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  1. Imagine a Big Dan leap to smash a header home past Maguire last minute. I’ll be going deep that night if it happened
  2. The slow mo shot where he’s clenching his fists in hope of the finish is just great
  3. I’m sort of resigning that though but would love it if we went deep
  4. Massive. And if we can nab a win against Sheff U we’ll have two more weeks to get some others back as well. Assuming Maddison and Evans back next week, who’s left? Perez and Praet after and then Barnes and JJ long term injuries?
  5. That finish today is absolute filth. The no look pass from Youri and to lift it in like that. Great great goal
  6. Didn’t lose and didn’t pick up an injury. In fact got a world class player back on the pitch. I feel alright after that.
  7. This is painfully accurate. Take a draw tomorrow???
  8. Incredibly smart and well put together response
  9. Haha I don’t even know you but that’s a big claim mate. This is a football forum about Leicester, who have a history of capitulation. If you want to talk mind negativity let’s keep it on track about football yeah?
  10. has anyone got a write up of who is out until when? Realistically we have about 4 weeks now until we play a crunch league match. Would be good to see
  11. The funny thing here is Arsenal will get a small bounce off of this but I hate to say it, this wasn’t a game where arsenal were good. This was a game where Leicester were very bad and didn’t have anything in the tank.
  12. Aus Fox I’m sorry but this is simple law of averages. The independent variables are literally the same as last season.
  13. I said 6 months to bed him in to tactics and club surroundings. I was wrong. He’s actually genuinely not good. Sad.
  14. Yeah I mean I would be remiss to say it’s not down to all the games. It is, but I really think the accountability has to be also shared at the door of the medical and sports science teams. What on earth are they doing during breaks between games??
  15. Just what we need. Another physical anti football fixture.
  16. You told me to get my head out my arse? Go there and I’ll equal your petty personal responses mate.
  17. I’m talking about the poster not the club mate
  18. There’s literally a team who’s job it is to prevent them and from the injuries sustained I can tell you that they have to take blame here. Adductor, groin, hernia - those are all overworked gym injuries.
  19. Because this is the same set of players and the situation is literally exactly the same as last season? Do you invest? Or make any predictions in your job or life? If so, please don’t for the sake of your wallet...
  20. I really hope you’re right but sadly I think this is the beginning of the slide
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