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  1. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
  2. And the commentator judged ‘For Leicester, it is arguably their finest Premier league hour’ for no mortal could foretell the prophecy of 2015/16
  3. I was in a small town in India and saw a wild Elephant. I knew the town bordered onto a national park but had no clue Elephants would just wander the other side of the river. Makes your heart skip a beat, those moments
  4. I personally detest the words slut and faggot. Do I think they should be removed from a song written 33 years ago, a song which in itself is somewhat tongue in cheek? I'm not actually sure. I'm not easily offended may I add, I think it's too easy to brush this off as people being easily offended
  5. Given everything I've seen in this life, I genuinely can't think of anything worse than eternal life. Thank you for answering my questions and giving me your perspective.
  6. No, not interested in proof whatsoever. Not interested in what people choose to do. The question I'm asking is simple... what makes God great? Great enough that I should form a relationship with him/her?
  7. I've been through 15 pages now and you certainly haven't answered this. Your testimony is also very personal and subjective - there is nothing there about what makes god so special and why people should form a relationship with him/her
  8. Even stil,l this was a lot better and far more practical than some other clubs... West Ham you had to pay for your season ticket in full or your seat would go into a ballot
  9. You see this is the link I'm missing and it's a shame you haven't really provided an answer. You say we're all invited into a relationship with God and then when I ask why someone would want to have that relationship, what makes God so special, you haven't really provided an answer. I've never had an answer when I've asked this question. I'm quite an open person but this level of ambiguity is just off putting
  10. It was a genuine question
  11. So... what makes God so great? Even if there is a God... why should I care?
  12. Religion can be used for good and it can be used for evil. I think anyone who focuses too much on religion is kind of missing the point that humanity is the problem IMO
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