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    In response to the bad experiences people have had with the nhs, I'd like to balance it with some good experiences with "let's talk wellbeing", a self referral via a leaflet I received from my gp. I can echo some of the negatives but took a lot from my most recent interaction with them. It took a while to get telephone assessment but once I accepted they will not fix it on their own and immediately it helped. I was advised that for urgent suicidal thoughts the gp's have a crisis response team which I am told is excellent. Ring them and tell them you are having suicidal thoughts or ring the Samaritans. I held on and didn't go down that route but when I did get through the queuing and bureaucracy "let's talk wellbeing" Have been excellent for me. I'd like to think things have changed since the bad old days, but fully accept they cannot do the immediate response.
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    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Now read the whole conversation and tell me you haven't derailed it just for a moan? Are you crying out for our new attacking centre back or was he supposed to play somewhere in the front 4. I'm not happy soyuncu isn't playing but it's not relevant to anything in the first 2 comments. If you wanna moan, then moan, but don't try to bring me into it. Maybe fit enough to have trained with his team mates for long enough for our manager to consider he is ready. Everyone who watched said turkey were shit. Maybe we expect a slightly higher standard of match readiness to play for us?
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    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Picks itself now doesn't it? With soyunco to come in when fit
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    I am having a particularly difficult.time at the moment and probably never had so much big shit to deal with it. I am however pleased to say that I feel I am handling it really well ended the circumstances and actually feel like I am on an artificial high at the moment. This has a lot to do with stress control classroom workshop I am partway through, via "let's talk, wellbeing" a self referral counselling service. There is something even more simple that I think is potentially having an even bigger impact. The Android app "colour by numbers". So therapeutic. It works because it is fun, and requires just enough concentration so that you simply cannot spend time thinking about anything else. Give it a try people. It's working for me.
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    Bournemouth v Leicester - Pre match thread

    I'll just leave them together for you all. Struggling to work out what it all means though 😂
  7. From sensible soccer back in the day, it is SO obviously the best way to view a game. Hope sky start doing it 😂
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    Söyüncü Signs

    And that is something that I feared/expected to never be said about us. Happy with that as a dilemma.
  9. Going on to the pitch after last game of the season to take some hallowed turf home with me, then my mates friend from work pulled out a commando knife and started cutting up squares of turf, 3 feet from the police cordon. Went home with a 6 foot Ladbrokes advertising board with the Leicester badge in the corner and the broken back off my seat. Still in the garage somewhere.
  10. Offering out a spurs fan in the kop korner to meet me at the corner flag for a fight. Step down off my chair for 30 seconds and then standing back on m0y chair to watch him being escorted out of the ground for "encroaching on the playing surface"
  11. My mate printing out derby sheep shagger amateur home prints and passing them round at Leicester derby at home in the kop korner, but giving him a porno printout of a 20 stoner with legs akimbo and watching him wave it at the derby fans.
  12. Robbie Fowler snorting the line and pulling his shorts up his arse bearing his cheeks. Different games I think
  13. Mahrez putting 3 on their arse with one turn
  14. Mickey galloway getting duncan ferguson and vinnie samways sent off in the same match.
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    Expected Goals

    Or is it a positive because if you were top.of the league on expected goals but mid table for real, you are undoubtedly failing. WE however are punching above our weight but from the games I get the feeling we will click indue course and get better. WE are currently doing better than we should. I firmly believe this, HOWEVER, the last time anything like this happened we went top of the league playing shit under Peter Taylor, then when we started getting the results we deserved rather than starting to play better, we got relegated and entered the darkest 10 years in the history of our club. Nothing would surprise me with our club but taking into account what I see on the pitch, I'm optimistic
  16. Probably best to steer clear then chap. As much as we would like it to, things don't fit neatly into little boxes. Everything needs to he viewed in context as I keep trying to tell my div of a business partner. This happened because of this, this and this. Not in isolation. God what a random tangent I have taken. You're welcome 😂
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    I have now attended my first 1 of 7 weekly classroom courses for "stress control" as arranged by wellbeing, the counselling service on self referral from go. The first one was the one that appeared to be the least relevant to me and is on low self esteem, however it was a revelation and I am currently working through various CBT techniques. The biggest eye opener was trying to train your brain to accept that being a perfectionist is very bad for your mental health. I have 2 multi page print outs that I am happy to scan and email to anyone if they think it would be worthwhile, unless I can send by private message on here or even embed into a post. Message me if you want a copy or any techie advice on being able to leave it on here for people to access without even having to ask would also be useful. Chin up lads and lasses. It can be "fixed" or at least we can learn how to deal with it better. It does require bloody hard work though in the self analysis (but I guess we are all used to that anyway, but in the negative. It's nice to try it positively for once) Ps. This will also go on my positives diary to remind myself that I am a decent bloke, being helpful and looking out for others, to reinforce the positives and allow me to look back and concentrate on them rather than the negative.
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    The King's reign seems over.

    IND££D. Y€$.
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    😂 I just wondered whether I'd already tried it.
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    Is microdosing less than a microdot?
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    EFL Cup draw, 3rd round - Wolves (a)

    Hope not, I could relive the glory days. I really miss being spat on by old plastic brummies in the top tier when we take the lead. Oh the memories.
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    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    If we were shitter in the first game we'd be top of the league now
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    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Fotmob went with your first one but if it's the second it makes a lot more sense with Morgan coming back in. Here's hoping we see the second one at least for a bit as it's the only formation likely to get iheanacho and vardy to work in the future. Also makes sense to give iheanacho some support as he didn't look like scoring at old Trafford. Happy enough either way, but happier with the second. Heres hoping
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    For those who think. Tldr: (too long, didn't read, please refer to my comment last night on the "things that grind.my gears thread" 😂 That's also a great thread for general offloading.
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    Thanks for the info. I will definitely give it a try and will no doubt reread this several times and also read up on it a bit more before I jump in. If you don't mind, I'll ask questions about it to you on here as I believe this kind of thing is especially useful to those who just read but aren't ready to "reach out" or discuss their own feelings on here. Thanks a lot. Appreciated