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  1. See how quick Mane is up after ref gives the free kick. If the football brushing him hurts him that much he should probably play tiddlywinks
  2. Bizarrely I've just been talking about Dean Hammond. STOP LISTENING TO MY TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS!
  3. Maidstone was at one time the largest town in the country not to have league football, or something like that. Gillingham must be the most popular 'second team' in the country as just about everyone in Kent sort of follows them as a second team (maybe not the die-hard Stones) but very few pick them to actively follow Both Palace and Charlton used to actually bus fans in from around Maidstone; which didn't help them. The Man Utd/Kent thing is a bit of a myth; you've always been more likely to run in to a Tottenham, West Ham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Palace, Charlto
  4. Bet Vontae Campbell is delighted! Good to have him back though!
  5. Its a very good strike rate; there's just a feeling we could be doing even better.
  6. If they were just more intense/intensive we'd have several next Messi s. God damn their lack of intensiteeeeee (Claude wouldn't have allowed it). Swap kop with family stand. Have we signed Nicky Maynard yet? Kermo was decent. Lester iz just a rugby club without Mehhhrez!! Can you vote for my niece as the face of kinder? I think that's just about everything done. Best Regards, CraigAdams23 (must be CraigAdams30 at least by now?)
  7. Sounds about right as I understand it, UNLESS we registered him in the Euro squad, which we didn't. So no, he can't play.
  8. There's 2 in our current first team squad who definitely do. Kasper made some excellent points about this in a recent interview.
  9. With the amount there on £245k I reckon they were a bit careless with the 'match best earner' clauses.
  10. I would. I reckon BR could do a job on him. Only question mark (and I don't say it negatively, we just genuinely don't know) is what is his attitude to discipline, hard work and being coached.
  11. And surely to give him any chance, the lad should have had a loan out?
  12. I lost a bowls semi final to a pair we should never have lost to that night as well. You're right. That was definitely the evening it all began.
  13. Genuinely not sure how much longer his body can likely keep playing football at the rate he does. Big concern over his ankles AND his knees.
  14. I like Tammy Abraham and Giroud. Pains me a bit to see them on the bench for a PL team when they could be starting for us.
  15. In seriousness, Maddison MUST play better than his last game,.
  16. Hope this message finds you well. I find my own inability to differentiate between work and foxestalk endearing. Possibly too endearing. Best Regards, James
  17. Some Rotherham fans seem to think he's been alright; but you're right; for the outsider looking in, his impact seems to have been minimal.
  18. Can basically be summarised as having a series of unhelpful and badly timed injuries; just when he should have been breaking through. His loan spell at Southend (in a terrible side, with zero confidence and togetherness) was not encouraging. It remains to be seen if he can bounce back, but you feel his best prospect now is being released and getting himself on the books elsewhere. Hopefully he can get a loan at some point so someone can take a look at him and then he leaves with our best wishes is my best guess.
  19. Just realised the Leshabela on the bench stuff wasn't just people guessing. James
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