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  1. Currently running with this but 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 in game, toying with getting Schweinsteiger 89 in.
  2. Depend on who fit. Get Vardy and Maddison fit, Under playing we are a different side.
  3. Has a decent level of ability, but lack the mobility or the physical attributes to make a impact. He movement is so poor for a PL forward
  4. Nacho is about as mobile as me......
  5. Corner back to Kasper rinse and repeat.
  6. Could be the first PL 0-0 of the season, at this rate.
  7. Would like to see what √únder can offer!
  8. Looked good defensively, good start for little Wez. Toothless going forward.
  9. Not much of a treat going forward except for Barnes on the left and Castagne on the right!
  10. No sure I fancy JJ against Grealish.
  11. Born in Leicester, Dad support City, going home and away late 60's, 70's. Had no interest in football until Italia 90, started support City the Oxford great escape season, Tony James et al.
  12. Burnley taking football back to the 80's on and off the pitch....
  13. I think its to early to judge.
  14. People need to be mindful of this when think we are going to be a regular top 6 side, challenging for honours. In my view since our return to PL we have punch above our weight.
  15. Let just brush over the we had 3 midfield players out 2 that are would almost automatic starters in Maddison and Ndidi, plus one of our standout players of the season so far in Praet. Whilst we are also without Riccardo probably one of our top 3 players, so 4 genuine first team starters. Combine with Jonny Evans no pre-season, and had only 60 minutes under he's belt. As the league has shown this is the season for freak results.
  16. Played out the same way as the spurs game.
  17. Rodgers soon of his worst attributes, to stubborn to admit his wrong!
  18. Under on for Big Dan and Nacho on for Perez
  19. We are going to turn this around c'mon boys!
  20. As much as Rodgers has got this wrong, a number of players have been awful
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