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  1. coalvillefox

    FT charity of the Season 2018/19

    Sounds like my kind of football match!!
  2. coalvillefox

    FT charity of the Season 2018/19

    Where did you play the match? I would be happy to set that game up again.
  3. coalvillefox

    The Race for 7th - Stats Galore

    In the old Div 1, finishes of 7th or above: 1926-27 - 7th 1927-28 - 3rd 1928-29 - 2nd 1960-61 - 6th 1962-63 - 4th 1965-66 - 7th 1975-76 - 7th 1999-00 - 8th
  4. coalvillefox

    FT charity of the Season 2018/19

    Not sure if it's been mentioned but can I propose a Charity Football match? I have organised many charity football and cricket matches in the past and can have kits made, organise referees, get a ground etc. Who would be interested? I cannot think of many betters ways for a group of people on a football forum to raise money than a football match!!
  5. coalvillefox

    The Race for 7th - Stats Galore

    I have also had a look at this using our results against teams in a similar position to those we are going to play and put them into 6 categories. Home Top Six (HS) W1, D1, L2 Average Points 1.00 Away Top Six (AS) W0, D1, L5 Average Points 0.17 Home Mid Table (HM) W3, D0, L0 Average Points 3.00 Away Mid Table (AM) W2, D4, L2 Average Points 1.25 Home Bottom (HB) W2, D1, L1 Average Points 1.75 Away Bottom (AB) W1, D1, L0 Average Points 2.00 If you then put that average points per game against the sides we have left to play it looks like this: Games Avg Total Points 19.67 HS 1 1.00 1.00 AS 1 0.17 0.17 HM 3 3.00 9.00 Total 54.67 AM 3 1.25 3.75 HB 1 1.75 1.75 AB 2 2.00 4.00
  6. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/11240099/pfa-offers-to-help-resolve-riyad-mahrez-and-leicester-stand-off
  7. I have read so much over the last two days about what we should accept and what we shouldn't. Some pundits say we should be happy with 60m, some fans think hes worth 75m, some even think 90m plus, what do you think?
  8. coalvillefox

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Does anyone know where he is yet? Is he likely to turn up for training this morning or is he going to sulk a bit longer?
  9. coalvillefox

    Callum Wright signs from Blackburn

    Signed from Blackburn on a 3 and half year deal
  10. coalvillefox

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    I can't imagine for one minute that they would just chuck a random player at us at the last minute unless they know its someone we want
  11. coalvillefox

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Unless its a player we have previously expressed an interest in...........
  12. coalvillefox

    Betting Thread

    A good weekend of football coming up, lots to be made on the FA cup games if your feeling brave, anyone having a punt?
  13. Are you making this up as you go along? Can you show me the part that says I wanted it burning onto a DVD after the game? All I am asking for is someone to bring a camera that is capable of recording a game of cricket and doing just that. At some stage after the game, whether that be 5 minutes after the game or 5 weeks after the game, copies of the recording will be made available to purchase. It's really quite simple. It's clear you have a background in this and I know how expensive this is hence the reason why I am trimming it down to its absolute basics to reduce the costs involved.
  14. Who said anything about doing it for free? If you check my OP you will see I said "Must be willing to donate a percentage of their takings to the charity". I have no intention of anyone doing anything for free. Why do you need three minimum trainee camera persons? A recent practice match in Australia played between the Cricket Australia XI and England was captured and broadcast live on Facebook with primarily once camera behind one of the bowlers ends. Also, why do you need to edit it? As long as all 40 overs is captured, that's all I am bothered about. You suggest I need to reign in my ideas, I suggest you check what is actually required before you go over the top.