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  1. I thought he played well yesterday. The biggest thing he needs to improve is his speed of decision making. He takes too long to make the pass or take a shot, meaning that the opportunity is gone or the shot is blocked. I thought there were very obvious signs yesterday that he's been told to release the ball earlier, namely Vardy's first goal and several other times he tried to play Vardy through early. He has a lot of talent and he's still a kid experiencing his first season in the PL. He needs encouragement, not abuse.
  2. For a 21 year old he's adapted to the PL exceptionally well. I agree that 40m is a no brainer as he'll easily be worth more than that after a couple of years. Hopefully we can use Silva in any deal. I suspect we'll have serious competition from teams in Europe but not many that will be willing to pay what we can.
  3. He's having a much better season than last season, when he made lots more basic errors. His distribution is hit and miss, but as other posters have said he'd be incredibly difficult for us to improve upon.
  4. Do we? I don't think so. We're unable to transition from defence to attack consistently well because we can't pass through the midfield. We don't make the triangles and pockets of spaces needed to create openings, and the main cause of that is the centre midfield. We're unable to get Maddison on the ball in dangerous areas because we can't get the ball to him quickly, so he drops deeper to try and get involved. The system needs a deeper midfield fulcrum to dictate play and we don't have it.
  5. This system will not work with two CMs who are so limited on the ball. Iborra and Silva aren't the long term answers so a playmaker who can hold his weight in the middle has to be a priority in January. The ball just bounces off Ndidi and Mendy, it's taking them two or three touches to get the ball under control and by that point any angles are closed off. As a result, the ball goes backward or wide, where it's chipped forward or crossed to Vardy, who stands no chance of winning it on his own.
  6. It was offside. Obviously it's handball but Vardy was beyond the keeper when Maddison shot, so there was only one player between him and the goal = offside.
  7. I'm surprised and disappointed as I actually like Roan as a reporter. It's a shame he's embarrassed himself like this.
  8. Simply heartbreaking. It all feels so surreal. Our story since the Thais took over is quite simply one in a million - the Watford moment before winning the Championship at a canter, the greatest of great escapes, followed by Ranieri's appointment and the fairytale title win. So many iconic moments over the last eight years. Thank you for everything, Vichai.
  9. I don't think it's anything to do with keeping Iheanacho happy, I think it's simply Puel's attempt to give Vardy such much needed support while keeping a back four and Maddison in the side without being completely overrun in midfield. It is lopsided yes but having Maddison come inside while Chilwell covered the entire left wing was causing Everton lots of problems - until Morgan was sent off. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see us revert to a more conventional 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 this weekend to try and give Chilwell more support defensively on the left flank and an extra man in midfield. I hope we're not too defensive - Arsenal have glaring defensive weaknesses despite their good run.
  10. I do kind of see this argument but we ended up with 10 men and losing because of it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course but after the foul on the sideline a red card seemed inevitable. Well we would've had 11 men at least.
  11. Well we completed step 1 in that we bought not just one but three replacement centre backs. Now for step 2: phase him out of the team. I don't agree with any nonsense like Wes is picking the team or has too much influence or whatever - I think Söyüncü isn't ready and Evans hasn't been up to much in training. In essence, Puel still thinks that Wes is the best man for the job. Evans now has two huge games to prove that he should be starting ahead of Wes.
  12. Excellent again. He's currently our only threat down the left flank, and a good one at that, while not being caught out defensively. Wingers aren't getting the better of him anymore either. He's developed physically, mentally and tactically to become a cracking LB. Now he has to work on getting his delivery consistent. We should be proud to have him come through our system.
  13. Yes please. If we're not going to play Pereira at RB then we need a replacement for Amartey, and he fits the bill perfectly.
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