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  1. I feel such a hypocrite as I used to slate fans of the top clubs for just being happy with top 4 and not trophies but for us to push onto the next level and keep hold of key players, we need to be aiming for the Champions League.
  2. I haven’t been impressed with performances apart from the second half vs Chelsea but I’d take a win today, no matter how ugly. These are a bit of a bogey side for us and winning when we’re not playing well is a sign of a good team. 1-0 will do for me.
  3. And that is exactly what mates are for 👌🏻
  4. 1-0 away win will do for me. Tough place to go, especially as they are in form.
  5. Give him a send off with a testimonial at the end of the season - would be very fitting. I would love it if one team wears our League One shirt first half & Championship winning shirt second half. The other team wear our Premier League winning shirt and Champions League shirt, just to show all the years he played through. HERO IN BLUE AND WHITE. I also have no doubt that when the Birch finally hangs up the mic - he will be the next in line.
  6. Its mad the amount the top 6 get paid in sponsorship and naming rights, if we were to break the mould, it would certainly bring in lots more benefits - if King Power were to ever give it up 😂
  7. Sky have the rights to 2 matches per round, hopefully ours gets chosen as I don't fancy 2 days off work!
  8. My concern with that is that contracts mean nothing to players, Maguire signed one last summer and then he was (or his agent) pushing for a move which we couldn't turn down. I'm not sure contracts this length, especially for a squad player, are good business for the club.
  9. 5 year contract, bit excessive if you ask me. He's not going to be the first name on the team sheet and if he flops he will be on big wages for a number of years. OBVIOUSLY I hope he smashes it but we've been burned before.
  10. He’s useless, he won’t. £35m - I’m still laughing!!!
  11. I was only joking mate, there are obviously dodgy bits in any area. Luck of the draw if you ask me, coming from near Beaumont Leys I never had any issues but obviously the name is notorious for trouble/crime.
  12. It won't be the only time you shout HELP if you're moving there ?
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