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  1. no issue with that to be honest. Solid back up if anything happened to Kasper. He is obviously happy being second fiddle he is still getting picked for Wales so why move? He will get all the cup games next year if we make the champs league.
  2. as long as the players dont think they are then it will be fine. A lot of people on here are also doom mongers and dont realise how good of a team / squad we currently have.
  3. a solid Madrid team that have a patched together defence and a hell of a lot more injuries than Liverpool. They hardly even laid a glove on Madrid last night. No idea why but they have seemed to have lost their ability to win at home. They cant blame the lack of fans as they were fine the first half of the season and the end of last. It would surprise me if they went on a mad winning streak now.
  4. Madders for Dennis & Cags for big Dan. Go out and dominate and get us to that final lads!
  5. Mate Kyle Walker gets picked for England nearly every game. If Barnes and Maddison are good enough they will both get called up. People acting like they are about to do a 10 stretch! It's done. The club have dealt with it. No one get hurt it's just an extremely bad error of judgment.
  6. Sorry but there is absolutely no way Vardy gets dropped on Sunday imagine he we lost and he was on the bench! It isnt happening this season if Vardy is fit he plays.
  7. surely its worth someone setting up a fake twitter account and say that you were at the party as a guest. They will fall for it surely!
  8. We have lost to Man City who are one of the best teams in the world at the minute and West Ham who are in unbelievable form before that we beat Man Utd and gave them there only domestic away defeat of the season. But yeah no point us even turning up on Sunday. Might as well just relegate us now. Sorry but if you cant get excited about our first FA Cup semi final in 30 odd years then there is something wrong.
  9. Yeah it would be an expensive risk but would worth looking at. Even a loan with an option to buy. But yeah he will probably go to PSG.
  10. yeah i get the frustrations I really do but its been dealt with. If all of the them were in the squad yesterday and the club had turned a blind eye then yeah that is the reason to be angry but they didn't. They took the right decision to put the fans first and show that the players are not above the rest of us even if it meant that we couldn't field our strongest team. Just ask yourself this if a family member or close friend broke the lock down laws would you see it as a big issue? Yeah you probably would but would you move on from it after they had been punished? or would you cu
  11. It might not be a likable choice with some but I would see if we could tempt Dele Ali. He is another mis managed player and could easily be another Lingard. People will say about his attitude etc etc. But these will be the same people saying exactly the same about Lingard. Under the right manager he could get back on track and be one of the best AM's in the league.
  12. yeah i get that of course. But its done. Its been dealt with and they have to move on. We aren't the only club for this to happen to. Spurs, Man City, Villa, Brighton have all had the same problems. Its massively frustrating as a fan obviously but some are just using this as another excuse to get on certain players backs.
  13. For me now this is done. Its been dealt with internally the players will probably come out mid week and say it was a mistake and that they are sorry but as a club we have to move on and re focus. I get some people are angry and upset by it (probably because of the result and performance for the first 60 mins yesterday) but a few are massively over reacting.
  14. I think its the lack of pace in the team isn't helping him. Barnes missing has really affected Vardy's game. Teams know that we will have to be more calculated with our counter attacks as no one is that quick in the team. When Barnes is in the team the opponent have to be set up to break up play. It wouldn't surprise me to Vardy's goal scoring touch come back when Barnes is back and fit and listening to the odd mention of him in the press conferences it shouldn't be too far away hopefully by the end of the month.
  15. His hip must be ok if he is playing golf then... Think we have found our asset that might be flogged in the summer.
  16. Cags for Big Dan if he is available and Albrighton for Praet. But wouldn't be surprised if Maddison comes in for Praet.
  17. Very frustrating if the rumours are true. But to be honest that team is still very strong.
  18. Not sure madders would be daring kids on Twitter to shave his head like Ronaldo yesterday if he was being disciplined by the club...
  19. That's a red all day long. He isn't in control. If someone did that to Vardy and got a yellow you'd all be livid!
  20. Levy said earlier in the week he can go for 150m. No one is going to pay that for a 28 year old. Obviously if Kane pushes for a move then the price will come down but they will still want north of 100m
  21. They said Rice was out for 5 weeks minimum so doubtful he will be back Sunday.
  22. honestly some of the comments on twitter already are shocking, but that's Twitter for you I guess.
  23. Listened to a podcast not long ago and they interviewed a person regarding it as there job was to write them. Its something crazy like everyone over the age of 60 in the public eye has one prepared and they are just added to if anything changes.
  24. June 10th was his Birthday.
  25. I'm not a massive royalist but this is still gutting. Its still someone's Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grand Father. He fought in the war and has been an unbelievable aid to his wife for 73 years. His early years were fascinating and he is a very interesting man. It's definitely worth 30 minutes of your time to read up about him if you are not aware of his early years.
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