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  1. All that research and you can't spell Jamie Vardy's name correctly
  2. The bantz when we've been linked with Coutinho and end up recalling Ghezzal as the winger we need.
  3. Do we know if it’s still on for a June completion? If so it might be in use for next season as it will no doubt be delayed.
  4. He rented his house off a work mate of mine, he was under the impression he was going to move back to France when we spoke last but obviously things could change.
  5. Let's hope it's bigger than Villa Park which is 42,785
  6. Do we know what the initial capacity increase will be to? Hoping it's to be the biggest ground in the Midlands tbh
  7. I think its absolute bulls!t that if you concede a corner/free kick which shouldn't have been and they score, the goal isn't ruled out. Ridiculous that a wrong decision can lead to a goal.
  8. Agreed, Antonio would add something we don't have and is a very versatile player.
  9. Doubt he will be here next season. His missus has moved back to France as I believe she's pregnant and they want to move back if he doesn't get an extension.
  10. We are in the early stages of project OHL. Once they and this new Bulgarian side make it to the top table in their respective countries, they will be able to attract young players from each region of Europe that they are based in, talent that wouldn't get any play time at LCFC but are ones for the future. In the long run, these teams will be brilliant feeder clubs for us, but as I say, these are long term projects - 10 years or so I'd guess.
  11. Problem is, it's been more than a bad game or two. We know what he can do, its now up to Rodgers to somehow get him playing like he was last season. Earn your dollar Brendan!
  12. I'd rather give him to Celtic Reserves for free and pay his wages for 3 more years than help out Sporting after they screwed us.
  13. Just had a quick browse at the Villa tickets, a quick rough tot up leaves us at 28k attendance on Tuesday. While I’m annoyed that this hasn’t sold out (yet), it’s not the end of the world for a game just after a very busy Christmas period, where money is tight, midweek, against a lower class opponent and is on TV. Up the Citeh
  14. I honestly believe we are now at a crossroads. For the first time in my life I believe our players would see it as a step down to join Arsenal. The other "top 6" clubs probably have a chance but not Arsenal.
  15. Get the testimonial sorted for the summer, sell out and proceeds go to charity. Be a fitting farewell to a real club legend.
  16. I just hope we can hold on to top 4 - that should be the main target. Anything else is a massive plus!
  17. Incorrect. Did you know Paul Lambert (ex Celtic, dortmund) actually lives in Barrow? Strange choice of location for him I thought.
  18. Richarlison is the missing piece we need.
  19. Another big game today, we need to show our quality against a decent Brighton side, a win is needed but you never know after International break so fingers crossed!
  20. Definitely. One of my first visits to Forest and while we sang, we're gonna win 5-4 at 4-0, it didn't last long. Awful day.
  21. Would like to see Cags and Benkovic together at the back as hopefully they will be our long term pairing.
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