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  1. Didn't think we looked much like a team tonight, just a bunch of individual parts with no idea how to work together. Things improved slightly when Maddison came on. Under best of a bad bunch.
  2. Players get injured and sometimes there are reoccurrences. It happens all the time, doesn't mean someone is to blame.
  3. Poor tonight until his goal, but what a finish it was. Two cracking finishes in two games with his left foot and 5 in 14 this season. He's becoming more clinical.
  4. Not good enough on the ball, not good enough positionally when defending. He'll do well to ever become a regular in the Premier League let alone here.
  5. I'm shocked he didn't start yesterday given what he brings to the team. We were always going to need his industry and technical ability on the ball and you can rely on him to get stuck in. Maddison lacks pace and physicality and was quite frankly a passenger yesterday. I don't really blame Brendan for what happened yesterday as we were missing key players but I do think he got that decision wrong. Maybe he thought Maddison would be fresher having had two weeks off.
  6. In what way? He's just not very good.
  7. Just a budget Spaniard. Sometimes neat and tidy, sometimes not and quite frankly woeful today. I lost count of the number of times attacks broke down with him.
  8. Praet for Iheanacho must be the most ****ing diabolical substitution I've seen in a long time. We were battering them. What kind of manager would see the first half and think it needs to be changed? Absolutely mind blowing.
  9. It's confidence, not tactics. Rodgers isn't telling them to play that way. We've just been found out a bit, teams have wised up to the way we play. I think that's why Rodgers tried different formations (3 at the back, diamond etc) but nothing has really worked consistently.
  10. We don't have negative tactics, the tactics are pretty much the same as they were in the autumn - we're just not playing well. We've lost our confidence badly since December.
  11. Two rubbish wingers, an inconsistent striker and this is what you get.
  12. I've said this time and again. It's a recurring theme in pretty much every game he plays.
  13. Good god. I've been trying to support him but tonight he was atrocious from start to finish. Lost the ball over and over and for the goal Aarons ran past him like he wasn't even there.
  14. But it does mean Zaha usually has two or three players on him as Palace don't offer much of a threat otherwise.
  15. Blows hot and cold but I'm glad we have him. Hopefully Rodgers will get a consistent tune out of him over the next 18 months.
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