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  1. Despite our rocky form, only Liverpool and Man City have scored more goals than us in the last 10 games . The problem is, only Aston Villa, Norwich, Burnley and Bournemouth have conceeded more, so i'd argue that our problems are at the back rather than going forward. Goals Scored Man City 26 Liverpool 24 Leicester 17 Goals Conceeded Aston Villa 23 Burnley 20 Norwich 17 Bournemouth 17 Leicester 15
  2. Seeing us go on a winning streak is liking watching a child blow up a balloon. Each breath is equal to a win and the more we win the bigger the balloon gets, but, the bigger the balloon gets the louder the bang when the winning runs ends and the bigger the over reaction.
  3. I don't think we have really been tested yet regarding scheduling, that will come between the Man City game and New Year. We don't play mid week like the other "big 6" do so no reason why this shouldnt be as close to full strength as possible and then field a similar side against Man City. If this was a mid week Premier League game we wouldn't be resting too many so why do it for the Cup, we want to win it after all. My team would be: Ward - Has played every cup game so far so would be unfair to drop him now Justin - Performed well every time he has played so he gets another game Evans - Need to maintain defensive solidity and consistency so he plays Soyuncu - See Evans Chilwell - Hes a young, fit lad, no need to rest him Ndidi - Never seems to tire and will be crucial to winning the ball back and breaking up attacks Praet - Needs more game time and only played 45 mins at the weekend Maddison - I would have said Tielemans but he looks exhausted towards the end of games just lately, would sub him on for Maddison after 60 mins Barnes - Not played a massive amount recetntly due to change in formation so should be raring to go Perez - See Barnes Vardy - Conserves energy so well so should have plenty on the tank Changes from our best XI - 3
  4. M key malfunctioned at the wrong time
  5. I disagree with that. Firmino - Last 10 games,1 goal and 1 assist Origi - Last 10 games, 2 goals and 0 assists Sane - Last 10 games, 5 goals and 5 asissts Salah - Last 10 games, 4 goals and 3 assists Shaqiri - 1 goal all season Vardy - Last 10 games, 13 goals and 3 assists Maddison - Last 10 games, 5 goals and 3 assists Perez - Last 10 games, 4 goals and 3 assists Barnes - Last 10 games, 0 goals and 5 assists Add to that Iheanacho just finding form, I would argue our strike force is more potent. Makes no difference what they did last season, its all about what they are doing now and I would back us to win more games than Liverpool on current form.
  6. Completely agree, January is for strengthening the squad or selling/loaning out players who are out of favour or need game time. Not a chance we are going to weaken the team or unsettle the side by selling one of our 1st xi!
  7. The most points gained by a side finishing 5th in the last 7 seasons is 75, with the average being 70. So lets say worse case scenario we need to get 76. So we are exactly half way there and need a further 38 points. So 12 wins and 2 draws or 13 wins to be safe from the remaining 22 games. We are on course for 90.25 points (so 90) and the best a 3rd place side has managed in 7 years is 82 (average 76) so that gives us 8 points to play with for 2nd place.
  8. Or replace one of the big 6 with us. Possibly Arsenal by the looks of things.
  9. Since Brendan Rodgers became Leicester Manager P 21 W 12 D 4 L 5 GS 44 GC 17 Points 40 Clean Sheets 7
  10. I've been compiling a few numbers for just such a thread so here we go. We currently have 20 points from 10 games (averaging 2 points per game) 28 games left at 2 points per game is a further 56 points, plus the 20 we have already gives us 76 points. In the last 7 seasons no team has finished above 5th with more than 75 points so based on that, 76 points would see us into at least 4th. Having said that, in the last 7 years, teams have finished 4th with as few as 66 points so thats our range, 66 - 76 points.
  11. All, Just a heads up that Broomleys Cricket Club will be hosting its annual Fireworks display on Saturday 9th November from 5PM. We will have rides, stalls, hot food and drink and much more to enjoy on the night. Tickets can be ordered online in advance using the link below with a saving to be had on Family tickets, plus you can beat the queue on the night and get the best view. https://mnhcricket.co.uk/c/broomleys-cricket-club-fireworks-night Tickets on the night are Family - £10, Adults - £5 and Under 16's 50p This has always been a well attended night so please try and come a long if your free .
  12. That's about the only reason I watch England these days, to see the Leicester players.
  13. It really isn't a very inspiring team is it? Delp, Henderson, Rose, Keane, Rashford, Winks, Barkley
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