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  1. he's wearing high fashion casualwear. not everyone's cup of tea (99% would never afford it) but it's commonplace in football and music. I wonder why everyone specifically picks on Maddison... also, who has time to care about what other people are wearing. free yourself of that negative burden. looks like madders has and he wears what he wants and doesn't gaf - fair play. he's enjoying life more than most, I expect.
  2. yep, and that's all protests for you, unfortunately. but damage is done when people don't listen to people's frustrations for extended periods of time and people respond with protest and physical damage - that's the history of successful protest - disruption. if people in power took the time to listen and resolve peolpe's issues in both football and wider society in general, protest goes away.
  3. stop doing shitty things, people will stop protesting. im alarmed at the number of people these days who are ready to grass up anyone who protests / throw others who protest under the bus. you'll need to protest about something at some point and once that right is gone; well, it's a slippery slope.
  4. yeah mad reckon if the shoe was on the other foot it'd be given they're desperate to keep liverpool in the race for CL. newcastle made sure they ruined the party anyway. top work
  5. they will offer it wolves now
  6. how do you stop young people from making the same mistakes over and over? some form of punishment + education. i think never wearing the shirt again is a bit much (typical of people's knee jerk outrage these days) but being dropped + fined + being made to apologise (imo) is fair game. and yes, totally agree - the stupidity of youth argument - plenty of kids around doing exactly as you said. these lads would do well to go and see some of that first hand - a little reminder of how lucky they are to be where they are doing what they do.
  7. some people face greater consequences depending on the situation. it's not a hard concept to grasp
  8. well deserved we clearly told him to be shit until his buy back runs out now he is unleashed
  9. imagine little leicester upsetting the 'top two' man u vs man city narrative.
  10. I reckon he'd work well as a support striker as he gets older, for another couple of years. His hold up play, vision for a pass and ability to drawer defenders all over the place opens up lots of room for our other players.
  11. many fine people are saying that smoking and drinking actually prevented injuries.
  12. not now. poor injury management and not strengthening in key positions in January will see us lose out again, no doubt. i don't see how we finish the season strong enough with fofana out, justin out, barnes out, maddison out, vardy at 25% effectiveness, etc. etc. can't see it. be happy to be wrong, but can't see it.
  13. i'm not even trying to be dramatic or reactionary. you can see it in their faces - the vision is gone
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