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  1. If you want improve and have a time to watch a few videos on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/c/NealGuides/featured They are easy to follow.
  2. Always a next time. It can be a bit soul destroying!
  3. How did you do in WL in the end?
  4. Bit different when you have a team with Elliot, Taggart, Walsh and Heskey in it.
  5. The only mistake I thought BR made was to not starting Praet. Praet would have give Albrighton more support down the right and is more aggressive and put more of a shift. Albrighton had a nightmare trying to deal with both Mane and Robertson. Albrighton was all over the place, leaving Fofana to be pull out of position for the second goal, which in turn pull Evans out of position. If we want to compete at the top end of the table we need to sort out our set pieces at both ends of the park. 1st and 3rd goals were avoidable. Mendy has been brilliant
  6. No pre-season, flogged to death by NI, back injury more then likely not fully fit. Give the guy a break.
  7. This is going to end 2-2 Can't be as poor second half!
  8. Getting bored of Barnes poor finishing.........
  9. They have been very physical all night and have won every 50/50. Always leaving a foot in.
  10. It like trying to have a boxing match with both arms behind you back, passive and lifeless. You could hook half the team at hand time, only JJ, Little Wez anywhere near the standard required. To many individual errors
  11. To be fair dropping any of the 11 would have been hard on them.
  12. When we played the traditional top six last year we took 9 pts out of a possible 36, with only 2pts coming away from home. So far we are 6 from 6 with two away wins, today is the litmus test for me. I'd take a draw. 7 pts from Man C, Arsenal and Liverpool away would be an amazing return.
  13. I'd agree definitely easier time to play games.
  14. WL is difficult because you come up against teams using meta players, some players just don't fit that meta unless you are a good player it hard to use them. Coming back to conceding goals most goals are scored due to the back 4 losing shape like CB1 or the LB being out of position and the ball being played into the orange boxes, most import part of defending in FIFA is keeping you back 4 in it shape.
  15. @Beliall if you going Bundesliga I'd have Kimmich and Goretzka (He's more box to box but a great all rounder)
  16. I'd go for a more solid formation with two CDM if you are struggling, you DCM should be doing most of the work defensively, make sure you have set the to cover centre Use you DCM to cut of passes to the attackers, stopping the attackers getting ball into feet you need to read the play and position your DCM so they can't make the pass. You DCM need to have good stamina, pace stats as well as good defending. I would avoid Chiellini type players who don't have enough pace.
  17. I generally stick to 4 or 5 depth. Make sure you have have fullbacks set to stay back and at least one DCM on stay back. Don't chase the ball with CBs as most players are looking for a quick one-two, I've tried to draw it below, A1 get the ball and lays it off to A2, the common mistake is to chase the ball with CB1 which leave the hole in behind. Instead position C1 one to block the pass in where i've drawn the orange square and switch to CB 2 if the pass doesn't come.
  18. @Beliall I'd add to that, be willing to change tactics mid game, depending of the other teams style of style of play. *General -Use subs, fresh legs make a difference, you can change the game if you have good subs in the less 20 mins. Have 3 subs that can help you chase a game and 3 that can help you close a game out. - Be varied in your play, decent players pick up on patterns of play, basically be unpredictable. - Look for pattern in play of the other team, will help you work out how to defend against them. *Defending -If you notice
  19. Not as much as you think, I will have to see if he can get log back on to FIFA 18 so I can post he team. I can only remember he had Marcelo TOTY, can't remember who else he had.
  20. He's a good kid, never been any trouble and I thought he could be trusted at 14. I should have paid more attention when he told me to come and look how amazing he team was! He 17 now and to be honestly its still not lockdown, he learnt his lesson as no refunded would have meant he would have had to pay me back out of his own savings account which his grandparents have save in since he was born, so no money for his first car! He hates it, if its ever brought up in conversation I can laugh about it now!
  21. It was a very stressful time! I was shocked to get the money back, I wouldn't recommend the experience.
  22. I would advise you never to put you card on your kids account. My son spent £5000 on FIFA points, call EA support they said they had a no refunds policy, but would pass upwards. Next day I got a call from the USA, they gave me a refund and allow him to keep all the content. He also did £1200 on itunes, got that back too! Very stressful few days and an important lesson learnt for him and me!
  23. Every business and people in general makes mistakes. For me it not the mistakes you make but how you go about learning from them and fixing them. Are we a fans club, what does that even means and who defines it.
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