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  1. Houdini Logic

    Tax and accountancy matters.

    I worked on this project at HMRC for over a year and in the end I walked away because it was the biggest shambles I've ever had to deal with!
  2. Houdini Logic

    Self Employed Help

    If your profits are low, which it sounds like they will be, then you/she can fill out a 3 line tax return rather than the whole Self Assessment form. It takes minutes, once a year. Just keep a log of all money in and out. You will probably have no liability at all with low profits, so definitely worth being registered correctly with HMRC and definitely do your own accounting IMO
  3. Houdini Logic

    Hamza Choudhury

    My thoughts on yesterday, which strangely don't really seem to echo anyone else's: 1) He made some cracking interceptions 2) I didn't think he positioned himself very well when we are trying to work it out from the back - he didn't seem to find space away from any opposition players and so passing to him wasn't really on 3) The players didn't really seem to want to pass him the ball and would choose longer, more difficult passes, though this may be down partly to point 2 4) He played very, very deep as a midfielder - a neutral would probably have thought he was a defender - which often left a huge gap in midfield. The positive in this is that Maguire was then able to forward
  4. Houdini Logic

    14th Richest Club in the World

    I still remember that night in the pouring rain watching that pile of sh*t
  5. Ah OK, I didn't know that. If not there are individual tickets in other places around the ground and they are definitely general sale. Log into lcfc.com and check @Harry96
  6. Houdini Logic

    The Car thread

    I collected my Jeep Wrangler yesterday. It's a ridiculous car with terrible handling. I absolutely love it
  7. There are still tickets for sale online - they've opened up block M1
  8. Houdini Logic

    H&M sh*t storm

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't
  9. Houdini Logic

    The richest footballer

    Fair play to him
  10. Houdini Logic

    Capital Cities Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 113 seconds  
  11. I seriously don't understand what everyone is smoking in this thread. Leicester now is probably my favourite Leicester of all time
  12. Houdini Logic


    Does anyone know the definition of 'first time buyers' in this scheme? Is it someone who has never owned a property or someone who does not currently own a property?
  13. Houdini Logic

    non sexual harassment chat up lines

    Can I take you to a local fort or a Victorian folly?