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  1. How is the guy who keeps going in late on Barnes not even booked? One of their CMs is also v fortunate.
  2. Calm down. There's a 67 minute limit before subs.
  3. I've run out of red wine as well. I'm moving on to gin so perhaps my change of pace might bring about something also in LCFC.
  4. Get bloody Hamza on. He won't stand for this. A quick 10 minutes of haring around and an outageous red would get this going.
  5. A minute ago macca wanted us to slow it down, now he wants us to speed it up. He's stuck in that Bucks Fizz song.
  6. PED's you say? Big allegation. Hope you have some evidence to back it up.
  7. I'll have to review it. This may needs its own thread. I bet Cags can grow an unbelievable beard.
  8. Could probably do with speeding the game up. Or slowing it down. I can't work out which. BR is paid to decide such things.
  9. Soyuncu defending on his own. Bold tactic, 1 at the back.
  10. Doesn't seem to have started the second half very well.
  11. I'm not sure our genes suit us to aging. I would just say we are both distinguished gentlemen with plenty to offer ! Wonder if he's lurking on here under a username I just don't know?
  12. Maddison, Simpson, Crouch ... and counting ... I only started observing a short while ago.
  13. You can say that again mate. Rewind 15 years though and you're looking at a different, very X-rated story.
  14. People who can only choose between no beard or a sh1t beard. Why do they so often seem to choose sh1t beard?
  15. Sign me up! Saves me doing my hair as well. Double win.
  16. I'm not sure but I bloody wish the commentary team would tell us if Albrighton is one yellow card away from a ban.
  17. I don't like to make light of it or draw attention to other people's unfortunate moments, nor do i really care about what drugs someone might or might not do and mental health is a real and serious thing. But remember that video off him off his tits? Wow.
  18. You need to sort him out with a natty turban mate and some of those things beginning with K (I'm aware the turban is one). (Sorry if I've got your religion/culture wrong). (Bet I have)!
  19. I also hope Chelsea beat Athletic Madrid; or as we are meant to call them Cluuub Attttleticooooo or whatever. Need to brush up on my hipsterism. Christ; Danny Simpson's beard is worse than Maddison's.
  20. I personally hope we do nothing and just dispatch them without comment.
  21. Anyone else pleased to see Red Star losing despite the many years that have passed? Does that make me/us small time?
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