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  1. Rudkin

    Heard there was chanting about Rudkin.. anyone there that can confirm? Wanna know the lyrics for Leeds game ✌🏻
  2. Next City Manager?

  3. Manuel Pellegrini

    Just spoke to my Man City pal. says they played some lovely free flowing attacking football and scored 150 odd goals in his first season in all comps. when things got tough though he had no plan B.
  4. The Swans v The Foxes scoreline thread

    You reckon? i think it's gonna have a negative effect, can't see there being a reaction unfortunately seeing as the players liked Shakey. 2-0 Swans
  5. New Manager Suggestions

    Ain't heard of half of them
  6. Next City Manager?

    If we've got someone half decent in mind we will have to move quick. Everton will get rid of Koeman after tonight I reckon. We don't wanna be competing with them for managers.
  7. Next City Manager?

    Is that a question or are you telling us?
  8. Next City Manager?

    Thought he said he didn't want it?
  9. Swansea away pre match thread

    That's the team Fif 👍🏻
  10. Next City Manager?

    Roy Keane is a lunatic, the players would hate him.
  11. Come Home Nigel

    Let's leave Chisel head in the past eh lads
  12. Next City Manager?

    😂😂😂 i said the same same to my dad when came back from the club shop with a pair for me. No way I was gonna ditch my Reebok Classics for them. that air bubble as well.
  13. Next City Manager?

    Please tell me you googled that pic and you haven't just gone to fetch them out the loft?
  14. Next City Manager?

    And the trainers
  15. Next City Manager?

    Come on Bob, none of Chelsea's midfield would get in our team
  16. Next City Manager?

    Ancellotti is in London watching Chelsea. Its happening
  17. Shakey Sacked

    Where has the Rudkin and Shakey not getting on story come from?
  18. Thomas Tuchel

  19. 3-5-2

    Kevin De Bruyne could be labelled as devastating. Albrighton no
  20. Poll - Shakey In or Out?

    It's getting to a point now where I am starting to really dislike him. i couldn't even bring myself to watch his post match interview on BBC. "In terms of" "ultimately" just fook off will you. He's absolutely clueless. It's a joke. However you want to dress this up, we are going down with him in charge. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. looks like we've signed another couple of questionable players? Iborra - Iheanacho? There's another £37 M along with £34 for Musa and Slimani. Recruitment has been so poor. the club is in a bad way at the moment and I'm very worried. Were the owners there last night?
  21. Next City Manager?

    Will defo come as well
  22. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    Your defence of him is commendable I'll give you that, However, we do play long ball, that is a fact. Albrighton and Morgan the worst culprits because there is no one to pass to in midfield. Andy King. This guy gets lauded as a legend for his loyalty. He probs on 30-40k a week, He knows he won't get that in championship and knows his limits. Kingy has no influence on the game whatsoever. You could go 30 mins in a game and you wouldn't notice him.
  23. Pressure is on - bottom 3

    It's not drivel though is it? Shakespeare sets us up so negatively it's unbelievable. 2 CMs every game which we know hasn't worked for Months. Playing Andy King, hoof ball tactics, giving Ulloa a new contract, settling for a point at half time against Huddersfield when it was 0-0 that's just off the top of my head. He gives us fans no confidence whatsoever, this is a continuation from Arsenal away last season. We've been shit ever since. Wake up ffs. he will be gone after the Swansea game imo
  24. Reasons to keep Shakespeare

    I said this the other day, "ultimately" is another one of his favourites. Hes done so much good here but is really starting to get on my tits and his Legacy is going down the pan.
  25. Reasons to keep Shakespeare

    Was that on Sky? Missed that.