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  1. 'everyone here is good' Loads of respect shown there. Isn't one of his agents favourite lines that he's humble? Blokes a cock. We can accept that whilst also accepting he's one of the best players we've ever had.
  2. No doubt he'll have his defenders again, but it's another swipe at us isn't it? The guy, for all his ability, is an arsehole. The measure of the man : once witnessed him get a driver to drive his car to the doors after a match. Couldn't bring himself to walk. Shinji, at this time, was signing any autograph he could. Blokes a ****. Talented footballer, sure, but he's a ****.
  3. The distaste for those two is disproportionate. BR wants Wes around and it's presumably not for his playing capacity. Sometimes it pays to have some faces around the club who have a bit of pride.
  4. Do not understand the rebound rule. Absolutely doggo
  5. There's some good stuff on talk sport. Glendenning, despite his numerous and obvious flaws, makes me laugh.
  6. I'm sure i saw him drifting about, but i bow to your knowledge. But he was another stuck in the glory days. They all got too misty eyed over European nights at the kop.
  7. Some folk on here will have you for that comment about the finger tickling handshakes. Players no longer have to act or behave with any type of self awareness.
  8. All the ex-Liverpool pundits wouldn't be able to stand that. Souness, Hansen, Lawrenson - how could they continue to spout their shite any further?
  9. Yes. It is PART of it. As is admonishing. They're racing for the title. It's a local derby. Expectations are high.
  10. Holding his team mates to account? Sounds like a leader.
  11. Yeah. Loads of pacey, creative center backs about.
  12. That quote on their stand is ****ing awful. As bad as having 'live, laugh, love' or the like on your wall. Absolutely embarrassing.
  13. City fans - 'we need 541 and wing backs...Puel is an idiot.' Also City fans - 'got to wonder about changing the formation immediately.'
  14. Alan Hanson is a ****ing idiot. The pre match stuff he was talking was utter nonsense. He needs putting out to pasture.
  15. Not so much the loss of O'Neill but the chain of events that it set in motion. That hurt. For that reason - **** 'em.
  16. If Rodgers gets this guy going it will be amazing. I get the sneaking suspicion that Kelechi can only really play in a team like Man City, which we will never be. The endless creativity around him in the city team meant he could knock them in from five yards, profiteering from the confused defences.
  17. Noticed that they're no longer shy of getting it up field. We've been lacking directness
  18. And that is a significant distance in the past now.
  19. Nice one. I'm no mathematics scholar so lacked the knowledge to explain that. Cheers.
  20. The honied words of a moron made to eat them. He called wolves a 'sleeping giant' and then proceeded to contribute to them not finishing above us for a good fifteen years or so. Finished his career managing no marks very poorly. No sympathy. Loved our football under him, mind.
  21. 'please come and play for us Youri Tielemans Plaaayyy Youri Tielemans.' To the tune of Mr Postman
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