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  1. The state of those shots on target stats for both sides.
  2. I notice Young Boys smashing Leverkusen. Jumps out as a shock. As someone who just knows German teams on reputation, can anyone inform me a bit better? Is thing a shock?
  3. Spot on. 2 further points (not arguing with you, but worth noting) Their history is good and that always helps BUT They are pricing out their typical supporter. Loads in Maidstone and mostly very upset as they can't really afford to go and feel the club are more interested in the corporate, the NFL, the tourist fan, the 'experience package' and the floating 'spectator' than the old Tottenham faithful. There is a bit of a poisonous feeling toward their manager AND their club from my Spurs supporting friends, of which I have many. They are hugely s
  4. Sorry for constant repeated posts by the way, but I do like a few of the guys who start life in the Sweden U21/U20/U19 whatever set up and Dahlberg is a favourite signing. Even as a 'better' club I like to get him in and out on loan since = profit or a ready made good keeper. For Cesena though he will be my keeper long term; got him on a 5 year contract with a £11mn minimum release clause. I might even ask him to recommend a staff signing and just bring them in since my staff need replacing.
  5. Think they are blowing a bit too. A goal before HT would be smashing to take the wind from their sails. Both CB look like running through treacle. Sema does look sharp though.
  6. I should add; by now I was spending so much time trying to keep up morale (whilst top of Serie B as Cesena for christ sake) that I probably would have taken £2mn. Had brought in Dahlberg lined up for end of season anyway, so just need to get through this season with my 17 year old academy guy who was the best player produced this year (luckily) and look out for someone on loan. I actually have Viktor Johanson as well, but I've got him out on loan and prefer him getting the gametime in serie C.
  7. I give it one England training session and he'll be 'A'ing all over the shop
  8. Yes, they seem to have brought that in to the game now. I just lost my excellent Italy U21 keeper for 5mn when really I wanted 15mn because he was in a cycle of being unhappy and training poorly and then playing poorly and being annoyed I didn't let him talk to Zebre (Juve) who were offering me £400k (!) LOL. It was fine for a while but then I stupidly made him vice captain in a bid to win him over, and he even accepted a new contract and payrise, and I managed to put in a release clause of £8million. Within weeks he was stroppy again, but this time he was influential s
  9. Barnes isn't in that 'Avengers' whatsapp group as well, is he?
  10. I'm going to say it again. I like their strip; bit of gold in there and some minor finessing and I could be on board with that.
  11. New book out. Anything for a bit of profile, I suppose.
  12. Yeah, how is that being picked up when its in the middle of the field? I've never heard passes so loud?
  13. It depends upon the accent you prefer your 'stating the bleeding obvious' delivered in.
  14. They've treated the whole thing as an opportunity for some PR and profile. Suppose you can't blame them. I quite like their kit, too.
  15. You'll see that if we go ahead I think as BR won't want Albrighton getting booked.
  16. Plenty of power, but needs to hit the target there.
  17. How influential is he as a player? If not very, and if he really isn't of any use to you as a player, transfer list him and just forget about him; let him run his contract down.
  18. What options does the 'discuss' part give you? I think there is some option sometimes (if he's NOT on transfer list) to say 'sign a contract or we will have to move you on' - especially if he's unhappy ... or if he is transfer listed ' sign a contract to stay at club'.
  19. I scored a couple of absolute beauts in that first game; including a header, rare for me.
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