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  1. It would also stop teams trying to shield the ball in the corner when they are trying to run the clock down.
  2. I signed both Neres and Stengs in Fifa career mode for Leicester City. Neres turned out to be a great signing. Stengs was a little slow to develop, although his overall ability ultimately reached a marginally higher level than Neres. Ultimately I kept Neres and sold Stengs as the former could play LW/CAM/RW whereas the latter could only play RW. He has helped me win the league, FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Champions League for each of the past four seasons. Of course, this is all directly analogous to real life and should be used to dictate our transfer strategy.
  3. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/205862-benkovic/ There you go
  4. If Matty James becomes our best player for the rest of the season - then I’ll change my f’kin name to Marion!
  5. If we signed Grealish and kept Maddison then we may as well go the whole hog and sign Tom Daley!
  6. I’d like to see him and Demarai Gray compete for the wide forward role
  7. That must be quite tricky when you’re doing intricate, close up, work.
  8. Exactly this. We could obsess about other results but, if we don’t make top four from here, we won’t deserve it. It’s all about us and how we perform from here.
  9. Wow! You really are Mr. Sunny Pants today aren’t you?
  10. Did we ever sign Nicky Maynard? I gave up on the thread when it reached 200 pages!
  11. The Robbie Savage Derby?
  12. One TV game will definitely be Man Utd if Derby win their game against Northampton. The schedulers are probably already nursing semis with anticipation of the “Rooney narrative” they’ll use as a back story.
  13. It’s all about calculated risk. The team we put out against Brentford should beat them - and they did - although it wasn’t wholly convincing performance wise. If we draw a lower league side in the next round there is still an argument for sensible rotation to keep the squad involved and ready. Some positions are debatable in terms of our best team anyway. if we draw a top side, I agree, we have to play the very best side available now.
  14. The weird thing is that if Veretout had joined us then we almost certainly wouldn’t have signed Kante and then probably not won the league. He might then be thinking he should have joined Villa
  15. I don’t think you’ll be much of a threat. Whoops! Apologies ..... just realised .... it’s a double “e”
  16. Option 3 - for the reasons stated above ^^^
  17. His name isn’t plural. It just happens to end in an ‘s’. It’s often convention to omit the 2nd ‘s’ in these situations for reasons of tidiness, but some pedants would still assert that it should be Rodgers’s tactics. Maybe confusion could have been avoided completely by calling the article: ‘The tactics of Brendan Rodgers’.
  18. Yep - that’s exactly what I mean!
  19. Matty James 🤣 I assume that’s a joke, but I never know sometimes. Some people have this weird obsession with him when he was only ever a bang average footballer.
  20. Yes, I fell for that one two. 🤣 Never has a post switched so quickly between reasonable and complete insanity just by the tilt of a phone.
  21. I now feel embarrassed that I wanted to make the same joke, but somebody got in first ☺️
  22. Surely Manchester United will have worked out that Smalling is actually better than Maguire by now? Failing that they’ll definitely be wanting revenge on us for having their pants down on the Harry deal.
  23. Foooooooooooooo - ccchhhsss!
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