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  1. Can basically be summarised as having a series of unhelpful and badly timed injuries; just when he should have been breaking through. His loan spell at Southend (in a terrible side, with zero confidence and togetherness) was not encouraging. It remains to be seen if he can bounce back, but you feel his best prospect now is being released and getting himself on the books elsewhere. Hopefully he can get a loan at some point so someone can take a look at him and then he leaves with our best wishes is my best guess.
  2. Just realised the Leshabela on the bench stuff wasn't just people guessing. James
  3. I typed this out earlier then deleted it because I have made enough enemies on this planet already.
  4. Agree. Its a good film and worth watching once; when you're in the mood. Just like I watched Shindler's List once and had to be in the mood - its a masterpiece but strangely I wouldn't rush back to it, so perhaps not a masterpiece afterall? Citizen Kane has definitely been hyped up by those who think they are special because they 'get it'. Ignore these cretins.
  5. This is a lovely thread as it gives me some inspiration for lockdown films to watch. I enjoyed No Country for Old Men; but not enough to watch again. A Beautiful Mind is now added to the to-watch list. It'd be great if Foxestalk had functionality so I can hover over the film names and it tells me if its on Netflix/Prime or if I need to wait until after lockdown and venture out and pray that Blockbuster Video hasn't been a casualty of the Covid-19 liquidations.
  6. Citizen Kane isn't rubbish though is it? It's not the most accessible film nor one for action junkies (nothing wrong with that btw) but its a good film. My favourite is Disney's Robin Hood and my second favourite is Moana and my third favourite is O Brother, Where art thou? I make no apologies. Robin Hood and Little John running through the forest.... ps I remember Fight Club being amazing from when I was about 14. Bet its rubbish if I watch it back. pps The first Matrix blew me away back in the day.
  7. Maybe we will wheel him out in the FA cup with Fuchs alongside him as centre backs. That has to be the dream. Thinking about the old guard, imagine if Cambiasso joined us as a free agent amidst what (after tonight) is a growing injury crisis?
  8. Doesn't Morgan always find his way on to these benches? Granted that is a lot of defenders, but seeing as our defenders other than JJ (machine) are crumbling this season, maybe 7 defenders is the way to go. Also, imagine if JJ and Ricardo got injured.
  9. Therefore, we win tonight 3-0. Hamza hattrick.
  10. I've had a (nonsense) vision that HC was frustrated and in tears with BR for not getting his loan out, due to injuries etc and lamenting that he is now stuck where he is getting no game time. BR says 'Hamzy, direct this passion and emotion in to your football. You're a great lad and I want to see that bit of fire but channelled in to excellent football. Wipe away yer tears and hold yer head up high. Be confident on the ball and remember all that training about your position and how we press. I'm going to play you tonight. Go out there and show what you're made of. If you boss it, y
  11. Yeah so its good fun down in Maidstone.
  12. We're playing Leedsalona mate! You don't play the mighty might Leeds without at least 5 defenders. Ideally 8.
  13. The funny thing is; I'm not convinced he actually is.
  14. Decent goal that. Any insight on why your players fall over so often after no contact? Genuinely interested.
  15. First half Leeds wanted end-to-end and we gave them it; this half they want disjointed half with stoppages every 30 seconds, probably knowing our set piece weakness, and the ref is giving them it.
  16. We've basically been dragged in to the sort of game Leeds want to play; but as a bit of perspective. 1) We're 1-1 2) We've looked alright in patches 3) Leeds dirty to stop us. 4) This is us without Ndidi, Vardy, with Castagne off injured and Maddison looks a bit laboured (or just my perspective?) 5) Leeds are, as the commentators keep hinting at, the best team you or I are ever likely to have the pleasure of watching; apparently some of the 'off camera movement is BREATHTAKING'.
  17. HAHA. What was our defending like in the last 10????
  18. Deflected over mate. Reckon it was on target.
  19. You are aware of the laws of the game?
  20. He's actually evolved it from Tea - ell - er - mon. To Tilllllllermonzzzz. And back, in the space of 20 minutes.
  21. Haha the sounds effects guys did a celebration and had to quickly cancel it.
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