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  1. I just hope we can hold on to top 4 - that should be the main target. Anything else is a massive plus!
  2. Incorrect. Did you know Paul Lambert (ex Celtic, dortmund) actually lives in Barrow? Strange choice of location for him I thought.
  3. Richarlison is the missing piece we need.
  4. Another big game today, we need to show our quality against a decent Brighton side, a win is needed but you never know after International break so fingers crossed!
  5. Definitely. One of my first visits to Forest and while we sang, we're gonna win 5-4 at 4-0, it didn't last long. Awful day.
  6. Would like to see Cags and Benkovic together at the back as hopefully they will be our long term pairing.
  7. Yeah it is common knowledge but i'm sure Foden can't be as bad as him on the wing. I'd love to sign him but can't see them letting the poor lad go, even though he will probably never get the game time there.
  8. I was under the impression he could play on a wing too, much like Maddison (hopefully better than him on the wing though).
  9. I'd like to try a loan deal for Foden. The guy needs game time or will never hit his potential, surely he and Man City see this? We'd be the perfect club for him at this moment in time!
  10. I feel such a hypocrite as I used to slate fans of the top clubs for just being happy with top 4 and not trophies but for us to push onto the next level and keep hold of key players, we need to be aiming for the Champions League.
  11. I haven’t been impressed with performances apart from the second half vs Chelsea but I’d take a win today, no matter how ugly. These are a bit of a bogey side for us and winning when we’re not playing well is a sign of a good team. 1-0 will do for me.
  12. wattolcfc


    WTF how can he flop at 2 clubs and still be wanted by European players like Schalke... he must have SOME agent!
  13. And that is exactly what mates are for 👌🏻
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