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  1. Collymore would probably be the first one I'd take, even if he wasn't around for long. Izzet and Heskey are the next 2.
  2. If anyone is looking for a way to watch the game, you can get a NOW TV sky sports mobile monthly pass for £5.99 but you are limited to mobile/tablet viewing. Now sure if you’ll be able to stream it to TV though.
  3. I don’t know how I feel about the FA Cup this year. For years growing up I dreamed of winning it, thinking that is the best thing we ever had a chance of winning, plus Coventry wouldn’t have one up on us. Unfortunately if we were to win it behind closed doors then I would be gutted, hence I’m not sure if I want us to win it. Sure, that’s mad not wanting your team to win a trophy, but the thought of Leicester winning the cup and not being able to go and celebrate it would really taint it for me. I’m still in two minds, either way we need to put in a performance today to show that we are not a team that falls apart under pressure like we have done a few times in recent seasons.
  4. BIG GAME... Win and we could go on a run which should result in a CL spot and a place at Wembley. Lose and the season could fall apart very quickly. Have no idea how this is going to go.
  5. Would love it if they wrapped the stadium in that light up webbing design, looks class.
  6. All that research and you can't spell Jamie Vardy's name correctly
  7. The bantz when we've been linked with Coutinho and end up recalling Ghezzal as the winger we need.
  8. Do we know if it’s still on for a June completion? If so it might be in use for next season as it will no doubt be delayed.
  9. He rented his house off a work mate of mine, he was under the impression he was going to move back to France when we spoke last but obviously things could change.
  10. Let's hope it's bigger than Villa Park which is 42,785
  11. Do we know what the initial capacity increase will be to? Hoping it's to be the biggest ground in the Midlands tbh
  12. I think its absolute bulls!t that if you concede a corner/free kick which shouldn't have been and they score, the goal isn't ruled out. Ridiculous that a wrong decision can lead to a goal.
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