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  1. All, Just a heads up that Broomleys Cricket Club will be hosting its annual Fireworks display on Saturday 9th November from 5PM. We will have rides, stalls, hot food and drink and much more to enjoy on the night. Tickets can be ordered online in advance using the link below with a saving to be had on Family tickets, plus you can beat the queue on the night and get the best view. https://mnhcricket.co.uk/c/broomleys-cricket-club-fireworks-night Tickets on the night are Family - £10, Adults - £5 and Under 16's 50p This has always been a well attended night so please try and come a long if your free .
  2. That's about the only reason I watch England these days, to see the Leicester players.
  3. It really isn't a very inspiring team is it? Delp, Henderson, Rose, Keane, Rashford, Winks, Barkley
  4. They are going to come at us like a bull in a china shop first 15 mins, that seems to be when we are most vulnerable, if we can survive that and get into the game we can start to dominate posession and play our own game much like we did at Chelsea. I can't emphasise how important is us for us not to concede early.
  5. What tripe, unbeaten in pre season including beating a Champions League bound Atalanta, Unbeaten so far in the league including an impressive performance against top 4 candidates Chelsea and through in the League Cup against an incredibly dull and frustrating Newcastle. As someone has already said, why does this thread exist? What would it take for this thread not to exist? 6-0 vs Wolves, 4-0 vs Chelseas, 6-0 vs Sheff Utd and 8-0 vs Newcastle??
  6. It's all begining to make sense now, Sky are manipulating the transfer market to earn more money and Utd are refusing the pay the big bucks for Maguire so they can pump it all into Salford City!!!
  7. No one's getting carried away. I am not saying we are on a par with Man City in 2009, simply asking how close we feel we are and how much further we need to go to get there and what it might take!?
  8. So this is promising to be an exciting season for the club with a real sense of something special in the air. So lets compare the feeling around the club, the quality of the squad and the financial stability of the club vs what you might describe as Man City's breakthrough season when they went from mid-table mediocrity in 2008-2009 to finishing 5th in 2009-2010 and never really looked back from there. How close are we to replicating what Man City have achieved from 2008 on wards?
  9. Broomleys Cricket Club (Coalville) are on the hunt for players of any age or ability to join for 2019. The first game of the league season for both the 1st and 2nd XI is on Saturday 20th April. Broomleys have fantastic facilities, make a great tea and provide liquid refreshments at the end of the match at the bar. So have you not played for a while and looking to get involved again? fell out with your captain and want a change or looking to get involved in Cricket for the first time, get in touch
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