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  1. brilliant - weve all been there. Cant tell you how many times Ive missed getting off at loughborough after a boozy night in london :-)
  2. I'm never convinced by any fan, of any club, when there is excessive denial of rivalry. Why try and deny the obvious, which is there is always going to be rivalry when there is proximity of clubs competing at a similar level and most definately when competing in the same competition. Personally, whilst I enjoy the banter of these clubs not being succesful, I'd love for Derby, Forest, Cov to be in the same league so that we have these games each season. It would add so much to whats 'at stake' for so many people and would far outweigh the (admitted) joy of current banter.
  3. Agreed - I didnt think it was a pen. However, there is contact, then a slight delay and then Marne flings himself to the floor. Ex Pros often use the pharse "Hes entitled to go down" which is just a euphemism for 'dive' but equally its never going to be clear and obviously wrong decsion. Ultimately if a professional referee cant tell the difference between being brought down and flinging yourself to the floor, VAR will never over turn it if ther is the slightest contact
  4. haha...boom! Thats whats called a 'comprehensive and informative answer'. Tim - Im struggling with the "....which you also add a soft ğ which is likened to the sound of "gh" in weight, light. So the first syllabus would be pronounced as "Chagh its the gh bit..can you do it phonetically?
  5. On balance of probabilities we may well. As long as we put in a good performance our season wont be defined by our away games at Liverpool or Man City, so I wont get overly down if the result is against us. On the flip side, if we get a result, i reserve the right to go mental!
  6. Its largely about the fact we have some very good players playing in a very good team combined with a culture of clickbait bullsh*t where truth and evidence are not requirements
  7. No. Stop making excuses for unacceptable behaviour...."they stopped before saying anything stupid" is a little like saying "they were only a little bit racist" If this is true then these people should be ashamed of themselves. Zero excuses.
  8. my thoughts exactly. People getting carried away with the hype and it always comes back around and bites us in the ar*e. That doesnt mean I wont be going into the game with higher hopes than usual mind.
  9. although the youtube video of him doing a Q&A in dublin a few days ago is pure gold!!
  10. oh this makes my day every time i hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. if we dont beat yanited................its no great biggie. Not going to make or break the season.
  12. Completely agree. Its a dreadful thing thats happened and all sympathys are with family and friends but we'll end up doing this every ten minutes every game because ......well people die all the time. That having been said, I feel, as im sure everybody else does, that I dont want to be disrepectful or in anyway hurtful to those suffering a dreadful loss. Those who say clap if you want and dont if you dont have a point on face value, but its shitty for a family expecting this gesture when half the stadium dont do it. My suggestion, would be to have a couple of occasions a year (maybe the begining of the season, early new year and end of season) when before the game or at half time they put photos and messages on the big screens remembering fans who passed and we can all pay due and appropriate respect as a club
  13. dont be to harsh - we might progress in which case its a tremendous competition that is criminally underated
  14. Not our fans. Rather one or two bellsniffs are. This is because a small proportion of the population actually are bellsniffs and this is why every club has them
  15. I know - very strange. We all know that human beings are not machines. They need lots of things to perform at the highest level and, in Claude's role, if you don't have good man management I don't see how you can get the best out of your team and compete against those that do. He's not stupid, so he must know this, but for the life of me I cant see what his rationale for this type of approach would be.
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