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  1. If he goes he can take Slimani with him, can't score a free header from 2 yards out - £30m pfffffttt
  2. We've been playing with 10 men most of the season. If we replaced him with a hard worker who can create the odd chance then we'll have improved for next season.
  3. Player of the season. City's first ever scorer in the European Cup. 👍🏻
  4. Maguire Gibson Sigurdsson Defoe & one more. Butland if Kasper goes.
  5. Would rather have Ake, looked great against Spurs.
  6. Nobody will pay £30m+ for a 31 year old on 100k/week. He'll be here.
  7. Praying for a decent result! We need something to play for back home. If the atmosphere is anything like Sevilla, we'll stand one heck of a chance!
  8. They are. Someone I know, knows the lad on the bar.
  9. Whilst I'd like to agree, I can't see it because as a club, we are one of the cheapest for season tickets in the league. Dont get get me wrong, I'd love that but I just can't see the club doing it as the demand is currently there. If we expand I'd even trial giving tickets to schools in the rest of the East Midlands to see if that has any affect. If we can't appeal to our surrounding areas as champions of England and the only PL team in the local vacinity, then we never will. I'm sure there are loads of potential City fans waiting to be attracted in the rest of the Midlands, especially at the moment when the other teams are performing so poorly.
  10. The key to preserving high attendances and future growth is by appealing to kids. We should give more tickets to schools and reduce ticket prices all the way up until U18's (If we expand). This way the fan base grows. A bigger ground means means we can increase to hopefully 30,000 season ticket holders. Which means we always hit our current attendance and all the big games will sell out. Now is he perfect time to attract future fans and I fear if we don't act quickly we may lose another generation of fans to the "big clubs".
  11. I think you're missing the irony.
  12. Wank.
  13. The Yanks could do with someone like you right now to eliminate a certain president. How much is the going rate?
  14. Struggling to see any positive in this what-so-ever. His recent record is beyond awful. People moaned at Claudio playing Musa ahead of Gray. Imagine Slimani taking corners and Vardy playing on the wing? Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for.