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  1. Only just listened to the new Magic Gang album. Really really good.
  2. Think I enjoyed that goal more than any other this season
  3. I was only 14, but not doing a single away game in League One is my biggest regret. Missed the Championship trophy game v Doncaster too.
  4. Probably Southampton, but then then they'd be the new "fairytale" after the 0-9. Being in the Premier League has made me hate most clubs.
  5. Looking forward to Dubois v Joyce. Dont be put off by the awful build-up
  6. Not that important, but I'd like FM to make more of an effort at visually recreating some of the stadiums. Looks a bit weird when the KP has 2 or 3 tiers. It's only a minor detail, but adds to the immersion I guess. I'm managing Oxford on FM20 and it's spot on with the 3 stands. Doesn't matter at all in 2D of course.
  7. Yeah all this makes me want to break the PS2 out for LMA 2007.
  8. We're doing well overall, but you are allowed to slag that game off. That's a blatant handball by the way. It doesn't matter because we would've been tonked anyway, but if that happens against Fulham next week, we'll get the penalty.
  9. In isolation, that’s a ****ing embarrassing performance. Think Justin and Schmeichel can come out with a bit of credit. why is it that teams like West Ham and Sheffield United can go there and give them a game but we shit the bed?
  10. Yeah I noticed his drop off after the restart. He’s done some absolutely braindead things for months.
  11. Look like we’re going to concede every set piece
  12. A couple of coyotes wandering around Griffith Park in LA
  13. You never really have arguments anymore do you. Needs more bastards.
  14. Because he’s been at the absolute top of the game for 12 years, producing ridiculous figures year after year. The only argument people use for Maradona is that he won a World Cup. So did Per Mertersacker, but it doesn’t make him better than Van Dijk.
  15. Arkham Knight. The visuals on these games are great, but all the techy stuff can get a bit boring.
  16. People that only assume older is better in sport. I can't be doing with F1 anymore, but what Lewis Hamilton has achieved is absolutely phenomenal. Dickheads will write him off because of his car as if Schumacher didn't spend most of his Championship winning years in the best one as well. Same idiots that think Maradona was better than Messi and that Mike Tyson aged 54 would still give top heavyweights a run for their money now.
  17. Are there any refs we'd be happy with? It feels like we moan whoever it is "Oh ****ing hell it's one of Mike Dean, Chris Kavanagh, Craig Pawson, Michael Oliver, Lee Mason, Andre Marriner again what are the chances!!!"
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