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  1. It's confidence, not tactics. Rodgers isn't telling them to play that way. We've just been found out a bit, teams have wised up to the way we play. I think that's why Rodgers tried different formations (3 at the back, diamond etc) but nothing has really worked consistently.
  2. We don't have negative tactics, the tactics are pretty much the same as they were in the autumn - we're just not playing well. We've lost our confidence badly since December.
  3. Two rubbish wingers, an inconsistent striker and this is what you get.
  4. I've said this time and again. It's a recurring theme in pretty much every game he plays.
  5. Good god. I've been trying to support him but tonight he was atrocious from start to finish. Lost the ball over and over and for the goal Aarons ran past him like he wasn't even there.
  6. But it does mean Zaha usually has two or three players on him as Palace don't offer much of a threat otherwise.
  7. Blows hot and cold but I'm glad we have him. Hopefully Rodgers will get a consistent tune out of him over the next 18 months.
  8. Bad miss at the end but he's miles better than he was a few weeks ago, when he looked incredibly short on confidence. I have no doubt he'll be a terrific player for us.
  9. That defensive midfield position in the system is vital to link the defence with Maddison and Tielemans. Ndidi has developed brilliantly since Rodgers came in and is now good at it, Hamza..not so much. You could see Evans gesturing to him where he should be standing. His movement is too slow so he's too easy to mark. I'd go along with what someone else said that he's better as a box-to-box, in our team anyway. Just let him charge about where his weaknesses aren't as likely to hurt us.
  10. Southampton pressed us much better I think. We had more time today, particularly in the second half as they tired.
  11. A good game and a good point at the end of the day, particularly after going 1-0 down so early into the second half. Should've won it after the Evans and Barnes chances but I feel like we're back on track. Hopefully this puts to bed any calls for Hamza to replace Ndidi in any capacity. He's bang average. People got so caught up in the hype of having an academy product come through who shows passion and put in big tackles that they ignored his glaring weaknesses. He's frequently out of position, doesn't have the knack of getting his foot in like Ndidi and doesn't show for the ball from the defenders so we can't pass through midfield. I'd rather have Mendy play if Ndidi isn't fit.
  12. Probably because it was never a penalty. He's got both arms behind his back.
  13. Honestly it's holding the entire team back as we can't play through the midfield.
  14. Be nice if Hamza could show for the ball just once from the centre backs. And could try and be in the right position.
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