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  1. When he came back and had his press conference... “Hello Ian” The decade we had that stretches from his time taking over in league one was unbelievable and really can’t see how we’d be where we are now had he not been appointed, twice.
  2. Never mind he’s one page one. Im doing well at this
  3. I don’t think it would be bad if he came out and admitted he went and got as far as sitting down with Wenger. Who wouldn’t explore different options in a career? Point is he stayed and we’re where we are now. The one thing that I’ve picked up that’s a pet hate is Wenger saying he wasn’t experienced enough at that level to start every game at the Euros. Nobody said that about Rooney, Ronaldo, Mbappe as young lads. And that’s a short list. It’s utter bullshit this experience thing. You’re good enough or you aren’t and that’s half the problem with the england team. Relying on a squad rather than picking in form players. Christ I remember watching Fabregas practically run the Community Shield game as a 16 year old. Nobody said he wasn’t experienced enough. as an older player Luca Toni was what, 28 before he played for Italy and then won a World Cup. Only got in the squad after scoring for fun at Fiorentina and whoever it was before them. It wouldn’t matter that Wenger and Fergie and the media were saying all this except that the England managers seem to believe it. They think they need experience on the pitch. They’ve all played football, they’ve got experience. The whole “at that level” is a null argument. If they bang goals in in training and the league and they’ve got the right mentality then go for it. No doubt about it for me, Vardy should have had much more game time two years ago. Southgate bottled it. The guy had not long broke a record for consecutive premier league goals and was still banging them in for an underperforming disjointed team since then. That’s the kind of form you want to tap into in a tournament not give a measly 10 minutes to in a last ditch effort to gain something. If he was elsewhere than Leicester you can’t help but feel he’d have been treated differently. Edit: massively off topic there but needed for rant. Overall I couldn’t care less that he went to Arsenal if true. He made the right decision as far as were concerned and maybe England under utilising him has worked in our favour by him then retiring so win win.
  4. Ade Akinbiyi? The ultimate strike partner
  5. You can’t honestly watch this guy over the last 3 months and say he should be Leicester’s first choice let alone England’s first choice. Every time you see the ball go towards him you are expecting him to have a poor touch. He’s literally ran the ball off the pitch several times and he doesn’t know how to make a run behind the opponents full back. It’s night and day compared to Ricardo. The complete shiteness of our left flank is putting so much pressure on the right that neither are working. Defend against the right and we’ll have to go left and eventually the ball will be lost. Probably straight in to touch. 100% the left is being targeted defensively too. The only positive there was that He did alright against Traore for 20 mins or whatever it was.
  6. They can’t give the goal as it hit nachos hand. Rules say it’s no goal if it touches the hand. But 0.2 seconds before it hits nacho it comes off the Norwich arm. Nacho handled it because of that Norwich handball. So what im saying is if you disallow the goal then why resume play with a Norwich free kick. Surely a Leicester free kick would be right. It’s as if they said “Norwich hand ball, advantage Leicester. Oh no you hand balled it so free kick Norwich.” Makes no sense to me. I’m just arguing the semantics of VAR is all. It’s got nothing to do with the performance though so it’s kinda irrelevant. I just don’t understand the point of reviewing decisions/incidents and then not using the info that is clearly there on the screen. Either the goal stands as it was illegally bounced onto nachos hand, or it’s a Leicester free kick for the first hand ball.
  7. It was disallowed for the handball by Nacho. But from what I could see, maybe I’m wrong, it hit the Norwich guys arm first and then bounced on to Nachos hand? So if you’re going to take it back for a hand ball at least make it the first offence. It was cause and effect.
  8. I can accept the VAR disallow of the goal because the rules is any kind of handball is a disallow. That’s the rule not VAR. What I cant get my head around is that it hit the Norwich geezers arm first. So it should be a Leicester free kick. Disallow goals according to the rules but don’t just stop at that decision if there is more to it. Other than that complaint about VAR we were shocking. A bit clueless, don’t move the ball with purpose. Afraid to attack or take on defenders. When they attempt a dribble it’s when they’re alone and there isn’t anyone in support. Wingers only seem to receive the ball with backs to goal and under pressure. Easy for the opposition. How come our counter attacks seem to start 3 on 2 then then end up 2 on 5 a few seconds later? So many times were attacking (even with a minute to go) and Maddison is back on half way when Barnes falls over to give the ball away. Just infuriating watching sideways passing, wing backs not making runs and then retreating. So much pointing going on without giving players options (yes I’m looking at you chilwell). You see players going to make a run. Then stop, check their run and go backwards only for the through ball to go on and it becomes a literal pass to their defender. Chilwell isn’t great at the moment, I understand he’s better than this but his mistakes are so ****ing obvious and in the worst areas of the pitch he is literally inviting the criticism. I’m not ungrateful or over reacting. It’s just frustrating watching such a good team underperform so badly and not really understanding why. Watching a good team play badly is far more infuriating than watching a consistently shit dross team.
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