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City 1-2 Saints Post Match

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11 hours ago, Master Fox said:

Anyone notice since Nige took over at Watford we’ve been utterly crap. Makes you think 

Think what? 

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1 hour ago, sacreblueits442 said:

.. the poster is just having a rant!! 

  Sometimes people fail to recognise obvious short term emotions, without having to put the boot in. 

 The post should have been taken with a pinch of salt, just getting something off his chest......!!

There's ranting and there's ranting.


Up until no passion it was an understandble rant. Saying he would accept bids for anyone and everyone bordered on pathetic. No hint of irony.


It annoyed a lot of people but this aint the playground, and even if it was, you would expect to be called out for it 


Also, out  of interest, was my oost the straw that broke the old proverbial? Just seemed a randomly placed sticking up for the child in the room after he had been called out dor it numerous times.


Disclaimer: I'm still on page 11, so kudos to you if you gave all the bad men who laughed at your son, a jolly good ticking off. 😂


Perhaps you should have a word with the headmaster, or is this also not being sensitive to your freedom to also rant?(with immunity from response)

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On 12/01/2020 at 07:02, Livid said:



I think we need to go shopping.

Crikey it's not that bad yet.


Going the football is like a blow job. Even a bad one is still good.

Better than the alternative. Ie going shopping.

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On 13/01/2020 at 12:10, FIF said:

I enjoyed the game. Lots of shots, lots of "goals" overruled, action from the start to the end. 


Our players were not as bad as is being made out in this thread. 


I've watched thousands of more boring matches and games where we've won doing a lot less.

I didnt 

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