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  1. And I thought Coote was the imbecile of the week. Tough luck David, sterling effort, close but no cigar.
  2. Just make it up, when the ball was played
  3. KDB's was a decent save but he should have held on to it tbh.
  4. You probably went because we were on a great run of form and hunting Fulham down in the promotion race. Huge win. I paid on the day. Good old days! Except for the fear of violence being inflicted upon you! Not at this match though.
  5. Just seen this and I'm lucky to still be alive 😂😂😂
  6. Sad that we'll never see a City side with Youri Fuchs King Praet
  7. Apparently they missed the session on "These are close, those are far away." These are SMALL, those are far away.
  8. Just had an update from my friend who's been wattsapping his daughter Pomagne. Apparently Rogers never stops bragging about the Trebles he won at Celtic and Chilly has nicknamed him Bigshot Brendan and he was only to pleased to kick him up the arse and has been tweeting about it. #KickingBigshotBrendanUpTheArse
  9. According to my friends daughter Pomagne, who "knows" some of the players, it has something to do with some deviousness during a 5-a-side game between the seniors and the younger players and some forfeit for cheating. Apparently Chilwell had to kick Brendan up the arse and Hamza had to take a photo to prove to Fuchs that he'd done it. They thought Brendan would never believe Chilly could have kicked him up the arse whilst they got him to bend over to see a revelation of Ranieris face on the penalty spot but a huge photo of capturing the moment for posterity was infamously added to the wall of fame. Pomagne said Brendans fuming.
  10. Is that the place that does the great Whappers?
  11. This is so obviously fake, the Telstar football wasn't introduced until 1968.
  12. Most folk know that Larry was from Nuneaton but not so many realise that he had a 'Wigan address' in the early days.
  13. I thought I heard someone slagging him off before kickoff but then I realised what they'd actually said is "Is that Matty James limbering up"
  14. Not sure what he's taking. .....contemplate my options. Stay in Leicester for an improbable party - Spurs would surely beat mid-table Chelsea - or go for the small chance the stars line up and Leicester City are crowned Premier League champions? Spurs hadn't won a Stamford Bridge in 26 years and weren't likely to that night either.
  15. Thanks, I'm not very good at them as a rule.
  16. Watching the VAR nonsense today inspired (if that's the correct verb) this. You'll never stop Vardy with the offside factor. He's got a Vernier caliper and a bevel protractor. Bevel protractor, bevel protractor. He's got a Vernier caliper and a bevel protractor.
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