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  1. Me too but the word amongst the fans (well, my mate and his group of long standing hardcore supporters) seems to be that they would have him back in a heartbeat.
  2. A mate who is a Chelsea fan is convinced Rodgers will be going to them. I've a £50 bet with him that he won't.
  3. Lost the plot completely since Xmas. Our form since then would put us bottom of the league. Shocking.
  4. We need to be weary of Norwich. They can certainly be a threat. I can see us being a bit cocky here and paying the price. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. A great display. We deserve our place in the table. We look very good. Beautiful.
  6. If we can be a solid top 6 team or even dare I say it, a top 4 team... Why would he want to leave?
  7. I've been on this forum long enough to have seen very many similar threads on here about opposition teams following a poor result. People in glass houses and all that. Oh well never mind, on to the next game. Why bother caring what other teams fans think of us?
  8. http://60fps.live/live/3024/sheffield-united-vs-leicester-city/
  9. Get in!. That was in the making. Some of the comments on here are embarrassing. We have looked pretty solid, good movement, just trying to break them down.
  10. This forum never fails to entertain. In one thread we are slagging off Man City fans for their disrespectful and disparaging comments about us, and then this thread we are doing the same about Celtic.
  11. Give the new manager a chance, his influence may well change that.
  12. Because we have one decent striker, and only one decent striker.
  13. As much as I am disappointed by the result, the first team squad needed resting. The fact we can’t beat Newport with our second team is, as some have mentioned, a clear indication of the lack of talent present outside of the first team which is very concerning. Saying that though I think Newport did well, deserved the win and I wish them luck in the cup. The FA Cup has always had upsets, unfortunately today it was our turn. I will reserve judgement on Puel until the summer window closes.
  14. Do you honesty believe that? Really? With the current team and manager? Easily be above them? I can’t see that to be honest. At all.
  15. Just my 2p.... I genuinely don’t understand a lot of what I read on here, so much angst and vitriol. I’m sure some fans honestly believe we are a top 3 side and it’s only the manager that’s preventing this from happening today, or it’s the clubs fault we don’t have the best players and managers in the world lining up to join us. Just because we won it still doesn’t mean top players and managers want to come here over the established top clubs. That will take time, steady improvements and showing we were not a fluke, we are a serious club who are building our way up. I get the
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