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  1. Without the bitter, the sweet isn't so sweet.
  2. Criggers

    What game could it be?

    Best scenario. Beat QPR at home and confirm promotion. Burnley win and leap past QPR into second. Joey Barton cries.
  3. Criggers

    Peter Beagrie

    Dress rehearsal of his match day uniform for when he is LCFC manager.
  4. Criggers

    Best and Worst signings?

    Worst: Hossan Kaebi or whatever his name was and Ricky Sappleton. Purely because they were so over hyped when signed. Best: Nigel Pearson, twice.
  5. Criggers

    5th Round Draw

    The reason is that there are always 3 teams more shit than Wigan.
  6. Criggers

    5th Round Draw

    Good draw surely? Gives us a chance to face off with a relegation threatened prem side. The kind of side we'll be dogging it out with if we go up.
  7. Criggers

    Christians and the Military

    I was down the recruiting office not so long ago and asked about going atheist. They heavily suggested anyone put CofE and the reason being was that if you put atheist you would likely be the first person selected for patrols/duties over Christmas. "Even if it doesn't mean anything to you, put CofE."
  8. Criggers

    City Cheaper Than Tigers

    It's funny. A rugby game at its most boring is usually when it turns into a "tennis match" and the ball is hoofed between the opposing full backs. Yet many members of this forums have spent £1000's and hours over the past decade watching exactly that at the KP
  9. Criggers


    If Stringer actually commented on the game the listeners would have a much better idea of what was going on and it would give Alan Young less time to talk. Two birds, one stone.
  10. Criggers

    City Cheaper Than Tigers

    The other thing with rugby, your day doesn't seem to be completely ruined of the result doesn't go your way. Down City if they lose the moans and groans of disgruntled fans really draws you into feeling crap. God help you if you listen to the after match phone in when they've lost
  11. Criggers

    City Cheaper Than Tigers

    At Welford Road you can pay £20 to stand on the terrace with a pint in your hand and another one waiting. Or if you prefer, go on the very back row of the Cat stand and there is a handy little ledge behind the seats to line up the pints on. Tickets are more expensive in the cat stand I think around the £35 mark but isn't that the same as the east/west stand at the KP? I know to get a ticket with my Dad (at KP I should add) on the front row of the west stand (he's ST holder on the disabled) is £34.50 for regular games. Which is ludicrous given the shite view and the fact you can get rained on. The £30-£40 tickets at Tigers I thought were platinum, you could get silver for £25 last season which is what I paid for the semi final. Not sure this season I've only been once and went standing as it was a warm sunny day and the beer was flowing
  12. Criggers

    What next for Sven?

    Shame really, the Beckham to Hartlepool rumours would have made an interesting read!
  13. Criggers

    Next For Crystal Palace?

    Not sure when it happened but I just heard on the radio that the approach has been made and he could be named tomorrow.
  14. Criggers

    Pearson following O'neil

    For some unknown reason I found this quite hilarious
  15. Criggers

    Championship Team of Week

    Chris Kamara's team of the weekend though. Now that's an accolade... http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4601952/Chris-Kamara-picks-out-his-weekend-highlights-from-the-npower-Football-League.html