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  1. Tielemans was the absolute least of our problems today. He was the only player who attempted any creativity.
  2. It's some BS threat they've put in to the Tory press so their mates with commercial property to rent don't lose out.
  3. Good luck to him. Seems like a good guy. It has definitely made us weaker and he'll need replacing. Certainly not upset by this though.
  4. Sensible thing to do. Personally think he's better than Hamza, especially at DM.
  5. It seems very odd that they would reprimand you for reading and referencing more widely...doesn't sound right to me!
  6. This is really good. Great effort.
  7. I think it is tomorrow. Release the details late on Friday night, nobody at work to respond to fans on the weekend, and people start paying on Monday. That leaves them with the excuse that it'll be too complicated to reverse now people have started paying. Am I being too cynical? The best we can hope for is that we can convince them that the £70 will be 'credit' towards a future ticket/purchase. People feeling sorry for billionaires also shows how the whole of society has changed in the last few decades.
  8. Fascinates me how there seems to be a small minority of people (on Twitter/FB) who are actively supporting the club's decision to do this. I completely understand people who will decide to suck it up, but people who can't see this is nothing but an act of greediness genuinely shock me. It makes me wonder what else they'd put up with.
  9. Yep £70 to keep your season ticket is a pretty shite move from the club and not something I have come to expect in recent years.
  10. I wonder how long they've had to attempt to write that. Still absolutely clear as mud. Am I paying £70 to potentially not go to a game just to keep my ST?
  11. That must make you desperate to work hard for them... I can never understand such terrible people management.
  12. He's done very well since he came in. Definitely not good enough to be starting Prem games quite yet but has great potential. He doesn't seem to want to keep the ball much but hopefully his confidence will grow as he gets older.
  13. He is no better than Andy King. He'll probably never hit King's peak either. Played well enough today but again, don't think King or James make that mistake.
  14. Anyway can get this shite crowd noise off?
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