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  1. They're business not football clubs. Highly unlikely there is anything altruistic in this, so I will approach with extreme scepticism until proven otherwise
  2. Bad day at black rock. We didn't play well and they played very well. Put it behind us and move on - lets have a response in the next game and not forget that we have a very good team. Its not the end of the world, but what we do next is very important
  3. Good news but good luck to him. Been professional through out as far as we know and not his fault that the whole thing started so badly.
  4. I don't get it to be honest. is it a generational thing...feels like the kind of thing obsessive stalkers to me. And yet, as I've just realised..here I am reading the thread!!
  5. People in glass houses and all that. Every club has a proportion of doom mongers, fifa transfer specialists, melts and hyperbolics on their message boards. In part it's what makes it so entertaining, but we have no 'moral high ground' upon which we can look down at anybody else.........................except Arsenal or Spurs of course. Every club can look down on Arsenal fans.
  6. and right from the start of the move when Amartey cushions a defensive header as a pass.
  7. If you see Peps comments in real time I think this is really a question of language. I don't think he was criticising, just saying that we didn't come out to play toe to toe
  8. as an aside Darren Fletcher is a very good insightful pundit
  9. Wonderful result - lets enjoy it. However, did anybody think this was a probable outcome based on Rodgers tactics in the first 20 min. Not sure what happened today, just delighted it did.
  10. Personally think he is doing a great job - last years fall away was as much about widespread injuries as a loss of confidence following defeat to Liverpool and Man City - IMO. From a personality perspective though, I always get a sense of an underlying insincerity and just a little bit manufactured humbleness. It's not an appealing trait
  11. but overall you're a Brendan fan................right???
  12. And Ricky but its no secret to any of us that we need more depth in quality in that position
  13. Anybody else think that Maddison holds the ball to long? I compare him with Tielemans and Praet and it feels they are much more dynamic - shift the ball much quicker. I'm not suggesting Maddison is not a very good player. Just an observation.
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