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  1. City fans - 'we need 541 and wing backs...Puel is an idiot.' Also City fans - 'got to wonder about changing the formation immediately.'
  2. Alan Hanson is a ****ing idiot. The pre match stuff he was talking was utter nonsense. He needs putting out to pasture.
  3. Not so much the loss of O'Neill but the chain of events that it set in motion. That hurt. For that reason - **** 'em.
  4. If Rodgers gets this guy going it will be amazing. I get the sneaking suspicion that Kelechi can only really play in a team like Man City, which we will never be. The endless creativity around him in the city team meant he could knock them in from five yards, profiteering from the confused defences.
  5. Noticed that they're no longer shy of getting it up field. We've been lacking directness
  6. And that is a significant distance in the past now.
  7. Nice one. I'm no mathematics scholar so lacked the knowledge to explain that. Cheers.
  8. The honied words of a moron made to eat them. He called wolves a 'sleeping giant' and then proceeded to contribute to them not finishing above us for a good fifteen years or so. Finished his career managing no marks very poorly. No sympathy. Loved our football under him, mind.
  9. 'please come and play for us Youri Tielemans Plaaayyy Youri Tielemans.' To the tune of Mr Postman
  10. The average is so misleading. Each millionaire in the country is contra'd by thirty people on sub 20k. Thus is the danger of an average.
  11. One appearance and he's the messiah. Better have broad shoulders. Also better have some pashun.
  12. Agreed. I want him to do well. He hasn't had more than twenty appearances. I can't judge nor condemn.
  13. He'd be well advised to look at the trajectory of young English players when moving to top four clubs.
  14. Hope Bangladesh tell her to **** off too and she's left in limbo. Can't believe the gall : 'let me back in after i disavowed you...also I will still work against you, for terrorism.' Can rot tbh. Take the kid and leave her.
  15. Anyone desperate to see the back of Kingy can catche these hands tbf.
  16. A lot of them look pretty good. Middle right, however.
  17. Ill donate fifty to the pot if you're serious.
  18. Once I was on the phone to cooker manufacturer. Gave the serial number as L C F C 1 9 9 7.
  19. Third post in a row but I know someone who was mates with him. According to my mate he wasn't that interested in football, just did it as a job. His performances bore that out. This is purely conjecture, though.
  20. Ullathorn would've been a great player for us were it not for a broken ankle on his debut. He was of a good quality, just suffered from a fractured start. Pun intended.
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