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  1. Nope, but I did find this online...
  2. OK cool. Have a good evening
  3. And it couldn't be both? Personally I think it's a mix of general population health, the diversity of each country and how each country records their data. I just find completely ruling out health aspects like obesity, which are clearly more prevalent in certain countries, strange
  4. The average person (not even the extreme) in the UK weighs over a stone more than the average person in countries like Italy and Germany. And obesity has been identified as having a significant effect on people's immune system. So what makes you so certain it's 'definitely not obesity'? I'd be keen to know
  5. Beat me to it but 100% my conclusion too
  6. I find talking to people on either extreme difficult, and that in itself is a real shame as I'd be keen to gather more opinions. No different to most things I guess
  7. The lack of availability due to landlords buying up a significant portion of the market is a key reason for inflated house prices and why many people can't afford to own their own homes. I think there is a place for private landlords but let's call a spade a spade
  8. The whole not being able to attend games may make this difficult
  9. Has anyone had their car wrapped locally? I'm looking to get mine done soon and any recommendations welcome
  10. Have you checked your fridge?
  11. I don't know how Vardy will get inspired (possessed) without a few thousand people slagging off his wife. Noone for him to troll either if he scores. Sad times
  12. I love the away end at Stamford Bridge... You can almost smell the players
  13. "The semi-finals and final will be televised live on Sky Sports Main Event" What a world we live in
  14. Well this is going to give me a sore arse tomorrow
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