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  1. This is dreadful. Apologies, I thought I’d get one in early.
  2. That sounds a bit like a toddler having a temper tantrum
  3. Sounds intriguing. I remember a lady asking me a similar question on a rather dubious website I’d inadvertently navigated to. Except the word: “drop” may have been replaced with: “crack”
  4. Jobyfox


    Are we talking M&S Turkey gravy or an OXO cube?
  5. He’s not a f’king piano!!
  6. I agree with that. As good as Mahrez was for us we have to keep moving forward. Mahrez and Drinkwater have not had it all their own way at their new teams. Even Kante has had his issues under a new manager. It’s a cautionary tale about the ‘grass being greener’, but the best way to counter it is with success of our own and chipping away at the monopoly of the big six. If we set ourselves up to be the club that gives promising young talent a route into the first team - that would be a good start - and it’s what we’re achieving with some of our own prospects and the new training facilities. We won’t compete for big name signings, but we might compete with academy prospects who want to fast track their careers.
  7. Me too. I now watch live streams with a bag on my head and my fingers in my ears, whilst humming loudly.
  8. Beating Bournemouth is just not something we do. Draw 1-1
  9. I agree with others that the sums being talked about are ludicrous for a player who isn’t the finished article. He’s still defensively suspect sometimes and has no final ball. He might never learn this - despite his obvious potential. With all these things it all depends who we get as a replacement.Fuchs will be going in the summer and, if Chilwell goes as well, we have no left back. I’ve heard a lot about Tierney, but never seen him play myself - but his FIFA 19 potential is slightly better than Chilwell’s, which surely is good enough for anyone?
  10. He was that bad that even to this day I still suffer from PTAD (Peter Taylor Anxiety Disorder). That feeling watching Leicester when you just assume the world is going to come crashing down all around you. That’s a big reason I couldn’t take to Puel. The position in the table wasn’t bad. There was a strategy to bring through younger players. He was following a great era for the club. But the performances were dreadful. It was difficult to understand how we’d managed to accumulate so many points. You didn’t trust his judgement in managing out our more experienced players. There were just too many echoes of the Taylor regime in what was happening with Puel. My PTAD was in overdrive and that’s why, in my eyes, Puel had to go. Hopefully there will never be another Taylor! (shudders and reaches for the whisky....)
  11. I had been thinking that the achievements of the O'Neill era had largely been superseded by what we achieved in 2015/16 and the size and stature of the club since. When I think about it now I realise that we haven't yet been able to manage what MON did. That's 4 consecutive top half finishes and never looking in danger of relegation. That's quite some going and was pretty hard to achieve then as it is now. How quickly it unravelled after he left - but we'll leave that to the next instalment.
  12. I think the "history" argument is actually a valid one if you're trying to define this subjective assessment of "bigness". For example: Manchester United will always be considered a really big club and it's unlikely they will ever struggle. That's because of their history and that, if they ever did get into financial difficulty, there would always be a queue of people waiting to come in and bail them out. That's because of the massive opportunity that investing in something like Manchester United with all its prestige and history would bring. Liverpool are in similar territory. History, however, by definition changes over time. Look how Manchester City and Chelsea have broken into the elite. They've created their own history of success relatively recently and that big club perception will now be self perpetuating for some time. But when you look at other, historically big clubs, that perception has now faded through time. Do we think Preston are a big club despite their massive success in the late nineteenth century? What about Huddersfield in the 1920s? Wolves in the 50s? Derby in the 70s? Forest in the 80s? You see my point? I started watching Leicester in the late 1980s. I definitely saw Forest and Villa as much bigger clubs that ours, but Derby less so. Now I don't really see Forest as a bigger club than us at all despite their two European Cups. I think Villa are on the cusp of being just another faded giant like Leeds, Wolves, Newcastle, Sunderland and many others. Another couple of seasons in the Championship and I think that their big club credentials will really start to disappear with time. For us - we now have a recent Premier League win and probably need a couple of cup wins or European qualification to keep our star high. That's the history we need to create until our "bigness" becomes self sustaining.
  13. There is a table for “positive outcome” in terms of distribution. is there one for “negative outcome”! For example: how often does Schmeichel boot the ball into touch and hand over possession? How often does he attempt a quick move and throw the ball away - leading to a buttock clenching moment? That’s more my worry with him atm.
  14. Clearly we need to get rid of these owners and get Terry Shipman back.
  15. I’d agree. Going forward we look ok. Defensively we look dreadful
  16. These slow starts have to be a mentally thing. I’m bored of losing early goals and having to chase the game every time. it needs to change and that starts with removing Puel.
  17. The slightly depressing thing about today is that it appears that Iborra and Silva might be on their way and that we’re back to only being one or two injuries away from having Andy King on the subs bench.
  18. Instinctively that team looks a bit one dimensional in midfield and we might struggle to create. But it might be an opportunity for Choudhury to demonstrate how much progress he’s made. With James only just coming back it’s his opportunity to grab hold of the CM area and lead as almost the senior man. It will interesting to see how he does today.
  19. Is there a bigger space between Morgan and James to fit Hamza’s hair in?
  20. Has to be Wes Morgan for me. Others have excelled beyond my expectations, but I was always hopeful they might do something. With Wes I genuinely could not see the point of the signing, but for consistency, longevity and 2015/16 he’s now a legend.
  21. Hmmm.... bit of perspective here. He’s changed four from Saturday. Evans - injured Vardy - injured Gray - he was the worst of the supporting three behind Vardy in the last game Ricardo - he ... ..... erm ..... ...... oh, ok I can’t explain that one!!!!
  22. Wow 😮! It’s all relative I suppose. Personally this “uninspiring garbage” is my reward for sitting through the eras of Pleat, Taylor and Levein. Most of the time wondering if we’d ever have a side that was good enough to be competitive in the top division.
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