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  1. Exactly who I thought of when I saw the thread title
  2. It was an own goal though. Wouldn’t of gone in if it didn’t hit the keeper when it came off the bar
  3. Those phone calls do happen in a lot of instances I presume. I think sometimes making an official bid even if you know it’s going to be rejected sends a statement to the player that he’s seriously wanted. Can sometimes make a player want to put pressure on the club to sell from his side. Just thinking how mahrez reacted when we rejected Roma’s poor offer of £30 odd mill. Sometimes it may serve as a statement to fans that your actually putting in effort to sign players maybe. I suppose it was a bit pointless in West Ham’s case where by they literally just upped the offer by £1m.
  4. True I was just presuming .
  5. Thing was that we never refused to sell Mahrez. Our owners were happy to sell if a realistic offer was made for him. We didn’t receive a realistic offer until the Man City bids were made. With this one it seems as though we met the price they are after but the club still won’t let Wes go
  6. I’m sure there was already a thread on him earlier on at the start of the window, however I can’t remember everyone wanting him lol. He’s a bit of a Barca reject. Had an poor spell on loan at Schalke so much so that they didn’t even think he was worth signing. Not really heard anything good about this player from other fans but then again I’ve only seen him play once during the restart.
  7. Birmingham live has used the quotes today too. Saying they have quoted it from some site called maxifoot which also looks a bit suspect.
  8. I’m afraid your right. Unless we somehow qualify for champions league then there’s no chance that Ricky p will stay beyond this season when he knows he can get paid double the amount and slip straight into the starting lineup of an elite club.
  9. I’m with Messi on this one. According to Bartomeu, Messi had been given the clause in his contract to leave on a free at the end of each season just like other Barcelona legends such as Iniesta and Xavi. They had apparently earnt the right to be able to decide their own futures as and when they wanted. So now Messi wants out, Barcelona have all of a sudden started to look at details in his contract which state he has to activate the clause before X date which has passed. I think it defeats the objective of giving him the clause in the first place. The clause suggests that Messi and the club had a mutual trust and respect for one another. Messi has dedicated his whole career to Barcelona so it seems a bit harsh that Barcelona are trying to play hardball. Especially considering this only happened because Covid forced the season to be pushed back. So what, Messi has no longer earnt the right to decide his own future? I know a contract is a contract but that makes no sense to me. Why bother even giving Messi the clause in the first place.
  10. His stats say it all tbh. I don’t see how they are miraculously going to change in a harder league. Stay clear
  11. It would be so Leicester City and Congerton to sign someone like this
  12. 100% he is quality. Would hate to see him become a star at a different team. He’s ready to play first team games now.
  13. I actually worry for him. The first half of our season was too good for us to repeat. Fans be calling for his head before Christmas.
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