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  1. I can see your points and certainly agree with the fact he should have been more circumspect on the timing of any statement. However, my own opinion is that you are being a little optimistic that some one will eventually pay the asking price. There is a doubt as to whether anybody will make a confirmed and credible offer - sure we keep hearing rumours, but I'm talking about something concrete - if they dont he stays a city player and needs to buckle down, if they do, I think he will be gone for much less than we all expect or would like. As a buyer, Mahrez has great skill and technique, but so far he is a one season wonder who has regressed to 'supremely talented but inconsistent'. His value today isn't what it was 12 months ago. Personally Id love to see him stay with a renewed enthusiasm, on the other hand, if he is going to mope around all season, then bye bye.
  2. right with you on that one!
  3. just a question - was this ever directly reported, as opposed to a 'report on other reports', from a credible source? My impression is that we expressed an interest at some point, got a knock back, either the player wasnt interested or the price was to high, and have not been back since. All the reporting is just unsubstantiated 'noise'. A bit like the Deeney report may well have been a week or so back.
  4. Good point. We'll have to see whether they are going to be good enough, but progression to the senior squad is, at the very least, promising. When assessing the window as a whole, we shouldn't ignore the importance of binding some of our senior sqaud up on longer term contracts. Most of this was done last year to be fair and whilst its not a guarantee, it at least ensures we should get reasonable prices if they do decide to jump ship.
  5. ...this made me laugh out loud!! Nice one
  6. its all boll*cks...the story uses phrases such as 'may' and 'could'. Its basically a filler based on the thoughts of the journalist (and i use that phrase in the loosest possible sense). There isn't a source within 100 miles of this toilet paper
  7. hahaha...always worth it just to wind old gits like me up......i would!!
  8. No I dont think so, but I guess the real issue is whether its true that we are flashing wads of cash. If we were then you would probably be right, but most of it sems to the usual social media BS echo chamber. The club are usually pretty good at keeping a lid on things, but cant do anything about a 15 year old pretending to be a sports journalist from their bedroom
  9. double this
  10. John Percys input does give a lot of credibility to this, but I still thought that Man City hadn't committed to letting him go yet?
  11. i think you're spot on here. perhaps there was interest but it came to nothing or was knocked back. This is deader than dead
  12. and great opportunities for risk free investments with Generals according to my emails
  13. Me to.
  14. Captain, I don't understand? What are you asking? I'll willingly respond...opinions of course :-)
  15. Great post and sums up my thoughts. The conservatives are incompetent, in fact that's an understatement, but labour under Corbyn are terrifying.