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  1. Jacnah

    Jamie Vardy

    Hes scoring regularly for England. He's top scorer in the world cup at the moment. The love fest is currently justified, rather than pathetic, I would say
  2. Jacnah

    Jack Wilshere

  3. Jacnah

    Jack Wilshere

    I stand corrected. I thought they had released him? Presumably, then he's been released as not accepting the offer on the table?
  4. Jacnah

    Jack Wilshere

    Its a no from me. Guy is being released by Arsenal - they're not even offering him a reduced wage contract to keep him in the squad, so if there is a general love fest amongst pundits that he has talent, it could only be that he cant be relied on, whether medically or personality.
  5. Jacnah

    Jamie Vardy

    You used the phrases "James Corden" and " Amusing" in the same sentence........................................... Can I just check............... you've had you had you meds today haven't you?
  6. Jacnah

    James Maddison

  7. Jacnah

    James Maddison

    I did start the post by saying I was highly optimistic - maybe I should have said 'a dreamer' :-)
  8. Jacnah

    James Maddison

    I'm highly optimistic for this lad, but If this goes through, we (foxestalk) would also do well to remember that Vardy didn't set the world on fire when he first joined. It might take a little while to acclimatise and find his feet. Going through that process wont make him crap player/worse player to ever play for the club etc etc etc
  9. Jacnah

    Puel to Fenerbahce

  10. Jacnah

    James Maddison

    and im still here reading it and refreshing the page! :-)
  11. Jacnah


    100% with you on this. Its time to move on for the first 11, but, our Premiership winning captain (and he was an absolute monster that season) deserves our respect always.
  12. Jacnah

    Abdülkadir Ömür (Twitter)

    sounds suspiciously like marketing to try and increase prices and interest rather than anything concrete. Be great if the claims and reports were true, but I'll remain cynical for now
  13. Jacnah

    Players hiding?!!

    Maybe more a case of happy players will willingly play through knocks to ensure they stay in the team?
  14. Jacnah

    Where are the defenders coming from?

    hahaha....nice recovery