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  1. I wouldn't think so - He always comes across as a decent guy so i'm sure he doesn't deserve to be on a coronavirus "Road to Perdition"
  2. agreed its bound to make quite a "Splash"
  3. just my opinion, but Evans was fantastic. Justin looked great. I'd swap them. Thought Ricky P gave the ball away a lot last night, but his standards have been so high its difficult to be to critical
  4. I think its against the rules to post something as sensible as this
  5. Hope not but suspect you may be right although we are possibly dipping below our assumed mean right now,, We (family) have been asking this all season as the first half of the season was just so good "are we really this good or is it a purple patch?"
  6. Tatical setup, key player injury & inconsistency. Wouldn't know how to fix it though {14}
  7. Disagree - alhough I cant know for certain {7}
  8. Just a thought - but does Dennis not turn his back in order to protect his face - why else is he doing it. He is In the process of protecting his face and whilst trying to protect himself the ball hits his arm. Completely unintentional just a consequence of body movement. Kev on the other hand raises his arms intentionally.I know that it doesn't have to be intentional to be a pen but i'm just articulating how ridiculous i feel the whole things is. The only thing these debates really tell us is that in making the rules, particularly handball and offside, the rule makers are disappearing up their own backsides.
  9. Fabulous player. Not sure what's not to like (admittedly I haven't spent time looking at his injury record and root causes)
  10. not sure there is much arguing tbf
  11. Jacnah


    He's a good player that has the potential to get better. A physical player in todays game is going to pick up cards. Needs to learn to stay on his feet a little more and be a little less rash, but its going to be a balancing act, if you dont want to eliminate the physicality from his game completely. Certainly no reason to beat up on him, particulalry if he continues to develop and learn. If he doesnt learn he wont play....so I'm guessing that chances are he will learn
  12. agreed. He did well. The back 5 did well bar kaspers loose clearance. Everything else was underpar.
  13. For all the the coaching staff have got right in the last year, I feel as though they have been getting it wrong for the last month. Tactically we just ain't firing!
  14. Think most people would agree - its just a media story trying to make a bigger media story by creating the outrage of the day. He's a young lad having a break. Good luck to him. On the other hand, I do wish Madders would stop falling over any time there is the faintest whiff of a breeze. Its embarrassing and I don't like it
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