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  1. We need to be weary of Norwich. They can certainly be a threat. I can see us being a bit cocky here and paying the price. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. A great display. We deserve our place in the table. We look very good. Beautiful.
  3. If we can be a solid top 6 team or even dare I say it, a top 4 team... Why would he want to leave?
  4. I've been on this forum long enough to have seen very many similar threads on here about opposition teams following a poor result. People in glass houses and all that. Oh well never mind, on to the next game. Why bother caring what other teams fans think of us?
  5. http://60fps.live/live/3024/sheffield-united-vs-leicester-city/
  6. Get in!. That was in the making. Some of the comments on here are embarrassing. We have looked pretty solid, good movement, just trying to break them down.
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