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  1. Sod the game/result/performance. That was the worst commentary I have ever heard.
  2. Seems like the match is being commentated on by one of the Wurzels
  3. It's taken 5 weeks so far and now I have reached the verification and online training stage of my application to be a vaccinator. There are 22 different e-learning courses I have to complete and the time it takes is estimated as 12.5 hours! For example: Fire safety, Manual Handling, Adult and child Safeguarding. Equality and Diversity, Risk Management, Is it any wonder so many have reached this stage and thought "**** it"? Some of the courses I have already completed during my time with EMAS, I hope that those results will be transferrable.
  4. Not for their acting ability, that's for sure. Just like all soaps with BYFOTT.
  5. A few years ago when I was driving LGV's on my days off, I had a puncture on a motorway entry slip-road. I was surprised when the Highways Agency FWD turned up so quickly, I mean within ten minutes, and phoned my transport office to pressure them into getting my situation sorted ASAP. That said I still think the smart motorways have much more of a risk if you break down. It would scare the shiit out of me. Many times I've been to incidents on the motorway and, even on the hard shoulder, it's really scary as the traffic and trucks come thundering past within a few metres of me and the oth
  6. I suggest you're not looking at her face
  7. It's the "in game/post match" forums mate. Many flakes and reactionaries. Don't get wound up. Read the posts of those who don't knee jerk.
  8. I take it by "fags" you mean cigarettes and not the new boy at public school?
  9. I think Derby was about his level. I was pitch-side para at several DCFC games and they genuinely played some decent football. The players seemed to like Lampard but there were no prima donna's at Derby. He probably didn't have the necessary managerial experience at this level and therefore the stature to stand up to the egos at Chelsea. When he took the job, I had a feeling it was too big too soon.
  10. So many flakes on here have been quick to jump on YT when we don't play too well, but he is one of the outstanding and most consistent midfielders in the PL. We're lucky to have him.
  11. Perez has the pace and speed of thought but no finish. Ian has no pace, no speed of thought but relies on the right ball to him and then has the finish. He's no JV and neither Perez nor Ian gives me any confidence in scoring goals. For me, move Barnes more forward/central and have balls through or crosses in from Tielemans, Albrighton and Under.
  12. I think it was Hoddle that said, during commentary, the Brendan might put Nacho on "for his pace".
  13. Surely they know where the crisps, pies, pizzas, chocolate and full fat coke is?
  14. It's fashion. Like loads of people suddenly buying grey front doors.
  15. If we're going to go out, I'd rather it not be to Brentford.
  16. Is it, though? Surely the landlord has overall responsibility in law for the properties they rent out? Google offered this answer: As a commercial landlord you also have responsibility for the general upkeep and maintenance of the building and its structure. Often however, the accountability is shared between you and the tenant, so if they are paying you a fee for cleaning and maintenance, for example, make sure that the agreement is honoured.
  17. He starts banging on about this "serious jockin' shite on a Wednesday. Really gets on my nerves.
  18. People wandering about in supermarkets as if it's the first time they've ever set foot in such a place. Make a list, get your stuff, go home. Oh, and stop having social chats in the aisles with the neighbours you never normally speak to.
  19. Or marrying some bint who would go on to appear in cheap reality shows
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