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  1. 1st half Albrighton frustrated me, seemed to give the ball away a lot(not the only one). 2nd half he was brilliant.
  2. They have 57. They if they lose on Thursday. They have 3 games that takes them to 66? Or am i missing something my brain is very tired today!
  3. If Liverpool lose in Thursday am I correct in thinking we just need a point?
  4. A goal will do him the world of good, as he is getting in to positions and still out pacing players.
  5. With evans out I’d like to see is change back to 4 -2 -3 -1. however if we stay 3 at the back maybe wilf to drop into the centre of the 3 and mendy in midfield.
  6. We may have a great chance on Tuesday. You’d hope the Liverpool game was the big one of Utd. So they may rest a few against us.
  7. What is really frustrating is that even if we were vaguely on it last night we’d have won. we could’ve easily scored 4 ourselves with the chances we had. And that’s with us playing poorly.
  8. We actually looked better once Maddison had come off for mendy. But I think that’s because Newcastle sat off and the shape was better again.
  9. Clutching at straws, But could this be a case of Jonny and the club want him available for the cup final?
  10. Managed to nab one. On my loan some driving down form Derbyshire. But didn’t think I’d get one.
  11. I didn’t get one, didn’t expect too. Don’t get too many away games. Happy to watch with my llad in TV anyway. really glad my dad got one though!
  12. I would have considered under for the last 20 to stretch them.
  13. We will win one of those last 3 at least. We didn’t look sharpe, maybe it was tiredness. people drive me crazy on this forum with the “pathetic, terrible etc..,” can’t wait to have a moan. It was poor but not as bad as some are making out. We are 3rd with 4 games to go. By the end of the weekend we will be at least 5 points clear of 5th. The draw could still be a very big point.
  14. We’d have lost that last season. Vardy should’ve won it for us.
  15. Fines are pointless, all the owners are super rich billionaires. they didn’t want to be in the champions league anymore, so stop them for a season or 2. I know it will punish the fans/players if there is a points deduction, however it’s not the fans fault when teams go into administration and points deduction happens then. The players aren’t directly to blame here of course and the stand they have made is the right one. But the extortionate wages some of them earn is a massive issue. But that isn’t just at those 6 clubs.
  16. If they took that stance for the euros vardy might be picked this summer if he gets 3 or 4 goals between now and the end of the season. I’m sure he said he would help if needed.
  17. The punishment of the players by not representing country etc.. Is a difficult one for me. 100% get it if they make the choice to sign for one of these clubs in the future. But to punish the ones at clubs now, who had no choice(as far as I know) is very harsh and shows the disregard that owners have for people.
  18. I think we were interested in him before he went to France.
  19. I think we will get something from Chelsea and Utd away. But 100% agree if we can win the next 4 league games it puts us a brilliant position.
  20. I still think we will do it. also what is amazing as a Leicester fan is we are going into a end of a season with 7 games left 3rd in the league and in a FA cup semi final. To be in with a chance is amazing, to be up there again is fantastic.
  21. When I first saw it, thought he should’ve done better. As he seems to gesture like he’s leaving it. but when you see the replay. Not only does it serve he kinda miskicks it into the ground too. Along with many players we have at the minute, people don’t realise how lucky we are to have kasper.
  22. Indeed! I always thought JM was an articulate intelligent guy. So either I was wrong, or he just thought he could get away with it/doesn’t care.
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