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  1. I reckoned we wanted Barnes to start; try to get ahead and then is the time for Albrighton for his defensive qualities. Let's see how it goes.
  2. Hips been a concern for a while and its why I think if we were to cash in on anyone, it would likely be Maddison.
  3. He's had problems with his hip(s)(?) they've been managing for a good while. So.. precautionary I can believe, but not to say he hasn't had a flare up.
  4. I shaved all my hair off and sacked off my mates entirely. Job done. Viva le lockdown.
  5. I think this is why Levy may consider acting sooner than later; if they do genuinely want him.
  6. See you there for a couple of beers or glasses of champagne; fingers crossed. I'd have stuck with beers, but going corporate, so sod it.
  7. Playing Valheim with my bro - and need to get back in to it when work allows!
  8. ABS for the auto 'bing' searches (lol!) and auto clicking the rewards links for Microsoft account.
  9. Pearson calling out another person as arrogant is gold dust! There isn't even a hint of self awareness. If there was, it could have been Brasseye series 2.
  10. Suddenly ref develops conscience and realises someone may take a look at performance...
  11. Ref blows final whistle between shot taken and ball crossing line.
  12. haha, yeah, plays in their academy! On the books!
  13. Do we get a homer ref in the return leg? If so, I'm fine with this.
  14. Hamza has added something; so has Under, but we need to get the ball to him and Nacho quicker.
  15. I'm just amazed Albrighton not booked as he would have missed next game.
  16. Tielemans. One foul. Straight in the book. Bah. 5 x yellow card challenges. No booking.
  17. Don't be a numpty. If we don't get a comfortable win at home vs these then we deserve to go out.
  18. I think that's it. Possibly seen as dispensable and also fight fire with fire.
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