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  1. That's a lot of spare tickets! Maybe there really isn't much demand for this. I've been ****ed by the arbitrary 2014/15 introduction of the 50 points per season ticket. One season out cos of uni has meant I haven't been able to get tickets to the biggest games for years. I'll try emailing Jim about this again because being 50 points down on everyone for that one season is ridiculously harsh. Having said that I don't want to go anyway. I just wanted a moan!
  2. Booked a trip with mates to a place called Llansteffan near Carmarthen. Any tips for Pembrokeshire would be welcome as I've never been.
  3. Sorry I don't want to sound condescending but I can't believe what I'm reading here. I suppose football is all about opinions!
  4. He's made 4 starts in the league this season. The only one we won was Fulham away. He passes it sideways, makes mistakes, never moves with the ball, and has no attacking threat. Andy King would be more effective. The fact anyone thinks he's anywhere near Mendy's level, which at the start of the season after being given a good run of games was outstanding, blows my mind. Whenever he's on the pitch I always feel like we're not playing at the team's full potential. Brendan knows he's not good enough and it's like he promised him game time after we didn't let him go. Absol
  5. Why on earth does Mendy get taken off ahead of him? He adds absolutely nothing and never has. A few who wanted him to do well because he's a local lad will finally have had enough now I'm sure. Championship player at his absolute ceiling sadly.
  6. Completely on Rodgers' team selection. Criminal wasting Tielemans at CAM and having Hamza stepping into his position to run around doing and creating nothing. Tielemans in that position makes our team tick. I'm so angry. What a ****ing pointless competition to throw the towel in at this stage.
  7. I was thinking about Rodgers and how often does he get it wrong about a player he has in his squad? I think he has a fantastic eye for a player and will get rid of dead wood like Gray. Amartey didn't look like he had a future here but Rodgers has seen something in him that he likes and Amartey has been very reliable whenever called upon. I can see him getting a new contract soon.
  8. But less pleased he kept out a player who has performed so well when called upon in that position this season. Mendy just offers so much more and moves the ball forward. Hamza played well enough today so I can't criticise him; I just feel like we missed what Mendy could have offered instead. As soon as I saw him starting over Mendy, I knew we weren't winning that game.
  9. Awful game. Only bonus was not losing.
  10. I understand that, but don't think he's ever going to be a long term solution and think Rodgers feels the same. Mendy, on the other hand, has been consistently reliable there. I actually don't think we played amazingly midweek either and he only lasted an hour. Rodgers is doing a fantastic job. I just think he occasionally makes some strange team choices. As I said, I'll be delighted to be proved wrong!
  11. I mean we were willing to let him go weren't we. Mendy is far superior and is somehow behind him.
  12. I really really don't think Hamza is good enough to be starting against a team like this. Especially when Mendy has been so good this season. It seems bizarre we're starting him when we were happy for him to be leaving on Monday. Happy to be proved wrong but Rodgers does make some weird decisions sometimes.
  13. Haha no worries. I agree it's sad state of affairs that he's our first choice but I do hope he's a success because he is.
  14. We'd be stronger with him in the side this season no doubt, but he wasn't great for us. This may just be a purple patch for him but I hope he does well as we have nothing else available at left back for England. Seems like a nice enough guy and can't blame him for leaving. Good deal all round.
  15. I have lifestyle strategy 60% and then some in 80%. I'm drip feeding like you seem to want to. I cba pissing about buying shares I know **** all about so chose to do that. I've made a very good chunk out of it since I started 2 years ago. It's given me a 'personal rate of return' of 21.5%.
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