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  1. Really happy after that. Should never really have been in doubt but the direct approach seemed to unnerve us a little at the start of the second half but we got a grip and pushed on. No one had a bad game.
  2. A win by whatever means will do for me.
  3. I was really looking forward to it and it started well but i'm trying to hang on in there now after 7 episodes. Just feels a bit disjointed and the plot is being stretched, flashbacks, loosely connected story lines in the US, Far East and Europe.
  4. Watched Messiah and thought it was excellent.
  5. The table has settled down and we're coming to the business end of the season. A lot of teams who started the season playing "their" football are realising they're in a spot of bother and are beginning to fight. If like yesterday we squander our chances we have to try and match them up physically, I just don't think we have that kind of squad or players.
  6. On further reflection, we had chances, Pope was fantastic, it was nowhere near as bad as Southampton but we lack some steel in midfield.
  7. We're one dimensional, in that we have our way of playing and when we do it well we look brilliant. Unfortunately for the last month, for whatever reason, it's not worked that well. Two results against an abysmal West Ham and Newcastle have covered up the fact that when we've been up against teams with quality or fight we've struggled. I'm not getting despondent but I'm not buying the it's only one game argument either.
  8. Oh Leicester City of years gone by, how I have missed you!
  9. We’ve gone, Barnes won’t take on his man, Söyüncü is trying 30 yarders.
  10. Ricardo gave the ball away, out of position, Söyüncü drawn out and bam!
  11. It’s frustrating, if I thought teams had worked us out I could understand it and accept it a little but a lot of this is just down to us being wasteful with incredibly poor decision making at time’s.
  12. It’s become a street fight but we’re insisting on three minute rounds and the Queensberry rules!
  13. Mandy doesn’t seem to be in the game.
  14. Glad we’re winning. They look fired up, we have more than enough to cope but are being far too casual.
  15. I’m the opposite, just the Leicester of old hanging around in my psyche. Burnley are very hot and cold, I can see them being right up for this. Throw in our recent performances and missing the big bad Wilf And I’m nervous. Would love another decent away performance to bring the confidence back and cement the top four position.
  16. There's an interview with Albrighton somewhere, he was at home watching with his family then made his way to Vardy's but needed a police escort to get through the crowds.
  17. Hat's off to all involved in this. I totally forgot on the day so had to make a cash donation.
  18. Is it a rule that as a PL Under 23 Side we have to play all the Leasing Trophy games away from home ?
  19. It's not just yesterday though is it. We haven't looked right for about a month. Away wins against a side at their lowest ebb and another gifting us two goals and playing the second half with 10 men have papered over the cracks. Chilwell's wing play has just highlighted we need a decent winger. They were just a far far better side than us yesterday. I had no doubt that a half time rollicking would not make any difference. Tactically and individually we were all over the place. I didn't think you could turn all that around in 15 minutes. I think we need to go shopping.
  20. Livid


    Love him, but he makes me nervous. I just always have the feeling he's going to lunge in and pick up a straight red.
  21. They will obviously be up for this one. Primarily I want us to win but it seems like ages since we had a performance at home to match some of those I've seen away.
  22. Hard to be too critical of him as one or two players just weren't up to it last night and that will affect the best of plans. Villa came and set themselves up for a draw, stayed in shape, organised, defended well (we never looked like scoring from corner) and got the result they wanted.
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