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  1. Had heard it wasn't good news again but this sounds a lot more reassuring. Hopefully not another Brendan injury bluff.
  2. We didn’t really get going but still think that was a good result. They’re a good side who made it awkward for us, referee fell for all of their antics and the pitch was god awful. Think we’d have folded under a heavy atmosphere in that one. We’ll do em’ at our place with none of the above factors.
  3. Hamza is a bit limited, but my god is he good at his strengths. Like someone said that game was made for him last night to come on, provide plenty of energy and dish out a few retribution’s. Also agree he’s better a bit further forward than Ndidi’s role - he’s nothing like Praet at all, but if you can get him using his energy higher up the pitch then he can be effective as last night showed.
  4. I agree with this. I think Rodgers has reached a point with it, with Tavares’ development in particular, where he thinks he’ll get more out of him by having him train in a first team environment 5/6 days a week than he would getting battered every Monday night with the ball spending half of the game above head height. Basically... First team training > That god awful 23’s set up.
  5. Think Leshabela, Tavares and Daley-Campbell will be permanently moving up to be part of the first team now. All in the Training photos from today.
  6. Also hearing that it’s not very good news.
  7. Actually think the opposite sometimes, especially on here. Some people have written off the likes of Thomas and Choudhury way too much and way too early. See it all the time in the U23’s thread too.
  8. More chance of @Ric Flair starting
  9. Seem to say this every time I watch him, but with Tavares you can just tell. Aesthetically brilliant. Very impressed with Clark too. Always seems to give you a 7 or 8/10 whether that be anywhere across the back line or in the middle of the park. Will make a great pro in the Championship at least I'm sure. As for Beaglehole and the style of football... We aren’t going to the next level as an academy with him in charge of the most important team. Bin.
  10. How on earth is Brendan letting this style of play happen? It's awful to watch.
  11. Barnes definitely enjoys playing with him more than he did Chilwell too.
  12. Awful take. His end product for one is something well beyond his years. If he bulks up and gets better defensively with experience, he’ll be brilliant.
  13. We’ve got big results in games against Newcastle, Southampton and Chelsea - In games where he didn’t turn up or take chances. Kel and Perez to battle out for the striker spot. Barnes and Madders to carry on supporting. We’ll be fine.
  14. What was that link to watch Leuven’s games? Believe @davieG posted it somewhere
  15. True, all the more reason to not write a young player off when they arrive
  16. Why didn't Sheffield Wednesday keep Jamie Vardy? Why didn't Villa keep Albrighton? Sometimes people forget on here we built a title winning squad on players other clubs didn't want and write players off way too quickly.
  17. Not what some on here would have told you a few months back. “Got released by a French second division side, can’t be any good”
  18. Wakeling is almost Vardyesque in style. Looks baffling how West Brom let him go at this point. Similar case with Suengchittawon too. Edit: Unfortunate typo there
  19. Probably the most likely to be stepping up and making up the midfield numbers whilst Praet is out. Tavares is the better talent, but that situation has been gone over enough now.
  20. Hume was a good age at the time, I think he’d banged them in in League One and more than good enough to stay for years after had he not left and had his horrific injury. Generally, I’ve watched a lot of these. The Ben Marshall one was good recently too, he’s perhaps a bit misunderstood.
  21. Off topic, Is Old Bob and SFE run by the same bloke?
  22. I personally quite like the nostalgia of different faces on there. I’ve seen Simon Thomas and Jim Rosenthal both presenting on there for the first time in years, Townsend as a pundit tonight and Clive Tyldesley commentating the other week. Plenty of other examples too. Very refreshing.
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