me off is the amount of people who arrive late nowadays. Yes everyone can get stuck in traffic or happen to them now and again but it's the same people around where we sit time and time again. And the same people get up at 40 mins to beat the half time rush for food. Ridiculous that is for me. If you look around the stadium around 40 mins especially during a break in play, there are hundreds of people getting up and leaving. At Luton, there was one tosser on our row who must have got up and left and returned a total of five times. Ridiculous
  9. Truly hope it's not that knob Jenas on tonight
  10. One of best home games in recent memory for me
  11. As others have said just hope we start well and can bag an early goal. Spurs are a funny team. Can look genuinely world class but then average on another day. Don't need to be helping them out at all with any suspect tactics or selection
  12. Play our best eleven with best players in best position. If it means one of Ndidi or Hamza miss out than so be it
  13. I'm not surprised by this performance and ultimate outcome. I'm a fan of BR but again he's doing things which are baffling. Gray starting was absurd tbh. I don't think he doesn't try but he's not good enough. And he's not even been starting games so throwing him in today wasn't fair on him either. Stop sticking Maddison outwide. If he wants to play two CDMs then take out Madd or Tielmans. Can't stick square pegs in round holes. Should have looked to take the game to them....start one of Hamza or Wilf. Last match Vs Bournemouth it was our best performance. Albrighton was good and we played with a bit more width. So why not stick with that side?! Honestly feel that Brendan cost us the game today. It was a big chance to show what we're about against a big club
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