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  1. This place has really turned to shite. We have the best owners in football, who have delivered unthinkable success. Some of the rubbish on here makes it sound like we’re owned by Mike Ashley. People questioning if Top still cares or if it was all Vichai’s vision and he’s lost interest 🤯. The reason they bought the club was because Top watched us at Wembley in the 1997 league cup final and supported us ever since. @mods please find a way to get this forum back to the way things were before 15/16.
  2. What you get upto in your spare time is your business.
  3. This + I just don’t trust him.
  4. A little upset by this transfer. Not cos we’re loosing Chilwell, but because knowing Chelsea are paying him £190k a week is making me fall out of love with football
  5. This. And if you read the article properly it says they’re paying £50m up front and the rest in instalments - not add ons.
  6. Quite simple really... he took us from the lowest point in our history, and played a HUGE role in us winning the biggest prize in English football. A lot of our fans felt more connected to the club during NPs time in charge, than they have done at any other time. What’s not to understand?
  7. Seriously worried he’s going to blow our summer budget on a load of shite.
  8. Imagine replying to someone called @ealingfox and telling them how intelligent you and your friends are cos you don’t live in Leicester 😂😂 Completely sums up the intelligence of the anti Pearson squad.
  9. Exactly this. When you consider how Pearson got us playing without Oka, Fuchs and Kante, I’m pretty sure we would have won the league with him in charge. And I’m absolutely certain we would have capitalised on our league win under his leadership rather than throwing the opportunity away like we ended up doing.
  10. Under MON we didn’t have the third highest paid manager in the premier league. We didn’t have one of the most expensively assembled squads in Europe, nor were we on the verge of moving into the best training facility in European football. We hadn’t just sold a defender for a world record £80m. We have moved so far away from being the yo-yo club we used to be, so of course the expectation should be higher. Clearly the people on here posting things like ‘be happy we aren’t fighting relegation’, have no understanding of progression. No one is expecting us to win the league again and finishing 5th is a great season. However the form since December is not acceptable and over the last 7/8 months, Rodgers hasn’t shown he can turn things around as we’ve progressively become worse and worse.
  11. And you know Pearson ‘chinned’ a player for a fact, do you?
  12. These subs just get more and more baffling
  13. You were in the dressing room and witnessed this yourself? Or did you get this information from your best mates nans toyboys next door neighbour who overheard a conversation in his local?
  14. If it’s that big a deal to you, why were you on this thread 20 minutes before such a massive match.
  15. Which is totally irrelevant given that we finished 14th that same season. Maybe you hadn’t realised but that season ended in May, not December.
  16. Yeah or if we want to win the premier league again.
  17. What the flying fvck. The people running that club are a complete bunch of idiots. They deserve to go down and end up playing in league 2
  18. Your whole point is completely invalid due to the fact that we won more games when we reverted back to the style that won us the title - go back and watch the games. If anything we were trying to move to a new style of play without having the right players.
  19. Even without Kante and DD, whenever we went back to our attacking style of play we started winning again. Just go and watch CS first couple of games in charge. The problem has been managers trying to change our style of play.
  20. Not really true. We went back to that style after Ranieri was fired and it worked very well.
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