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  1. @Beliall I'd add to that, be willing to change tactics mid game, depending of the other teams style of style of play. *General -Use subs, fresh legs make a difference, you can change the game if you have good subs in the less 20 mins. Have 3 subs that can help you chase a game and 3 that can help you close a game out. - Be varied in your play, decent players pick up on patterns of play, basically be unpredictable. - Look for pattern in play of the other team, will help you work out how to defend against them. *Defending -If you notice
  2. Not as much as you think, I will have to see if he can get log back on to FIFA 18 so I can post he team. I can only remember he had Marcelo TOTY, can't remember who else he had.
  3. He's a good kid, never been any trouble and I thought he could be trusted at 14. I should have paid more attention when he told me to come and look how amazing he team was! He 17 now and to be honestly its still not lockdown, he learnt his lesson as no refunded would have meant he would have had to pay me back out of his own savings account which his grandparents have save in since he was born, so no money for his first car! He hates it, if its ever brought up in conversation I can laugh about it now!
  4. It was a very stressful time! I was shocked to get the money back, I wouldn't recommend the experience.
  5. I would advise you never to put you card on your kids account. My son spent £5000 on FIFA points, call EA support they said they had a no refunds policy, but would pass upwards. Next day I got a call from the USA, they gave me a refund and allow him to keep all the content. He also did £1200 on itunes, got that back too! Very stressful few days and an important lesson learnt for him and me!
  6. Every business and people in general makes mistakes. For me it not the mistakes you make but how you go about learning from them and fixing them. Are we a fans club, what does that even means and who defines it.
  7. Everything you need to know about the FA is encapsulated by Southgate being England Manager and Aidy Boothroyd being under 21 manager.
  8. Unless a manager is willing to hold his own players to account for bad tackles or diving it means little when they try to hold other players to account.
  9. I imagine their cost are more then cover by the money they make from advertising. Sky had £17 billion turnover in 2019, it not like they a scrapping the barrel for money No one is asking them to take a loss, just charge a fair going rate.
  10. Have to agree, it was such a curve ball, it probably took the club 12-18 months to clear its head.
  11. As impressed as we all are with Under, he's going to cost 20 odd million next summer, Florian Thauvin will be free in the summer. I think if we are spending cash it will be on a forward. Just don't see us having both at the start of next season.
  12. I think we have a opportunity to exploit their weakness, whether we can take it is another thing!
  13. So Liverpool have to cope with 3 out of the regular back 4 missing! Can't wait for the national press to be all over this, the fact little Leicester have had to cope with this since the PL restarted last year will be forgotten.
  14. Looks better at left sided centre back than LB.
  15. Leicester have only lost one of their previous 45 Premier League home games when scoring the first goal (W40 D4), that defeat was 2-1 v Southampton in January. Wow now that impressive stats
  16. Really fancy Under against their left wing back.
  17. Interesting line up, hard to criticise BR after the results he had with random line ups. Will be interesting.
  18. In the Sun so it must true......
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