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  1. He shouldn’t have ever walked back in to the team at the moment.
  2. Can’t believe Mendy has looked more lively in 10 mins than Maddison in 80 😂
  3. I just don’t know what the tactics ever were.
  4. I’ve lost all faith. Genuinely thought we’d come out tonight going for it. I put a £1 on us scoring 5. Never in a million years did I expect Newcastle to be gunning for it. Shameful. Really is
  5. Maddison. I’ve not been so angry at a player since Nacho took that shit penalty. The difference is Maddison has done it consistently for about four matches now and I also don’t expect him to suddenly come good.
  6. I can never understand having one eye on another game. Put your ****ing effort in to every game. it’s what they’re paid for. They don’t seem to give a shit.
  7. Maddison shouldn’t be playing. Clearly isn’t fit and tries too much bullshit. We can’t afford/aren’t able to carry him at the moment. Injuries have really ****ed it for us. Players haven’t been the same since coming back. Vardy Soyuncu Ricardo Maddison Arguably even Castagne We needed signings and weren’t able to get anyone in.
  8. We’ve said this for ****ing years. Sticks to his line. There is nobody in front of him so I can’t understand it.
  9. I don’t recognise this team. I certainly don’t recognise soyuncu.
  10. Should probably be in the list to be fair. I went with nacho v Palace. The power of that thing nearly knocked me off my chair.
  11. One of those should probably be done without drinking. Just a tip for you before you send a drunken cock pic.
  12. Not quite the same but I decided to join the army before I was too old. The whole process took over a year. Then I got given my start date of April 2016.... I missed all the celebrations as I was stuck at Pirbright not able to leave. Even got accused of being a plastic fan when watching the Everton game
  13. Southampton weren’t that good. Everyone saying they deserved it. Not having it. We were too slow. Too pedestrian. And if we could have got the ball on target you’d argue we might have scored 3. We took it too easy in the first half. Especially when they were rattled. Big game to **** up against a poor team.
  14. Urgency in the last 10 mins. Could have played like this all game.
  15. Ball went out at 90 mins. They haven’t kicked the ball since and were already one 91.
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