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  1. Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Exactly. Without more tickets being readily available we’re missing out on a generation of potential fans that turn to other sides because they can’t get a ticket. We’ve proven that it works on the past, within 15 years we’ve added around 12k to the capacity on average, it can be done again, especially with teams in the Midlands faltering. Without room to grow, you never will.
  2. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    He handled it all like a grade A c*nt after we resurrected his career. He can do one and I hope he ends up at some shit club like WBA
  3. Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    Presuming we will not get to see Mahrez in action next year - it shouldn't really go up. Also no European football and some big earners off the wage bill from this season, Drinkwater & Mahrez alone saving £200k per week. Then we probably won't be paying Slimani, Mendy, Musa and others wages either. With all this considered, I don't think a rise would be fair considering the amount of money in the game and a likely reduction in our wage bill.
  4. West Brom away pre match thread

    If we lose, Puel will be gone.
  5. Chilwell vs Schlupp

    He’s just another Joe Mattock, unfortunately. I’d even argue that Mattock looked better at his age. He is is nowhere near the “potential” Luke Shaw had at 18 when he moved to United so it’s simply laughable to say he could be one of the top 5 LBs in the World when Shaw is still only 1 year older than him and nowhere near the top 5 himself. We love to over-hype a young home grown player. Typical English mentality.
  6. Adidas

    I think it’s quite obvious why it’s being kept quiet. Mahrez is sponsored by Adidas, so they’re waiting for him to sign his new City contract before announcing the double deal. Obviously.
  7. Iheanacho to Besiktas?

    I’m interested to know which players have our fans wanted to leave, only to go on to better things? FYI I don’t want to sell him, just interested to know who’s gone on to better themselves after fans have turned their noses up.
  8. foxhateram's Optimistic Bus

    I have since won the lottery each week, not doing bad at my predictions 🤑
  9. Season ticket not used

    Comedy gold.
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Id swap Rudkin for Noel Edmonds, at least he'll know how to get a deal done!
  11. **** you FC BOCHUM, we’ve got a new best football friend!
  12. Chelsea post match 1-2

    No creative spark that drives forward in the midfield, just plenty of defensive minded players. Ndidi, Iborra, Silva, James, King, Amartey. For me, we should be pushing Ndidi further forward in that role.
  13. Adrien Silva

    Gutted? I’ll be fuming, someone will need to be fired if so.
  14. Mahrez to .......................?

    Why hasn’t somebody photoshopped his head onto where’s wally??? Disappointed in our graphics geeks - you’ve let the fans down!
  15. Drinkwater

    Nobody came in for him then though, as soon as he heard Chelsea had an interest he shat on the Club and forced his hand. willy puller