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  1. So difficult being easily i influenced. Liked the first post. Read the second. Liked that as well. The inconsistency of man i guess. Im still confused
  2. Thanks for the insight. Onviously each to their own but personally i hear of too many people trying to cope without medication. I wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for my meds.( I truly believe that although no suicide attempts) I also know of many where the drugs dont work... so know i am one of the lucky ones, but just dont be one of them who doesnt use the drugs because of lifes stigmas. Kepp on keeping on
  3. Thanks to leicester city, i can proudly state that as an overweight middle aged man, i look bloody great in pastel pink.
  4. Crikey, that took some googling to try to understand. How does this impact day to day life? Is it a constant, or like depression (and presumably anxiety) it's always there in the background but comes and goes? What brought it to be diagnosed? What are your symptoms? I know the word but had to google to try to understand more. It says bipolar and schizophrenia. Is yours one or the other or is psychosis an unhealthy mix of both? Feel free to not answer, i know im asking a lot of questions but people in general dont know how to react to things they dont understand so generally ignore it and as this is the first time ive noticed you posting here, i fugure this is a first step for you of sorts and i dont want it to go ignored. Would love to chat more and people on here (this thread specifically) are great and might be able to help in some small way, but if you dont want to elaborate, thats your choice and i respect that.
  5. Any fellow sufferers, there are comments on the premier league thread you may want to steer away from. Ive just had a right old rant. If you are in a relatively good place (atm) as i am, it's a real eye opener as to the ignorance that still exists. It has personally made me realise that i am relatively happy with my lifr and wouldn't swap with danny rose for all the tea in china. Moral of the story, surround yourself with the right tyoe of people. Here is a damn good start. Don't even debate with someone who doesn't understand but still thinks they know best. It's not good for your mental health. Be strong, pick your battles, fake it til you make it. And have faith in yourself. Take care people. Its a ****ing minefield out there!
  6. If you umderstood depression you would understand that his comments are completely in line with suffering from depression, and the "decision" to give up everything he has ever worked for, because it's not all a bed of roses, is not a simple decision by by any means. He's not enjoying it, he is suffering from depression. There is nothing he will enjoy in that state of mind. Its not that ****ing simple. Please do read the depression thread, or absolutely anything on depression. Its ok to admit you dont understand it, it's not ok to assume you understand how easy it should be for him, because he has everything lots of other people want. He's telling people he's not happy in his life, and i personally feel for him but more to the point, understand where he is coming from. Thank **** i dont have to live my life in a goldfish bowl, and wouldnt swap it for his wages either, knowing what depression actually is. This thread and comment shows that as much exposure there is about mental health issues, it obviously still aint enough. Ps. This really isnt all about you or trying to shame you, for that i apologise, but it really has opened my mind to the ignorance that still exists. And thats without even acknowledging the racism as well that he has to put up with.
  7. Like a ****ing albatross (with issues)
  8. I got really excited that geoff the celebrity was in but youve ruined it for me. Geoff the celebrity is just another grumpy old man 不 (like me, similar ages i think, im 40, but im not so grumpy when im oggling young ladies 不)
  9. Sounds to me like you need to put yourself first mate. If you are not engaging and its doing your head in more, avoid those situations. Take some me time. Whatever that means for you. I scrolled back to see any personal posts by you in this thread, (getting past my bedtime so only skimmed it so apologies if my questions are already answered but it seems like you could do with somebody reaching out.) You dont sound like your head space has improved from your last post in here. Have you seen your gp? Got any meds? Counselling sorted? Sounds like that is where you could do with being at right now relating it to my experiences. From checking your profile, you are active on this site and seem to be engaging, and your depression doesnt shine through there, so my advice is to stick with communication online for a while, til you feel more like yourself. I do think proper help is right for you though. Look after yourself. Chin up. You are not alone and your thinking is no different to what most on here have been through. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It just doesnt feel like it sometimes. Use us on here, whether its to get deep on politics, chat shit, talk footie or get right into discussing your depression. Whatever you need, take it. Just look after yourself. Good night and godspeed my friend.
  10. Having had a dabble of most drugs in my yoof and having had positive experience with shrooms, purely as a trippy drug. I read this with great interest. Chemical variety were more my thing and i never actually grew out of them. I think there is simply a time and a place for it. Last time.i got offered some though, i asked frank and he told me that at my age and with high blood pressure i was likely to die 不 Anyway i went on a reminisce (partly to explain my history with recreational drugs and general views on them, and partly just because reminiscing was ace 不), back to the article.
  11. Having had a dabble of most drugs in my yoof and having had positive experience with shrooms, purely as a trippy drug. I read this with great interest. Chemical variety were more my thing and i never actually grew out of them. I think there is simply a time and a place for it. Last time i got offered some though, i asked frank and he told me that at my age and with high blood pressure i was likely to die 不 Anyway i went on a reminisce (partly to explain my history with recreational drugs and general views on them, and partly just because reminiscing was ace 不), back to the article. I'd happily guinea pig the shit out of this as a possible way to end or manage this shit illness for me and others.what particularly appeals to me is that they are not marketed as magic happy pills, but that the process is to revisit while "enhanced" by the shroom juice, and feel now that i am older and wiser, i would handle it far better. Not that i have the social circle for it anymore as everyone i knew "grew out of it" (or are still in the young adult mindset) Anyone up for ft depression thread mushroom night though, i could be well in. Lets take it to another level.face to face recreationsl drug use sounds like a ****ing great hobby. (Semi serious, wouldnt take much to convince me不)
  12. Congratulations on being an uncle. Izzy has said it all. Enjoy it for what it is. My wife has just sent me a pic of her best friends newborn and im loving it. Still makes me broody even though ive already got 4 of the little bleeders and worry its too many 不. One post vasectomy. Enjoy all the good of babies and being able to hand it back.
