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  1. *We are a top one club. We just had a year off last season.
  2. Isn't this what happened with Schlupp? #BlameSven
  3. Maynard thread, it was epic.
  4. I hear Marc Albrighton is in line to play Pinocchio in the new Disney live action film, only trouble being that nobody can tell if he’s lying or not.
  5. Both... and polished.
  6. Stop speculating 😚
  7. The jocks only contribution to the world is Irn-Bru, everyone knows that!
  8. I hear he’s good if you’re after a Ford Focus
  9. No, the genetics in Coalville are so bad that they never grow an opposable thumb 😜
  10. That’s some strong crack you’ve got there brother 😯
  11. Especially under electric candlelight
  12. Rudkin is still negotiating but making a corn beef hache of it. Also, there is a lot of Spam in this thread.
  13. Too true. At least we knew what Danny Cadamarteri preferred, I always respect an honest player.
  14. I find corn beef has a slightly more mellow high, unsure which Kalechi prefers.
  15. It happened ONCE and only because he had a clause in his contract. If they’re seriously thinking that Mahrez (ex player of the year) isn’t worth at least the same as Salah (shit at Chelsea) then they need to lay off the wacky backy.