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  1. I am grateful for your help earlier in the day.... ...but I still say being locked into Facebook as a communication channel is a huge misjudgement on the part of MCKTV.
  2. So if you had joined 1000 years ago using a stone tablet.... .....you'd still be recommending that method of communication.
  3. Well I will pay someone else next time... FACEBOOK SUCKS ...I am not talking about getting Virgin or Sky levels of service - just a simple email (which would cost them nothing).
  4. The VPN is not fixed - the email says so? I got about 10 minutes into the Leicester game before I had to start using a VPN. I think you'll find that am I far from being alone in not wanting to join Facebook (the reasons are plentiful and well documented on the internet). You seem to think I am being irrational in not wanting to do Facebook? It wouldn't be so bad if MCKTV could be more consistent in their communication methods. They sent an email in advance of the update last weekend (that didn't happen in the end). This weekend they send nothing until after all the Saturday games and 10 minutes before the Leicester game. How difficult is to send an email as well as putting stuff on Facebook? They must lose so many customers through poor communication. In the past I have to waits weeks for a renewal invoice. I'm signed up for a couple more months with MCKTV - doubt I will renew unless things improve. I don't get your argument at all.... If MCKTV had originally been based on communication via Teletext.... .....would you be saying that they should still only be sending communications via Teletext because that's the way they have always done it? I am a paying customer - they need to start working on their customer service.
  5. ...and to cap it all - after spending a good two hours this morning faffing trying to get MCKTV to work.... ....the VPN issue is still not fixed. Here's an idea - before the next attempted fix - send out an email in advance with clear instructions.
  6. Yes I got the email at about 11.50am (whilst I was in the middle of desperately trying to sort things out) My service has been down from Saturday (perhaps longer) - why couldn't the email have been sent earlier? I didn't need facebook to sign up to MCKTV. MCKTV need to realise that a lot of people boycott Facebook for a variety of reasons. IMPORTANT UPDATES NEED TO BE SENT BY EMAIL. I got an email warning in advance about the Server change last weekend that didn't happen.... ....So they should have sent an email earlier this time.
  7. OK got it working with 5 minutes to spare..... Thanks for all your help Jammie Instead of choosing "MckTV Repo.zip" as per the old instructions.... You choose the zip with videoadd-on in the name instead.... Only found this solution by pure luck trying things at random Why can't MCKTV send emails about stuff like this ? Lots of people don't want anything to do with Facebook.
  8. When you are doing the reinstall do you still choose "MckTV Repo.zip" as per the original instructions or something different?
  9. OK I have reinstalled but it is still not working? Do I need to change password like last weeks email said?
  10. OK and I can ignore the stuff about M3U ?
  11. I have it on an Amazon Fire Tablet I did the re-installations steps on the tablet But I did the M3U bit on my PC - do I need to do it on the tablet?
  12. Sorry yes I was unaware of the new instructions as I don't do Facebook After you have downloaded the M3U file I am not understanding what you do next?
  13. As MCKTV is still down I tried signing up for the 2 Day pass (£5) on Sports Donkey.... I only have a Visa Card but it won't except my payment. I have had this problem before with Sports Donkey. But there is a message dated on 16-02-2019 on there home page saying Visa payments are now fixed.... Looking like I might have to listen to the radio for Brendan Rogers first game.
  14. OK thanks - I got the 2 emails about the Server swop last weekend (which never came off).... Have there been any further emails about something happening this weekend?
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