  13. Sorry to hear about your circumstances. Izzy has nailed it with counselling advice requested but ive always got on well with the free ones via the gp and you sound in control enough to wait if necessary. Sometimes private is not even an option. 瞿瞿瞿 I am an accountant who also suffers from depression and had similar problems to you with regard to going self employed. My first thoughts on reading your post - Have you thought about giving it another go? Now you have the work life balance choice forced upon you to make hard choices, if you can fix the pricing issue, you can literally work when you want. (within reason obviously) I now use a professional pricing tool and simply do not waver from that. Good time to advertise and quote?, while dipping your toe in the water. Pick and choose when to jack it all in when you manage to get the right job for better money than you believed you could get. Have a look at the link below and see how it fits with what you used to price. I found it on a quick google with this excerpt "Design For Me is a web-based service that helps you get in touch with designers and architects. They suggest a price of around 瞿100 per square metre for a landscaped garden, excluding design/architect fees. Theprice drops to 瞿30 per square metre if you only want planting services and no hard landscaping." https://job-prices.co.uk/landscape-gardening/ Chances are it is far more than you previously charged, but you really can learn the behaviours to get the right price. Dont undervalue yourself, which goes hand in hand with cbt for depression. It wouldnt be too hard to set that into a spreadsheet and test it against past work. Failing that, some people just aren't cut out for a job that's too quiet. Maybe its just a different job in the same industry. I have a client who is doing well in that industry and growing and i could have a word to see if there are any openings, options. No promises but might be worth a try. Something else to mull over.
  14. Hate that some fans have for spurs? ALL fans If you dont hate spurs, you're no fan of us. FACT
  15. Very quick reply. Will try to revisit. Yes to the vast majority. My advice. Dont write off meds. They are my lifesaver. Doesnt work for all, but works wonders for me. You are now doing all the right things, dont beat yourself up.
  16. It spoilt cup finals for me. Losing ro tottenham, **** it. We hadn't won a cup,it was nowhere near as bad as losing the play off final. However, typing this, i realise this is selective memory, as although it was true, my best single football day was beating middlesboro at hillsborough, closely followed by the draw at wembley. Conclusion, losing cup finals is worse than winning them 不 who've thunk it. (But losing play off finals is the worst of all, so in answer to your question. **** no)
  17. I feel for you man,i really do. I am in a good place now after a long dark and difficult period, and that obviously helps, but i had a similar experience recently and turned it around into one of my best weekends in years. Took my lad to a football tournament over bank holiday weekend where we stayed over. My lads first year with the team abd although i felt i fit in well, these people had known each other for years. First night, arrived 9pm. Others had been there drinking til midday. Had a couple but wasnt really feeling it. Kept my hawkeye on people sloping off (didnt want to be the first) and took my opportunity. One night down. 2 to go. 2nd day. Watching kids football all day, all ok. Then the night time. Met in bar and literally sat on my own in a chair behind someone else's, outside of the circle. Had to go back to my room for sonething. Rang wife. Not enjoying it. Long night ahead. Felt cliquey out there. Looked at myself in the mirror, pulled my big girl britches up and told myselfz this werkend is what I make it. Went back out with artificially inflated balls of steel (faje it til you make it) forced myself into a spare seat inside the circle (it wasnt there before) and forced myself into the conversation. The next thing, beer flowed, found myself next to a brother from another mother and we became the life and souls of the night. My jaw ached from laughing so much. Now feel more integrated with a new circle of actual friends rather than acquaintances. Looking back i was lucky i sat next to the right bloke (although i did target him as a potential kindred spirit) I felt like myself, and when i spoke to others i had less in common with, i gravirated back to my safe place (or safe new nutter mate) Just a nice anecdote of a similar experience with a great outcome. He who dares rodders. You know yourself and if you feel capable, but its always worth a try. Chin up fella. Try to enjoy it.
  18. There is a service that i cant for the life of remember the name, go back some pages ive wrote a lot. Take the private counselling but get on the waiting list and swap when you are eligible for the free counsellig (after waiting a few weeks but not as long as 6 months.
  19. Although not your point, but another very interesting point nonetheless,and coupled with your own comments about playing the whole season over and over, it seems we are all in agreement that we would rather be in our position than theirs. Basically, this is ours to **** up. Which is normally a "hold my beer" moment for our ,never boring, great club. I watch with great interest and optimism.
  20. Their revenge? (sevilla) or ours? (those corrupt ref buying stripey bastards from madrid)
  21. For some strange reason i remembered it exactly as you have described and had to google it to prove @HighPeakFox wrong. It was a waste of a google. 不
  22. One thats not been mentioned but definitely worthy of one for expectation versus reality. I give you Neil Danns.
  23. Because if man u or chelsea, who both played later, would've won, they could have been knocked out of the top 4. Hence they bottled tr chance to confirm champions league via their own result that day. Something that happened afterwards doesnt not absolve them of being bottlers. Am i missing something or does the chronology and logic get in the way of you spoiing for an argument?
  24. ???? Think youve misunderstood. This was in response to champions league final result finding out which of spurs or liverpool are king of the bottlers and i back spurs to implode, citing evidence of the bournemouth game. (Unless im missing something?)
  25. If they are not working for you, soeak to your gp. I changed around a few times until i got paroxetine which work for me. Think its just horses for courses although my mum and bro have both had fluoxetine for years and it works for them. Dont think i tried them but know i tried a few.
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