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  1. I was thinking the same. Lots of teams today have these cheapo east European players, who are useless. We need English players, not boat people.
  2. Villa not the same without Grealish. Could be in big trouble if one man makes such a difference.
  3. It will be end to end. Very winnable game for us.
  4. Southampton were very solid, could have gone either way. First half Leicester were ok, Southampton well placed to take lead earlier on. Too many passes given away. Seconf half, Leicester pressed them, good tactic, which made us look and act stronger. Good win against a good top half team.
  5. The reason why we don't create as many chances as we perhaps should is that our attacking players aren't quite as good other teams that around the same position as us. Vardy is a Premier League legend, Barnes has stepped up a lot this season and Albrighton has deservedly played his way into the team. But compare that front 3 to Mane / Salah / Firmino or Kane / Son / Bergwijn etc and it might not be good enough. Currently we have a great league position and all without Ricardo who is one of our best creative outlets despite being a right back, but for me we don't score enough goals to be the fi
  6. Shit result. Get a striker in January. Raffle nacho.
  7. Thats the rest of my week f++ked.
  8. Those poor darlings at Man City. Bending the knee to BLM really takes it out of you.
  9. Off to play COD WarZone..... at least I kick arse in there!!!!
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