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  1. Tonnes. Just doesn't actual manage defenders
  2. Pep will employ his as some kind of false 5 that actually plays ball winning winger and it won't work out. The problem isn't the players, it's the lack of direction for defensive minded players.
  3. Oh I'm very sympathetic towards the difficulties of leading at this time. It must few difficult. I've no sympathy for the dishonesty and, at times, outright lying that they've been doing. They could stop the relentless lying and dishonesty. That might please quite a few folk.
  4. Not been for ages. Still look tyke knobs on their website but that might not be a reliable guide. I might go and have one in the near future.
  5. It does look good but it's early days. The strength of mind comes into play when we need to win.
  6. We need to get rid of him asap, then. Suspect decision making.
  7. TJs special with all the sauces?
  8. My word. Do you really need to be much more verbose? I believe him to be a great manager who has flaws that are deeply related to, and impact directly upon, his practice.
  9. O would leave them if I were absolutely certain it was in the best interests and the government would be abiding by their own rules. This current shower would have a big grandparent party at the house of the Cummings and laugh at your expense.
  10. I cannot argue with the results nor performances - we have been great and superb at times. I've been a vocal critic of Rodgers, though have always said I think he's a great manager and don't want him gone. My problems with him remain but he does seem to have shown some reflection and humility which represent the biggest of concerns with him. It's not always as black and white as you appear to suggest; I think him a great, but flawed, manager.
  11. I'm gonna knock the drinking out on the head for a bit. The lockdown and subsequent opening have seen an uptick of young lads using the pubs - perhaps its representative of a freedom they didn't realise they had or something - and the 18 - 21 year olds are largely unpleasant to be around in finding. Young lads will be young lads but this demographic, at the minute, are hostile and gobby. Might just be the local ones but whatever. I'm too tired to be brawling in the streets.
  12. The wank fest over the 'Yorkshire Derby' is tedious.
  13. My mate works in the police force and has that symbol on a velcro patch on his chest.
  14. I was very critical of Rodgers's tactics in the match thread and I'm delighted to by a know nothing about football. Still reeling at the way we outplayed them. Madders goal was something else.
  15. Absolutely flabbergasted and rightly humbled.
  16. Happy to be eating humble pie. Unreal performance.
  17. De Bruyne's little ginger goatee is tragic.
  18. But the footballing polymath rodgers has elected to allow them. To get away with it.
  19. Intercept the ball in the final third and pass it back to the keeper. ****ing turgid football.
  20. 'well we haven't got a big enough squad. The players are tired. Outstanding effort. I thought we were great. Outstanding.'
  21. Commentators are pointing out the piss poor attitude. The corner was just an excuse to give the ball back. ****ing dismal display this. But I'm sure there'll be plenty of revisionism come the post match interviews.
  22. They're not at full strength. Word it how you like. This is Man City at their most vulnerable, which isn't insignificant.
  23. This is an under strength Man City. We should be at them, not setting up with a formation that invites pressure.
  24. Not a problem. This is just how I see it; I don't expect all to agree with me.
  25. Have a sense of humour man. I was obviously joking.
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