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  1. I'm torn between the dry spell and the cold frosty weather... do I water the plants or not???
  2. The more he talks the more (1) I dislike him as a person and (2) I want to keep listening with fascination. Not sure how that works
  3. This thread needs to run - I feel like @Foxxed has been bottling this all up inside for too long
  4. TBF you could argue that makes it even easier to make mistakes. At the end of the day, just because they get paid a lot doesn't stop them being young lads and I don't think there's any of us who didn't do something stupid and disappoint people when we were younger. But I'll tell you - if someone was giving me millions of pounds and I could afford supercars, nice houses, expensive alcohol and have endless beautiful women throwing themselves at me, then I would have screwed up ten times more than I did!! In that regard, I don't think this is really that big a deal. Everyone makes mis
  5. I have it on good authority that rather than rake the bunkers he frequently takes a sh*t in them
  6. Thank you Mark for looking after our goal difference today
  7. Weren't the fighting for liberty though? I.e. an individual's right to make their own choice and not have it forced upon them?
  8. Calm yourself down and read the history of the post... I'm not saying I wouldn't want it - I've just had it I was responding specifically to the question about why vaccinated people would feel uncomfortable around people who refuse to get the vaccine
  9. This is a brilliant question - if the answer is 'they could still infect me' then you're admitting that vaccines aren't 100% effective and blowing your own argument about forcing people to be vaccinated
  10. Good luck and my advice is to take lots of videos of yourself in the pathetic state you'll find yourself in - they were great fun to watch back when I felt better
  11. Apparently the AZ one is better second time round and the Pfizer one is worse second time round. I probably read that on here or overheard it or just made it up without knowing but either way I'm sure it's right
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