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  1. Midfield battle will be interesting, West Ham is big and powerful. Youri and Mendy are going to need one of the CB to step in and make it a 3!
  2. That and also West Ham are pretty direct, we have looked a bit poor at set pieces, so with Ndidi, big Dan height helps
  3. Vardy with Nacho and Perez as back up is fine for now Perez would benefit from more are time as a 9 or 10.
  4. That's good, it would be a shame if you weren't sharing your knowledge on a training pitch, as there is a lack of good coaching at grassroots level especially in children's football.
  5. Good read @StriderHiryu, some nice observations! Do you do any acutal coaching or have done or are you just into tactical analysis? Just interested.
  6. Villa, Leeds, West Ham. Villa because given time they can be a threat to us. Leed, because the are Leeds. West Ham as they are a poorly run club.
  7. Think Villa have been lucky to play a poor Fulham, they look very poor at the back! Another day Fulham could of had a couple....
  8. 100% its about remembering no-one is guaranteed success, and having reasonable expectations.
  9. He learning at compete at the high level, not at fault for the Mahrez goal in my opinion, he competes for the header, someone should be picking up Mahrez. Amazing pressing for the phase of play before Vardy's second.
  10. Dream Big, always hate it when fans say don't get carried away, that's the managers and players job. As footy fans we should always dream the impossible.
  11. At this rate he could make the top ten in the PL goals list.
  12. Vardy for me, not just for the pure skill, but firstly the pressing is brilliant to win the ball, secondly great passing and movement. Yes great skill but Vardy, but its actually a great team goal too!
  13. You can't play every minute on the front foot, sometimes you have to be patient and hang in, work your way into the game.
  14. There is a lesson here for a lot of the early moaners...... A game is 90 minutes long....
  15. Lots of humble pie being eaten in this thread...
  16. Go toe with Man City you lose Defend deep and well and counter them is the best tactic. Which is why Wolves beat them home and away last season!
  17. To be fair a little better passing in the final third on the break and Barnes and Vardy are on all the time!
  18. Barnes could win this game if he can be abit sharper, he's getting lots of space
  19. Two good breaks mess up with final ball, small margin!
  20. Maybe wait until the final whistle! Stranger things have happened!
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