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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Id swap Rudkin for Noel Edmonds, at least he'll know how to get a deal done!
  2. **** you FC BOCHUM, we’ve got a new best football friend!
  3. Chelsea post match 1-2

    No creative spark that drives forward in the midfield, just plenty of defensive minded players. Ndidi, Iborra, Silva, James, King, Amartey. For me, we should be pushing Ndidi further forward in that role.
  4. Lcfc plane tracking topic

    Hopefully we're signing a new medical team because our current one doesn't seem to be able to spot injuries.
  5. Terrible players we've made look good

    Danny Drinkwater
  6. Jakupovic Signs!

    Yeah totally agree, had a blinder in Porto
  7. Security checks at the K.P

    It's all lip service. They'll maybe check a little more for the first game in the Family Stand and then that is it. Usually it's a young woman who stands observing the barriers and I'm sure that they would not have the confidence to interrogate fans, even if it was a male steward too for that matter. If you were on minimum wage working in the stadium, would you really go out of your way to have a confrontation with a grown man, possibly plied full of alcohol? I think not.
  8. Elliott Moore listed in first team squad

    No, the genetics in Coalville are so bad that they never grow an opposable thumb 😜
  9. Elliott Moore listed in first team squad

    If Kasper goes, he could be our replacement keeper with those 6 fingers
  10. We're the famous Leicester City and.........

    Not surprising. I’ve heard that state television announced that Pyongyang FC won the English Premier League in 2015/16.
  11. Danny Drinkwater

    If you watched Drinky last season, he was bang average. I didn't watch Livermore play so I can't comment on him but if I was manager I wouldn't have had Drinky anywhere near the England squad.
  12. Danny Drinkwater

    This is why we finished bottom half of the table. If Drinky comes back next season on fire, he will be like a new signing.... same with Mahrez if he stays!
  13. Football Lads Alliance

    This topic was never going to end well for the OP
  14. The OH Leuven Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a pre-season friendly against this lot next summer