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  1. Houdini Logic

    New York Foxes

    I'm going to be in New York on Monday for the Arsenal game... does anyone have any suggestions where to watch the match?
  2. Houdini Logic

    Maddison named in England squad

    Don't you hate it when that happens...
  3. Houdini Logic

    The Photography Thread

    You've got me considering an XT-3 now @MC Prussian ha. I really do miss that I could throw it in jacket pocket and the thing was bullet proof. Stick some pictures up here when you have some...
  4. Houdini Logic

    The Photography Thread

    I had an X-T1 and it was a lovely camera. The colours are superb. The Fuji 18mm prime lens was a beautiful thing and you can pick them up for a few hundred quid. I'll be keen to see some XT-3 pics
  5. Houdini Logic

    The Photography Thread

    Thank you. I cheated I know her Haha I never noticed that but now I can't un-see it!! I can only imagine it's some sort of accidental forced perspective. Strange This was 35mm Ilford HP5 I've also started to shoot medium format (120 HP5 for ease), so I will see how that turns out. I'm like you, I don't trust high street branches with my negatives and sending them away just takes too long. I'm developing them myself - I kitted out my cellar into a darkroom and subsequently realised that I shouldn't have bothered, as I haven't really used it. I process the films in my bathroom with next to nothing - just a changing bag, a small tank, the chemicals and a couple of clips to hang them up to dry with. The original reason for the darkroom was to print the images but to be honest I invested in a half decent negative scanner and it's so much quicker than spending hours (and wasting lots of paper) just trying to get one picture right in the darkroom. Also, the good thing with doing it yourself is you can stick several rolls in and do them all at once at they're developed, dry and ready within 2 hours
  6. Houdini Logic

    The Photography Thread

    I'm starting to get back into film photography and I'm finding there's a charm about it, which I somehow forgot over the last 10/15 years. I'll post some pictures as I remember how to use the equipment again... here's a quick one from the weekend:
  7. Houdini Logic


    The other players were in the dressing room and he just didn't want to leave the pitch. You can tell what it means to him here
  8. Houdini Logic

    Tax and accountancy matters.

    I worked on this project at HMRC for over a year and in the end I walked away because it was the biggest shambles I've ever had to deal with!
  9. Houdini Logic

    Self Employed Help

    If your profits are low, which it sounds like they will be, then you/she can fill out a 3 line tax return rather than the whole Self Assessment form. It takes minutes, once a year. Just keep a log of all money in and out. You will probably have no liability at all with low profits, so definitely worth being registered correctly with HMRC and definitely do your own accounting IMO
  10. Houdini Logic

    Hamza Choudhury

    My thoughts on yesterday, which strangely don't really seem to echo anyone else's: 1) He made some cracking interceptions 2) I didn't think he positioned himself very well when we are trying to work it out from the back - he didn't seem to find space away from any opposition players and so passing to him wasn't really on 3) The players didn't really seem to want to pass him the ball and would choose longer, more difficult passes, though this may be down partly to point 2 4) He played very, very deep as a midfielder - a neutral would probably have thought he was a defender - which often left a huge gap in midfield. The positive in this is that Maguire was then able to forward
  11. Houdini Logic

    14th Richest Club in the World

    I still remember that night in the pouring rain watching that pile of sh*t
  12. Ah OK, I didn't know that. If not there are individual tickets in other places around the ground and they are definitely general sale. Log into lcfc.com and check @Harry96
  13. Houdini Logic

    The Car thread

    I collected my Jeep Wrangler yesterday. It's a ridiculous car with terrible handling. I absolutely love it