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  1. If gray decided to sit out his contract he'll be lucky if people remember him by the time he's free. His highlights reel will struggle for anything in a Leicester shirt.
  2. I think he's a bit crap and villa buying Emiliano for Β£13m even ignoring inflation proves just how low our pants were courtesy of Liverpool.
  3. It must have been tough holding back that "I told you so" for a whole 2 matches. I'm proud of ya kid πŸ˜‚
  4. We are talking about integrating the odd player, not changing 11 players at a time. Nobody did themselves any favours but come on, be realistic people.
  5. I was disappointed with Fuchs AFTER the own goal. He let it rattle him too much like he had something to prove. You sir, have nothing to prove, never let's us down when called upon for the first team, but on that showing.....
  6. And thank **** for that. Ps. Always wanted to see larssons name on the back of our shirt. Send me a pic 🀣
  7. If we'd have got through arsenal and then Liverpool you could be pretty sure we'd meet both Manchester clubs in our "path" to the final. Reckon we'd have stood a chance against tranmere in the final though.
  8. You are most probably right about Sunday but I much prefer it when we at least try!
  9. If he was that way inclined, a couple more subs may have helped. Said it all to me. Apparently someone else cared as little as I did. I like these games to see what else we've got, and although it was dull as shit, their game was much stronger than ours on paper, than it was on the pitch. Rustiness as expected, but up front it was bobbins, which il is no surprise as our forward play was lacking not so long ago with our first choice. Hopefully thats also the end of perez being a starter too.
  10. Thick as ****, wrong choice every time. 4 attacks wasted in about the last 15 minutes. Single handedly. Take a taxi son.
  11. If anyone has a stream with fake crowd noise it would be gratefully appreciated. This is as shit as being there with just the west stand open. Really makes me look forward to it being open with reduced capacity and paying full whack for the privilege😱
  12. Only one thing could make this deal sweeter, and it looks possible. West ham find out their price. We match it and piss them off as well. 🀣 Gerrimin
  13. Loan Tah, and decide who we want in the summer. Move on imo (probably just for my sanity)
  14. My "grapes" could with a bit of attention if you run out of work 😱πŸ€ͺ
  15. Fofana, and we can't hold him to ransom as it would mean he could look after his whole family and move them off the saff!
  16. Congratulations to spurs for making the draw for the next round.
  17. Kinnell, these puns are showing the ages of the old knackers joining in 😱🀣
  18. I'm with you (but I haven't even bothered looking at any YouTube clips πŸ˜‚)
  19. It was the obvious getting wrong which teams we had played when compared to bbc's O'shea to come back from injury and Harvey Barnes interview about the confusion about Castagne being offside. Then the post on here about Burnley still having not scored any goals. I think this mad world is having more side effects, but I will not let my standards drop πŸ˜‚ Ps. Momentum. 😱 Never a better time for us to face man city? Especially away.
  20. Be honest, you ****ing love us don't you. Always room for one more at the kp. 😏
  21. Can't really complain when we had 1 person in the box for a corner 🀣
  22. Big nige back to Southampton by the end of the week?
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