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  1. Surely the authorities wouldn't do such a thing. How easy for Liverpool supporters sporting Man U colours to manufacture 3 free points for Liverpool.
  2. deep blue

    Ivan Toney

    The number of strikers we need isn't determined solely by those selected in our match formation but must also take account of the number of matches we expect to play, rotation, injuries, tactical substitutions etc. So we need a minimum of 3.
  3. On the other hand, some fans are probably extremely aware and appreciative of our amazing club and owners, and take a dislike to players who show disrespect to them through their poor behaviour vis-a-vis the COVID party.
  4. A great article from a passionate supporter, well expressed. But no matter what pains you go to explain your view, you'll still get someone on here who shows you total disrespect by the single word reply "rubbish". I hope not; it's good to get discussion and see the diverse views well explained. When you talk about coincidence, I don't believe in it either but I did pick up on 2 facts that make you think, and worry. Firstly, the last time we conceded 4 goals, apparently, was at Bournemouth last summer. Secondly, the pattern of being above Chelsea for most of the year and them
  5. Like that set up, though on balance I think Castagne on the right and Thomas on the left would give us more potency.
  6. But there is another reason for playing him, future or not - he might help us win games. As you say, how we can be playing so poorly and Praet not getting on the pitch is inexplicable.
  7. It was telling that Rodgers bollocked them at HT against WBA because one or two passes weren't of the highest quality, and insisted they adopt a cautious approach 2nd half. It's hardly a way of instilling confidence into your side - surely better to encourage them to go out and express themselves and to enjoy their football. I remember O'Neil's instruction to Heskey was to go out and do what he did best - that didn't work too badly.
  8. Good points, particularly with Under. If Rodgers has absolutely no intention of playing him, no matter what the circumstances, why waste a place on the bench? Better to have someone from the U23s who might have a future at the club and might even be given an opportunity on the pitch, for example if we found ourselves 4-0 up with only 15 mins 6o go ...
  9. I honestly don't think it's about what team ManU put out, but how our team approaches the game. After all, we've already had an impressive win against them.
  10. I would rather lose Rodgers this summer if that would help us to keep Praet. Our club can't afford to piss off high quality players that we've managed to buy for a bargain fee.
  11. Very true, but doesn't that show that he sees playing in our team as a vehicle to promote himself rather than him giving his best for the team? We need all of our players to exhibit a real team ethic in order to counteract our comparatively small squad and resources.
  12. In my view Tielemans and Ndidi would have benefitted by the inclusion of Praet. It would have taken pressure off them, added more energy and aggression, and enabled us to dominate the midfield. I think it's noticeable that Ndidi's performance has dropped over the last few games and I can imagine that is because he is feeling the pressure of having to perform like a superhuman game after game.
  13. We have zero width whatever the formation, with Barnes out and Under not to be trusted.
  14. Even Ndidi's performances have slipped over the last few games. He has the sole responsibility for snuffing out attacks and winning the ball, with limited help from Tielemans virtually none from Maddison. Is it starting to wear him down? There's a case for doing something to reduce that strain on him by placing more importance on strengthening the midfield so that we can dominate possession (instead of being harassed as soon as we get the ball) and control the pace of the game. Within our current ranks the obvious solution is to bolster the midfield with Praet. He has
  15. Maddison. Would Tavares, or Lesbala, have been any less effective tonight?
  16. When you look back to the first half of last season we played with attacking intent and a swagger. We have got more and more cautious in our approach, particularly of late but, paradoxically, it isn't helping us to be more solid at the back. In fact, we seem far more vulnerable to quick counterattacks over the last few weeks. I wish we could get back to starting bolder, and with more intent, concentrating on our own strengths and selecting players in their best position (and on form).
  17. Similar. I never thought I'd say this but I'm beginning to think Mount's style/qualities would benefit us much more than Maddison's.
  18. I just posted in the "development squad" thread that I've seen little of Tavares until I watched the highlights of last night's game. I was very impressed by his speed in carrying the ball forward and with the instinctive quality of his passing. On the basis of that admittedly small sample of his play I would be disappointed to see him leave rather than be progressed further, and quickly, here.
  19. I've seen very little of Tavares in matches but watched the fairly lengthy highlights of last night and I was highly impressed by him - the way he carried the ball so swiftly and positively out of defence, and the accuracy of his passing (often hit on the run with seemingly little deliberation). I hope he does sign a renewed contract at the end of the season.
  20. Thanks for that. You're in a better position to judge than anyone else on here, I guess. Shame if he's not up to the level as he'd be so much cheaper than Toney, a comparative bargain.
  21. I don't get this. No matter who calls if off (and I suspect Man U forced the police to do it by not taking the decision themselves and just waiting) the offence was the same and was committed by ManU - they failed to provide adequate security thus enabling the stadium to be breached.
  22. Not when Maddison is in such poor form, though, as he is at the moment. Praet would carry goal threat in a different way, but would also add much more bite and energy to our midfield. As a bonus, he links up well with our other Belgians too.
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