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  1. He's done very well since he came in. Definitely not good enough to be starting Prem games quite yet but has great potential. He doesn't seem to want to keep the ball much but hopefully his confidence will grow as he gets older.
  2. He is no better than Andy King. He'll probably never hit King's peak either. Played well enough today but again, don't think King or James make that mistake.
  3. Anyway can get this shite crowd noise off?
  4. Thanks. I've been trying to find definitive law on it but haven't had much success surprisingly. I'll wait til they cancel the booking.
  5. Has anybody booked directly with a hotel abroad? I'm only getting offered credit vouchers at hotels including large chains. There doesn't seem to be much information online about whether they legally have to give a cash refund if they cancel my room.
  6. Here is a list I always send to my mates who I've pestered to go and visit. I always find something new to do so this list is by no means exhaustive. Cathedral - think it's the largest gothic cathedral in the world. Christopher Columbus' tomb is there (although apparently there's only a couple of pounds of his remains inside!). Climb the Giralda for a great view of the city. They've actually just taken the scaffolding off the Giralda so you're in luck. Alcazar - beautiful palace with influences from over the last 1000 years starting from the Moors. The gardens are great too and where some of GoT was filmed. Plaza de Espana - one of my favourite places in Seville. It is stunning. I would advise going at night when it's all lit up, is a bit quieter and looks incredible. Barrio de Santa Cruz - nice narrow streets near the cathedral. There's plenty of shops and restaurants. Golden Tower - by the river is worth a quick visit - nice views from the top. I wouldn't bother with a river trip personally. 'Mushrooms' - fairly modern building. I'm not sure how keen the locals on were on it when it first opened but I think it's impressive. A family friend previously involved in the council managed to get a Betis badge printed onto one of the panels so look out for that if you go up to the top. Interesting Roman remains below too. Triana - just across the river. It used to be the old gypsy quarter and is well worth having a walk through. We always pop in and have a look at the market. Museum of Fine Arts - worth a look if you're into that sort of thing. Velasquez was born in Seville but there aren't many of his works inside. More of Murillo and Zurbaran. Pretty impressive Torrigiano sculpture too. Italica - if you have time to get out of the city this is definitely worth a visit. Old roman city with an arena that is in fairly good condition. Also a simple thing I would highly recommend is going to Hotel Dona Maria's terrace bar. I always stay here. The bar is a bit more expensive but it is one of the most beautiful places to sit and have a few drinks you can find after dark. Our friends are Betis fans. They're the more working class club in Seville. I went to the Gran Derbi in 2014 and it was a great experience. Betis' stadium looks so impressive since they did it up too.
  7. I'll give you a list! I love Spain and feel like I still haven't seen a lot of it. I haven't even been to Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza which I'm aiming to tick off this summer. Don't get me wrong, I was a big fan of San Sebastian but these are some of my favourite spots that are on par or better that I've been to (some are much smaller and hard to compare). Seville is my favourite city in Europe so that would top it. Seville Cordoba Granada Merida Salamanca Caceres Cadiz Burgos Toledo Jerez Madrid is okay but not as special as some of the other places I've mentioned. I'm heading to Girona, Figueres and Cadaques in May. Hopefully also doing Barcelona, Zaragoza, Teruel, Cuenca and Valencia in September.
  8. Would you mind messaging me about these too please?
  9. Great city but probably still only just gets into my top 10 in Spain - my favourite country! I went a few years ago but it's just a lovely place to walk around and enjoy the coast. I did notice a big difference in the prices of food and drink compared to the south though. A lot more pricey. We went to Burgos afterwards which I would highly recommend but it's a few hours away. I need to visit Asturias too - heard very good things.
  10. Thank you. Definitely agree on the food!
  11. Going to Berlin for the weekend on Friday. Any tips I won't find at the top of TripAdvisor?
  12. He's such a frustrating player. It's not exaggerating to say he could be on 10-15 goals this season. He is great at getting into positions but his finishing is woeful. I thought this would come with time as I was saying this in when he came back from loan last season. Unfortunately, I'm starting to worry he may turn into Gray and never fulfill the supposed potential he has. He can also be totally anonymous for large chunks of games. I'm happy to give him more time and hopefully it'll click but I do think our wingers are our weakest and I'm surprised we didn't strengthen them properly in the summer.
  13. I think you know the choice is between a hung Parliament and a Brexit Tory party - and I think you also know which one will be worse for the economy.
  14. Still wouldn't mind a ticket for this if any available
  15. We are incredible. Villa are the dirtiest team I've seen in the premier league for a long time. Truly got what they deserved. I've always like Michael Oliver but he was absolutely shocking today.
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