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  1. Some of the negative comments on here are unbelievable.....
  2. Perez finishing is disappointing at times, has to hit the target there.
  3. So your comment was for comedy value, or try and belittle someone else point of view?
  4. And that probably back's up what I've said, if your just speaking to Jim, it's obviously not high on the.club priority list.
  5. Or maybe they are just dealing with bigger stuff, like recruiting a top manager, improving the squad, building a new training ground and redeveloping the stadium.
  6. Hirst will be lucky to ever make the first team.
  7. Interestingly people predicting we are going to concided 4's and 3's! We have the best defensive record in the league and have never concided more than 2 under BR. I'm going for 1-2 win against City and 2-1 win against Pool!
  8. It's not just Barnes the issue is the wide players in general, Gray, Perez have all be hit and miss. No one can argue it's the weakest area of the squad.
  9. Because it's a easy way to avoid what was always going to cause a incident! As after Nacho decided he wasn't returning the ball there was always going to be trouble.
  10. Strong side please BR, winning a cup and finishing in the top 4 would be massive.
  11. The referee could have defused the situation by calling it back for a foul throw as soon as Nacho made the move to take a player on, no one would have questioned the call, Norwich get the throwing.
  12. Would fall into a bucket of tits and come out sucking his thumb.
  13. Nothing to do with results, if you want to mix with the best, you have to address your weaknesses. Which area of the team would you consider our weakest?
  14. Barnes and Gray dreadful...... Need to go into the market for a quality wide man!
  15. I didn't even notice Sane in there
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