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  1. You’ve got to question the upbringing
  2. Who do you want Summer 2018

    Can’t play two number 9’s up front. We’ve tried that countless times.
  3. Negativity

    He did, “delusions of grandeur”
  4. Think I’d erased that Nasty dwarf out of my memory. Good point though
  5. I don’t think I’ve hated a footballer more than him
  6. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Hahaha! i really like the football he plays, think he would do well here.
  7. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    If Claude Puel walked up to you at half time while you were queuing up for your warm singha and said, ay up Dan that was a perfect first half. More of same for the 2nd.... you would have slung the beer at him and contributed towards a ticket for the Eurostar.
  8. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    What’s wrong with Rodgers? Don’t you rate him or don’t you think he would come?
  9. Tom Cairney

    Jesus they were dark, dark days weren’t they
  10. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Someone on here posted that they were worried Arsenal might go for Puel a while back 😂
  11. Mahrez to Man City shock

    Come on pal enough is enough, there is no other option but to let him go. Surely you agree the time is right now? Tried to force a move the last 3 windows, half arsed displays... thanks for the memories Riyad. Still think Kante was more valuable to us though.
  12. Negativity

    Running the clock down weren’t he? Gray certainly was when he walked off
  13. Hi Claude, If your vision is to play down the sides and put loads of crosses in, why did you loan out your 2 biggest strikers? Thanks
  14. What if we give him the first 10 games and the rot has set in? What if we start badly and don’t recover? we could be relegated. i don’t like him. Think the owners will get rid in the summer
  15. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    Our play is so slow and ponderous we have no choice but to go down the sides and put aimless crosses in to just one man in the box who is 5ft 9. i don’t think we will win again this season. Good of news is that the owners will not keep him if that’s the case. IMO
  16. Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I’d like us to keep all of them
  17. Southampton pre match

    Puel said something along the lines of next season starts now against Southampton so I expect changes. Could back fire though with the players. There’s already unrest in the camp. Dropping Morgan is a must for me, possibly Simpson as well.
  18. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Read it a while back when Puel was at Southampton. Paper talk maybe but reading the saints forum on him it’s pretty clear the players disliked him
  19. Southampton pre match

    This will be a tough watch I fear, not a lot to play for, for us. Thursday night lowest crowd and quietist of the season. if we don’t win there will be a loud chorus of boos for sure, if the owners are watching could be the beginning of the end for Puel.
  20. Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Bertrand and Fonte were 2 off the top of my head.
  21. Name a better option than puel

    I’m assuming this is supposed to be funny. it ain’t
  22. Should we get rid of the "old guard"

    What do you reckon?
  23. Should we get rid of the "old guard"

    Have you been in the dressing room then? truth is you ain’t got a clue have you mate?
  24. Should we get rid of the "old guard"

    Can’t say his name. Works for BBC radio though.
  25. Should we get rid of the "old guard"

    Vardy and Morgan run the dressing room.