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  1. I don't think it was as high as £48m, IIRC didn't Mandaric pay about £25m? I don't think there was much reason for the club's value to improve that much in that short space of time.
  2. Either that or don't bother with photos.
  3. Interesting use of the word "powers"
  4. League 2, in the play-offs at the minute.
  5. I'm no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but she is slicing that shot to **** with the way she's stood and has got the club positioned. But y'know, tits.
  6. Not to side-track too much but why do you say that? Chiefs seem set to be the next "dynastic" franchise and the Bucs are hardly cash strapped are they? They also have a Superbowl in the last 20 years, which is better than half of the league. The other big difference with the NFL is that it's never been a tiered system, it has been a single league system since inception. There is no tie to semi-pro or amateur leagues. The pyramid structure is what makes our game what it is.
  7. Surprised Arsenal are as high as they are on either given where they are in the table and their recruitment history.
  8. The headline is daft but he does make a valid point, in that the purpose of the U21s really is more about improving players and getting them ready for the seniors than it is about winning anything specifically. That in itself does make the job harder. I have no clue on how good Boothroyd is personally though.
  9. It's a bit disappointing the final question is do you support it, yes or no, when I think the reality is that it is all about the implementation, rather than the principle. I think most fans are ok with the principle, but the unfortunate reality is that the implementation has been horrendous (clear and obvious errors only has never been it's usage) and none of us really have any faith in our officials/the FA to sort it out because there is a complete lack of transparency and accountability. Ultimately, I've answered no because I would rather go back and be annoyed by human error m
  10. Didn't realise FT had so many accountants on it who know the ins and outs of the club's finances. Great stuff.
  11. I think if that's what you're taking out of all of this then you're missing the point.
  12. The ball for Kel's second was fantastic. He'll get back to scoring ways soon enough - he's probably waiting until Man City deliberately.
  13. I'm just glad to hear he's playing regularly and enjoying himself. Hopefully he can keep doing so.
  14. Sending you positive thoughts, @Bert. Take it step by step mate and keep talking.
  15. His second last night reminded me of his goal against Watford in the title season. Many players would've just gone for the shot straight away, but he shifted the ball a couple of feet, feigned to shoot and then pulled the trigger with a quick and powerful shot with whip. All without needing to pick his head up. Very classy. If we had him on the right wing now with Harvey on the left, our starting 11 would be unreal. He would get so much more space than he used to when him and Vards were our only proper threats.
  16. If anyone is in any doubt about what constitutes a good post in this thread, all they need do is look at this. Top work, Tinman. Some of her photos on google (presumably for mags) are outrageous.
  17. Yeah, I'm not debating that. Just pointing out the fake shit being passed off as real.
  18. Compound interest, presumably. I honestly wouldn't be surprised with how much things are changing at the moment.
  19. The images are both doctored - it's covered in the lookalike thread.
  20. What do you think I've been doing in my tent for 4 weeks, Jatt?
  21. Maybe he is just throwing JJ a bone. He hasn't actually had to deal with the selection headache and hasn't even said he would've picked him anyway. I don't like Southgate any more than the next person but this "anti-Leicester" bias is cringeworthy sometimes.
  22. I agree with what you've said, but also after the last couple of games it's important to bounce back and prove that this year is different, as much in terms of mentality as anything.
  23. But there is a Mrs Potato Head too anyway? ****ing hell.
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