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  1. Not going to blame the players tonight, questions need asking of the manager.
  2. Just goes to show , if we can't play are best 11 we pretty ordinary..
  3. Men against boys, don't even get me started with Albrighten..
  4. Just goes to show how woefully short of good quality reserves we are
  5. I am actually beginning to hate football, the games dead..
  6. Just seem clueless without Ricardo bombing forward...
  7. We all love Tippy tappy, the mans lost the plot, we look great till we get to the business end..
  8. What ever happened to rivalry, the worlds gone soft..
  9. They may break into a sweat 2nd half..
  10. He is shite, league 2 standard get him out of this club..
  11. we look like a bottom 3 team...being bullied all over the pitch, 2 games on the spin ,very strange..
  12. The more you keep gate crashing the so called big 6 party, the sooner you get accepted it really is that simple...
  13. Mahrez and Mendy getting both barrels on Bluemoon...
  14. or you could try Aria they are based in Manchester... Me and my sons build our own pc's, and buy all the bits from ocuk or Aria.. you will not get value for money buying a gaming laptop from Pc world..we all play the latest shooters Bfv mostly.. hope this helps..
  15. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/msi-gl73-nvidia-gtx-1660-ti-16gb-17.3-fhd-i7-9750h-gaming-laptop-lt-291-ms.html
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