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  1. Real bad eggs come from those parks too. Old chap from Sutton Coldfield got killed by one in a botched burglary the other week. All those cash points getting ripped out in the night.... hmmmmm
  2. Oh Sees at the Royal Albert Hall Manchester next month.
  3. Doesn’t the foundation give money back to local charities?
  4. Great servert but doesn’t need a testimonial. Correct me if I’m wrong but in the past didn’t the gate money from testimonials go to the player? Modern players hardly need the extra cash nowadays. Unless it goes to the vichai srivaddhanaprabha foundation
  5. How does it compare to Blackout?
  6. He lives in a house, A very big house...
  7. Should be sung at every game from now on the 60th minute
  8. The whole area would be perfect for a mini festival. Gigs at the arena and stadium at the same time would be amazing.
  9. What about standing? Few more thousand there
  10. After two tickets in the family stand. For Dad and lad! Pm if any going spare. Obviously together
  11. I went Barca last year for the first time. That’s where my love for it comes from so you got me there! My favourite pubs are Everards, love a pint of their Tiger. Brill news about The Swan. Miss the sight of City fans drinking en masse out front match day.
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