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  1. ... and once again we hear how upset the Liverpool officials are about the actions of some individuals. They got a £17k fine the last time it happened. This time it needs to be a ban from Euro competition (again). That will stop it.
  2. Really? Not surprised, looks like a typical night out in Oadby.
  3. It's not the West Ham way though is it? (the Academy and all that). Imagine all of the media crap that would come our way if we played that style.
  4. If we're up for it like we were for the quarter against Man U then we'll be OK. The early season press returned in that match.
  5. Crazy talk indeed. This is our biggest match since Atletico in the UCL quarters. I'm bouncing for it.
  6. That's a bit unfair, Tues and Thurs for such a big game. If there was ever a moment to score your first goal then this is it. Agent Hirst, you know what is required.
  7. BBC News - Tamara Ecclestone burglary: Italian man admits £26m celebrity raids https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-56722772
  8. On OTIB they are trying to convince themselves that our old dream team of NFP, Shakey and Walsh are reforming at Bristol Sport FC. Even suggestions of Powell and Stowell heading westwards. The fact that Walsh was a disaster at Everton is irrelevant (which it probably is) but, they say, that LCFC is a similar club to them. Not sure what measure they are using.
  9. We don't have any local geographical rivals that we share a border with as we don't play them anymore. Probably never will again.
  10. Still 1981 in Nottingham. You have to turn your watch back 40 years as you go over the border.
  11. Midlands biggest club. 9th biggest in England.
  12. Some interesting facts in the latest Forbes worlds football club rich list.
  13. I wouldn't expect many big money transfers this summer. Covid has deflated the market. Most clubs are skint, even ManC can't afford a new striker.
  14. Up to 19th pop pickers. Manchester United drop out of top three on Forbes' most valuable club list - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56725539
  15. We already have experience given that we mourned the King of Thailand for a year.
  16. ... but if we don't? I actually think this fallout would be somewhat muted had the team got a result yesterday. If we miss out on a top 4 slot and not win the cup (or at least get to the final) then it will be remembered for a long time.
  17. Why isn't Barnes in the subject title? I appreciate that he wasn't available to play but is just as much an idiot as the other 3 (or more?).
  18. Is there anyway of watching this via a Sky box without having to pay for a 12 month BT contract?
  19. Have the club taken down that clip of Madders telling us all to stay safe and follow the covid rules?
  20. Really wish that I had gone fishing today.
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