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  1. It’s all about money and keeping the economy going for as long as possible. From videos I’ve seen with people with the virus, this herd mentality thing is bollocks, if we carry on the NHS will no way be able to cope; 30 / 40 year olds in intensive care- even if they survive they’ll have poor lung function for the rest of their lives. We should be in lockdown now. The world just unite and just shut for 3-6 months. Postpone mortgage payments; government help for bills etc, postpose as many bills as possible. China have gone extreme with this because they are the ones that knows fully what’s going on. Desperate times.
  2. My comment was more aimed at the fact that us ‘mere mortals’ don’t get tested even when showing symptoms but it seems out of less than 600 celebs quite a few celebs / people with money have been diagnosed
  3. Takes the piss really, only reporting celebs? I assume all PL footballers have been tested? If they tested the whole population they’d be tens if not hundreds of thousands
  4. To be fair, suspending the prem is the least of their worries.
  5. It’s a numbers game. The govt want to reduce the risk to the economy more than anything. in reality, we should switch the world off for 6 months but it’s impossible. Who prepares the food? Who looks after the vulnerable? What happens with hospital workers? Fair play to China they have suppressed this. Every country should follow their lead and unite but it seems every country is vying to look after themselves.
  6. They haven’t been great when Ndidi was injured tho. Makes a big difference when you have a huge DM in front of you sweeping everything up
  7. I’ve no doubt in 2-3 weeks time we’ll be the same as Italy. I think this will be a global decision, it’s not necessarily the number of deaths but the lack of beds in intensive care
  8. Is Vardy ends up being top scorer in the prem he should win it. Deserves more recognition for how immense he’s been with us over the years
  9. He’s a quality box t box midfielder who runs his socks off. YT is better and more clinical in the final third though.
  10. Oh yeh didn’t read it fully does anyone? I would also question whether the healthcare in Japan is the same as the UK? I’m not saying it’s inferior just a genuine question. Seems a bit daft to let a cruise ship connected with air con and confirmed COVID-19 cases to remain a quarantined place. Surely they’ve have been better moving to isolated facilities
  11. This has probably been mentioned but I cba to look through everything but the average age of those on the diamond princess will be much higher than the world as a whole so not a great example, though I see what you’re saying
  12. It would be interesting to see the stats of normal flu death rate with the vaccines we currently have if the world. Thoughts are that with a vaccine COVID-19 death rates would be the same as normal flu?
  13. Hope not the crowd can be the 12th man for games like these
  14. At least we all got to see the mighty foxes lift the premier league trophy ay ;-)
  15. What if the main main purpertrators of the virus in the UK are tinned food packers? In that case you’re ****ed mate
  16. The one thing that does seem a bit strange is in the USA: All cases with an outcome: 19 deaths 15 recovered So I see where some people are coming from... it makes you wonder about different strains etc
  17. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Where’s your data? Something that sadly has died out on forums over the years.... You sir are a ‘WUM’
  18. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ scroll to diamond princess: Of all cases with an outcome: 245 recovered 6 deaths 2.4%
  19. You reckon Bozza would visit these hospitals if the death rate was 30%?
  20. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ as posted above, of all cases with an outcome the death rate is 6%
  21. Not great but the majority are people with underlying conditions and 70+ (not that makes I agree though normally I’m not bothered bout stuff like this but this is a bit alarming
  22. What are you smoking? If the death rate was 20-30% the world would literally come to a stand still, nobody wouldnt be allowed to leave their houses. Ebola death rate was 50%, if that ever got out of hand we really would have problems
  23. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ cases which had an outcome 94% recovered 6% mortality rate this doesn’t take into account the cases which are mild and don’t even have to test. i would say true mortality rate is 3-4% hopefully lower in the UK
  24. I see where you’re coming from. I still think we need to find a way to get Tielemans in the team. Looking at our winning stats alone we seem to win more when YT is playing. Its good that Praet is playing well but as a team we are playing shite, maybe just a coincidence but there’s also a reason YT is first choice CM in the Belgium side
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