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  1. I scored a couple of absolute beauts in that first game; including a header, rare for me.
  2. It matters to bringing youth players to the club. And more importantly bringing coaches to the club!
  3. I can't stress enough how much Ndidi in particular wants to stay if we can get CL. I honestly don't see him going.
  4. Wilf absolutely loves it at LCFC. If there is some consensus to sell him; it will be on ours and his terms and it will be a huge transfer fee. We might want to finish top 4 though!
  5. The only time I have ever used the editor in FM2021 was to force out a centre back who kept grumbling he wanted to play and I wouldn't sell him, but then kept turning down the clubs who came in for him. I accepted every offer made, he was just a n0b. I moved him to another club on loan for the remainder of his contract and paid his wages; so I felt it wasn't cheating, but it stopped him moaning to me. They didn't play him either and within about 2 months he was asking to be recalled! I've also amusingly had my three back up centre backs all 'concerned that we don't have
  6. This actually meant my top centre back stayed at the club; when the Serie B leaders were after him. No idea why he stayed. I imagine he'd have got a substantial pay rise. We were top and unbeaten in C2B, but it looked a good move for him and my directors accepted it over my head in the end (£400k is a lot of money to Cesena currently!) I've also had it happen to a coach and my assistant manager. I'm a fan when it works in my favour.
  7. Doing a 'no paid signings' save as Cesena; using the youth system only. Won the league year one with zero defeats, but C2B is massively weaker than Serie B. I can only pick up players who are released by other clubs, or use my youth academy; aside from the first season where I allowed myself to buy players under the age of 22, but only if transfer listed (and of course I couldn't resist bringing back Giacherinni - Cesena legend - but that is for coaching purposes). Fortunately having reviewed the recent crop 5 or 6 looks promising and are generally in positions we need (about 4 of
  8. Salah looks like someone has told him the diving boards at the public pool are out of use due to Covid. He cannot believe it.
  9. They'll be back when we aren't 3-0 up inside 15 minutes next game. There's one in particular I'm looking out for. Should know better having watched football for several millennia.
  10. Henderson and Klopp will be priceless. I bet Michael Owen's twitter is on fire at the minute.
  11. Not sure what our training pitch is made of, but its obviously tough on the knees!
  12. Yeah, probably a lot easier than that 7-0 demolition of Palace.
  13. Mental block ; but also not ideal for him today. The team pretty much picks itself and they all look tired.
  14. - Premier League Winner - Scored our first ever goal in the Champions League - Every manager has dropped him when they've arrived and he's always got back in and proven his worth - Hugely respected by his teammates. - Angus Scott thinks he's crap.
  15. Crikey, cheer up. No we're not. Our passing is off, but we have players out of form and carrying injuries playing. Some of you lot act like we are one of the big money six.
  16. Remember when we had countless defenders and were wondering about how we'd keep them all happy with sufficient game time?
  17. Could be him off for Under. Albrighton is a great defensive asset; but he's working against us a bit today.
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