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  1. OK regarding music... I bought my first CDs in 1984 from Ainleys by the clocktower... ...firstly all the Kraftwerk CDs on German import (I then stupidly sold all my vinyl to the bloke in Cank Street). I now have circa 6000 CDs and I have got back into vinyl too. All my CDs and Vinyl are ripped in flac to a 6TB harddrive... I have built music streamers using Raspberry Pi mini computers (and attached Wolfson Audio Card) and have them dotted about the house. These act as Squeezebox Touch clones and can be controlled by a tablet app.
  2. Ah but you haven't heard my TV setup... The Panasonic TV speakers are good enough for speech but when it comes to the Proms on BBC4... I run an Optical lead from my Virgin Box to a Creek 50CD DAC (using twin Wolfson 8742 DACs in dual differential mode)... ...the converted analogue single then passes through a highly modified Musical Fidelity valve stage using valves from Russian Mig fighter planes. Then the signal is amplified by my Creek 50A Integrated amp and finally reaches my studio grade monitor speakers (used in nearfield mode).
  3. At least with a big old fat casing - there is room for some decent sized speakers inside the 20 year old Panasonic telly... ...all you youngsters that have flatscreen TVs - seem to need to pay an extra £200 for a soundbar (so that you can actually hear what mumbling actors say). I don't even have a smartphone - my Nokia stays charged for about a month. Progress is overrated IMHO... ...maybe one day I'll get one of those new fangled Spinning Jennys!
  4. Ah OK Virgin 991 that makes thing simpler... ...I am not worried about HD - I still have a Panasonic CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV with only Scart sockets!
  5. How does this BBC Red Button malarkey work? I have Virgin TV and if I view BBC One and press the red button I get a menu with choices like iPlayer, Sport etc... ...but I can't see any reference to our game? Will it only appear shortly before 3pm? If I search the iPlayer for our game I only get an edition of Countryfile about Stoke-on-Trent!
  6. Fofana needs to change his hair back and fast.
  7. I used to watch that show as a kid... I may have dreamed this part:- Frank Worthington had his back to the ball and is combing his hair... ...as the ball approaches he turns and controls it and starts doing a keepy uppy routine!
  8. I am from Leicester originally but I had never seen this:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sekLKU2BUiQ "The Girl With Brains In Her Feet" is set in Leicester... Filmed in 1997 but set in 1972... It is a weird kind of "Kes" (substituting Leicester for Barnsley). The aspiring athlete girl goes to the fictional St Bradgates School with a view of Old John! ...she uses the hill for training (and also the odd bit of nookie at the top - next to the monument). Full marks for the authentic Leicester references througho
  9. Further to previous parking inquiry - on another thread it says there is parking at the stadium for £6... ...where abouts is this please?
  10. I hadn't realised that the Tigers are playing at 1.30pm I am driving up from near London and was going to park at the car park round the back of the Tigers Ground (used to be £5 all day the last time I visited Leicester). We will be arriving at about 1.30pm - so I guess all the parking will be used be the rugby fans... Any alternative parking suggestions?
  11. Albrighton needs to take a long hard look at his play in the last 5 minutes of the game.... I know he is not a defenfer but some of his decision making was very poor... ...gave possesion away on the right touch line needlessly a few of minutes before the peno. Anyone know what Perez's beef was about when it all kicked of after the final whistle?
  12. Thanks I just made that my PC Desktop Wallpaper.... ...two of my favourite things The Beatles and Leicester!
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