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  1. Out of interested, how do you judge a academy is brilliantly run?
  2. I'm don't think anyone is disagreeing with that, but its not the sole reason we lost. Everyone know we have injuries and a young side, but that doesn't mean he can be exempt from being hold to account for poor tactical decisions.
  3. I don't think he needs replacing. We just look disorganised and lack cohesion as a unit, which hasn't helped him.
  4. Thought him and Youri were dreadful to be fair.
  5. Doesn't matter what formation you play is you are passive and play with no speed or aggression.
  6. It an excuse, he go it wrong and sometimes life is about being a little humble and holding your hands up. I haven't got a problem with us losing a game, it the nature of the loss.
  7. Sorry excuse from Rodgers about being a young side, makes himself look silly at times. Kasper 34 Vardy 34 Evans 32 Fuch 34 Mendy 28 Praet 26
  8. To slow, to negative. First 20 minutes should be hard work for the away side, we spend the first 20 minutes passing it between the CB and Kasper!
  9. Good goal, but other then that very average
  10. So too you, did the players look up for it, tonight?
  11. We look poorly coached and poorly motivated!
  12. Shambles, look poorly coached and motivated. 5 defenders and a holding midfielder and you have conceded 8 goals in 3 games. Corners are an embrassment!
  13. First time in a long time, I'm thinking of turning off at half time!
  14. Watch Liverpool play bottom team at home, they attack at tempo and put them under pressure. We spend 25 mins passing it between the CBs. Carbon copy of the West Ham game. Top 4 challenger my arse.
  15. Can't defend Rodger tonight no intent, no tempo. Dreadful
  16. How is Rodger the only person who thinks this formation and personal is the right idea!
  17. Rogders has got it wrong again at home, dreadful formation! Slow boring build up and counter again. Rinse and repeat.
  18. Hardly a surprise, we are going to have a lot of the ball, Thomas and Justin high and wide. Pretty confident as long as we score first.
  19. I agree, I just don't think he confident of playing Evans and Forfana as a two, especially without our first choice RB and LB
  20. I will take a look, thanks for the letting us know Barrie!
  21. I'm not sure it is? I'm interested in what you see as out of sync?
  22. Not saying you wrong about needing to change formation, bit we have scored more in first 9 game (18) this season, then we did last years first 9 games (16). I'd be surprised if we change, BR seems to like it.
  23. Decent player who would still be playing he part in the squad if he signed a contract. Pretty sure he will go else where and do ok, and have a decent journeyman PL career. Looking a spurs he would be even further down the pecking order then he is here. Think they will be seeing him as a way to make a quick buck
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