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  1. So are you saying that the attacking player that Rodgers is quoted as being close to signing is someone else?
  2. 165 career appearances and 10 goals! 1 league goal in 5 years, this is not our only option surely?
  3. He would fit in nicely alongside "Big Time Zaha", they could retire at Palace together.
  4. By saga I mean, it's been clear for a while that his time at the club is coming to and end but he's still here and stil being talked about. In the last 2-3 years he's easily been the most frustrating player to watch, simply because he has showed is glimpses of the talent and potential within but just could not deliver it consistently, not sure if that's down to him as a player or the managers who have managed him.
  5. If Ings has his heart set on a move away and he tells the club that either directly or by rejecting a new contract then the club will be forced to sell him or loose him on a free when he could easily demand a £25m+ price tag now or in the Summer.
  6. Could we sit him down outside the training ground and put a "free to a good home" sign on him? Not that I dislike him at all, just ready for the whole Gray saga to be over and we move on.
  7. Theres no way we are selling Maddison at this late hour, especially after he just signed a new FIVE YEAR contract
  8. Here is another question, now that we have a place in Europe and a guaranteed additional 6 games, what would qualify as a good (not sacking Rodgers) season in 2020-2021? For me its a top 6 finish, make it out of the Europa League group and last 8 of both cups
  9. Anyone wanting to join a FIFA 20 league, please sign up here - https://forms.gle/2deQxLsiumhFBStj8 Fixtures, results and tables will all be handled by me, more details will be sent out once we have enough signed up.
  10. Justin starts in the league now for me and Chilwell gets his chance in the Cup v Chelsea
  11. It's time we put all this "nice" football on the back burner and got back to winning games the old fashioned way by wanting it more than Villa do. You saw Man City pass the ball for fun yesterday but Utd clearly wanted it more and thoroughly deserved the win, we have to do that same. No point completing 500 passes and having 75% possession if Villa out fight us.
  12. Despite our rocky form, only Liverpool and Man City have scored more goals than us in the last 10 games . The problem is, only Aston Villa, Norwich, Burnley and Bournemouth have conceeded more, so i'd argue that our problems are at the back rather than going forward. Goals Scored Man City 26 Liverpool 24 Leicester 17 Goals Conceeded Aston Villa 23 Burnley 20 Norwich 17 Bournemouth 17 Leicester 15
  13. Seeing us go on a winning streak is liking watching a child blow up a balloon. Each breath is equal to a win and the more we win the bigger the balloon gets, but, the bigger the balloon gets the louder the bang when the winning runs ends and the bigger the over reaction.
  14. I don't think we have really been tested yet regarding scheduling, that will come between the Man City game and New Year. We don't play mid week like the other "big 6" do so no reason why this shouldnt be as close to full strength as possible and then field a similar side against Man City. If this was a mid week Premier League game we wouldn't be resting too many so why do it for the Cup, we want to win it after all. My team would be: Ward - Has played every cup game so far so would be unfair to drop him now Justin - Performed well every time he has played so he ge
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