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  1. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    A decent performance after we'd gifted them a 2-0 lead. We created more than enough to at least get a point today but poor finishing cost us. There's an anti-Puel bandwagon gathering steam here and I don't like where it's heading. Of course Morgan and Simpson need to be replaced by ball-playing defenders, it's not rocket science. We're trying to develop a style and it doesn't happen over the course of one transfer window. Puel needs to be given the summer, and in the meantime he needs to take the shackles off and try and string together a few consistent performances. I felt today was a small step in the right direction despite the defeat, and we have a great chance against Southampton next week to build on it. Puel in.
  2. Chilwell is amazing

    I thought he had a great game today and was very unlucky with the red card. For those who say he doesn't contribute going forward, he crafted two very good chances in the first 15 minutes today for Okazaki and then Vardy. Okazaki's in particular was great play. Sure he can't cross like Fuchs, but he can beat players and get to the byline. He's played less than a full season of professional football. Of course he makes mistakes. I'm delighted to see Puel blooding him and I hope and think he'll be our first choice LB for the foreseeable future.
  3. Time to let go...Kante

    Seeing that makes me sad. For me, he was our player of the season, and by a long way too. Vardy and Mahrez got all the stats and headlines but Kante made the team tick. It doesn't matter how he left, the fact is that it was the best season in our 132 year history, the players who achieved it have been painted onto a wall to remember it and yet some brain dead "fan" has felt the need to ruin it because Kante never felt at home here and decided to leave. It actually blows my mind.
  4. Wanderlust and baby

    Good blog, and congrats for being brave enough to chase your dream, especially with a young kid. A couple of thoughts on the blog if it's technically possible (my personal opinion rather than right or wrong): - I'd keep the black bar at the top when you scroll down, it makes the site easier to navigate. - Big personal opinion but I'd have each piece as a preview rather than a long list of entries. So on your blog page, I'd have a "First Impressions" preview, with the first few sentences and a picture, and then a "The Journey" preview, with the first few sentences and a picture, and so on. Then the reader has to click on the preview to read it. I'm sure there are ways on your editing to format it this way. IMO this stops the older entries from getting lost and gives the blog a more professional look. Good luck
  5. Community Shield Match Thread

    Bloody tragic defending from everyone, from CM to CB. How we've let him score from there is beyond me.
  6. Aussie Foxes thread

    Come to Cheers man! There will be loads of us there.
  7. Seen on the Sydney supporters Facebook page that Cheers are offering a 10% discount on drinks if you're wearing a Foxes shirt
  8. Aye Cheers all the way!
  9. Leicester City We're Coming For You!

    Anyone remember singing this in the 12/13 season about Cardiff when 1-0 up at Peterborough? We lost 2-1 and followed it with like 3 wins in 17
  10. Honesty.

    It was a pretty blatant dive IMO. There's a tangle of legs because Vardy has engineered it and then thrown himself over trying to win a penalty. The first yellow is a disgrace though.
  11. Ongoing Transfer Talk

    There was a fantastic comment by Barney Ronay on Kirchhoff in his Guardian match report of the game: "Jan Kirchhoff, a vast ambling pylon, hauled down Steven Naismith a few times and with the ball at his feet gave a fairly decent impression of a baby diplodocus trying to stumble its way out of a swamp."
  12. I was in Cheers bar and had the same problems. The rain was horrendous. There were a good dozen (maybe more) Leicester fans watching the Saints game at Cheers bar, that's probably where I'll head again. One big screen, a couple of smaller screens and sound.
  13. Sunday Times To Reveal Doping Scandal

    Why is this not in the Leicester forum given we're not only mentioned in the article but have given a statement on it?
  14. I'll come mate! Be good to watch with fellow foxes.
  15. Mahrez

    What do you think of Adrian Durham, Geoff?