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  1. I think that the plan, play within ourselves, keep it tight and conserve energy.
  2. I'd probably play them both like we did at West Ham away last year. We need get the firing, only way to do that is game time. Yes of course, but we have another 40 odd games this year that I'd like to us to have a chance of winning. Over playing Vardy isn't going to help. With careful management we get the most out of Vardy.
  3. Has an outside chance of breaking the club apps record and becoming a member of the PL 100 clean sheets club 33 to go. Probably needs another 5 seasons to do the apps record and 3 seasons to get to 100 cleans sheets mark.
  4. For me I'd play him down the middle tomorrow to give Vardy a rest.
  5. People talking like we are going to be the only team that will have injuries.......
  6. Playing that well, that its not a given that Ndidi walks back in the team.
  7. I'd have to agree, but handy to have a player who can fill in at RB, LB and CB.
  8. People moaning about the selection, when we have a mountain of injuries and playing 3 games in 8 days. Unbelievable!
  9. The negative nancy's of Foxestalk will not let facts get in the way of moaning about Rodgers!
  10. No but I doubt we will be buying anyone who can in January. A net spend of 5 million in the summer seems to suggest we aren't going to be throw money around in a Jan window.
  11. Would be surprised if we spend much. Good chance we have Soyuncu, Ndidi and Riccardo, Castagne back by then.
  12. I gets a little He's so quick and powerful.
  13. He 19, he's still got a lot of physical development left. People expecting a kid of 19 to be the finished article.
  14. Not surprising with the amount of games we are playing and the amount of injuries! Sometimes it's just about getting a result!
  15. Great win! Performance doesn't matter
  16. People need to be realistic with the amount of games and injuries we have, we are going to have to be able to win ugly.
  17. Not sure he has many choices at the moment, don't think Big Wez and Fuchs can play 4 anymore. Especially in the same 4.
  18. I think Rodgers wants qualification over and done as quickly as possible. Win the first 3 and then put you feet up. Vardy is going to want to play in Europe as that probably some where he think he has something to prove after only scoring 2 in 9 in the CL.
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