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    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Finchyyyy. Chris Finch, bloody good rep
  2. mod hero

    Our Club and the media

    Cracking Vocabulary. Hit me up on words with friends
  3. mod hero

    Danny Amartey

    Read my above post. I said I’ve seen him play loads of times. My opinion is formed from watching him over the last 2-3 seasons. bore off
  4. mod hero

    Danny Amartey

    I’ve seen him play loads of times. How many times did he get a cross in against Utd? Did he give a penalty away ? When Pereira moved to RB did he set Vardy up? He’s shit
  5. mod hero

    Danny Amartey

    Agreed, didn’t see him or haven’t seen him play well except for the game against Porto when he played in centre midfield
  6. mod hero

    Danny Amartey

    Can he?
  7. mod hero


    Fulham’s transfer window has been more impressive than Wolves
  8. mod hero

    Danny Amartey

    Doesn’t really get forward. Simpson would’ve been much better for a defender who stays in position. Riccardo will play right back next game
  9. mod hero

    Andy King

    What King wrote to Maddison earlier.. He wrote on Twitter: "JM10 is back...and so is the Premier League starting tonight at Old Trafford. Can’t wait!" And King, who helped the Foxes to their historic Premier League triumph two years ago, sent a typically classy response back. "It suits you mate, I hope it brings you as much pride, success and happiness as it did for me. Go and smash it," he said. The guy just oozes class. Hope he smashes it at his next club. Legend.
  10. mod hero

    Thank you Riyad

    Was this written in the hope of 20+ rep points?
  11. mod hero

    Transfer Window Poll

    If we had brought in a winger with a decent pedigree I would’ve said 10/10. not a fan of Claude tbh but can clearly see his vision and what he trying to do. If it don’t come off we’ve still massively strengthened. The squad has never been in better shape and it’s littered with young talent. ive got really weird feeling we’re gonna get something tonight. Evolution not Revolution Veins sur Leicester! 🇫🇷 💙🦊
  12. mod hero

    How did we do?

    On the subject of Ndidi, young and has a great future I’m sure. Apart from winning tackles though (which he does very very well) I think he’s quite limited.
  13. mod hero

    Filip Benkovic

    Nike Hypervenom 💙🦊
  14. mod hero

    Filip Benkovic

    Haha was looking out for him. Even bought some flowers. Didn’t see him 😩
  15. mod hero

    Filip Benkovic

    Just seen Benkovic leave the Marriott with Jakopovic. Had 2 pairs of boots with him. Think he will sign and train today 😍
  16. mod hero

    Thank you, Andy King.

    Looking like it. I would’ve liked Grealish here. Great talent
  17. mod hero

    Thank you, Andy King.

    Few bits on twitter saying he’s going Villa 3M
  18. mod hero

    Filip Benkovic

    Send her a message @StanSP you creepy bugger.
  19. Maryland opposite the grand hotel?
  20. mod hero

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Thanks mate. Tell us what you think about Puel? 😬
  21. mod hero

    Drug Taking at games

    I upped my dosage during that West Ham game at home last season
  22. mod hero

    What ever happened to..

    Jason Roberts
  23. mod hero

    Thorgan Hazard

    From what I’ve seen he doesn’t create much from open play. Set up a few from corners and free kicks and scored a few pens. dont believe the hype
  24. mod hero

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Is it a player who’s been mentioned/linked before? please reply please I’m wilting please